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Patch Notes: Version: NW.115.20190729e.13

By Julia (nitocris83) | Tue 13 Aug 2019 07:21:34 AM PDT


New Storyline: Uprising

A new disturbance has arisen in Undermountain, and it's up to you to investigate it. Head to the Yawning Portal to begin your quest, and delve deeper than ever before to find your way somewhere truly otherworldly.



New Playable Race: Gith

Not only can you ally yourself with the gith in their ancient battle against the mind flayers, you can also create a gith character, yourself! For the two weeks of the module, all players with VIP will unlock the gith race for free. For the two weeks after that, all players can unlock the gith race for free. To unlock the race, just log in and load up to any map with a new or existing character. 

See more info here: Developer Blog: Gith



Updated New-Player Experience

With your new gith characters, you can enjoy an updated version of the introduction to the game. Work more closely with Makos, fight against Valindra's undead siege, and see freshly-updated environments as you continue through the tutorial and the vaults beneath Neverwinter. 

In addition, Protector's Enclave has had a few key changes, such as the location of the events platform and a more central location for Sergeant Knox, to help cut down on travel time between quests. 

See more info here: Dev Blog: Refreshing the New Player Experience



New Trial: Tower of the Mad Mage

At the end of your journey is one of the most exciting, most challenging encounters ever added to Neverwinter. Face Halaster in his own demiplane and coordinate with your allies in surviving and withstanding his attacks. Just prepare for a plethora of pain.

See more info here: Dev Blog: Tower of the Mad Mage Trial



Updated Appearance System

The Appearance system now allows you to consume an item just once in order to apply its appearance to the appropriate slot multiple times. Dyes now permanently unlock colors for application on most pieces of gear. Just view the new Appearance tab of the Character Sheet to get started! 

See more info here: Developer Blog: Appearance System



New PvP Map: Stardock Arena

Our third 5v5 domination-style map to enter the regular rotation, the Stardock Arena provides a new look and a new layout for an exciting battle with friends and foes! The triangular layout with a central respawn point provides plenty of opportunities for mid-map skirmishes. Beware foes on the overlooks above the capture points! 

See more info here: Developer Blog: Stardock Arena



Everfrost Removal Clean-up

With the removal of Everfrost in Module 16: Undermountain, we were left with some gear and items still containing Everfrost resistance and damage.

For many Module 10 gear and items, Everfrost damage and resistance were removed. Items specifically intended for Everfrost resistance and damage, such as potions and armor kits, have been removed from vendors and are no longer purchasable. There were some items containing still-useful secondary effects; these ones still remain.

  • Potion of Everfrost Resistance, Greater Potion of Everfrost Resist, Everfrost Resist Armor Kit, and Greater Everfrost Resist Armor Kit have been removed from vendors.
  • Everfrost Resistance has been removed from Module 10 artifact weapons, relic gear, and Ostorian rings.
  • Everfrost Resistance has been removed from the Periapt of Everfrost Resistance. This item can be retained for sentimental value but it can now also be discarded.  The quest "Secrets of the Cocoon" will no longer grant this item as a reward.
  • Everfrost Resistance has been removed from the Excavator's Potion of Everfrost, which will now be simply known as the Excavator's Potion. This item will continue to provide a bonus to discovering rare relics.
  • Everfrost damage has been removed from the Frosted Lethal Glyph and Frosted Smiting Glyph overload enchantments. These will still provide the same stat rating bonuses although Frost's Fury will now proc as Cold damage.
  • Everfrost damage resistance has been removed from the Frosted Protection Glyph and Frosted Tempered Glyph overload enchantments.  These will continue to provide the same stat rating bonuses, although Frost's Guard and Frost's Fury will now provide a 1.5% increase to Awareness.
  • The following set bonuses have been updated:
    • The Relic Item Set no longer references "under the effects of Everfrost" and will instead function anywhere in Icewind Dale.  Additionally, the set bonus 3 of 3 directly references the Excavator's Potion but will continue to function with leftover Potions of Everfrost Resistance.
    • The Everfrost Undergarb Item Set no longer claims to work with Life Steal, and instead focuses only on the Deflect effect.



PvP Armor Sets

Introducing new PvP armor sets - the Arbiter and Imperator sets.  The level 80 Arbiter set will scale to the highest available item level in the game while flagged for PvP.  The level 80 Imperator set was created to get fresh level 80 characters into PvP by scaling to the level of the Spy Guild's PvE set while flagged for PvP.

These new armor sets are available in the Trade of Blades from Myriss Olden and Kyrian Foss.  The artifact, companion, and PvP consumables can now be purchased from Doric Hammersmith while Grym Token gear will now be purchased from Noral Goldgrip.

Additionally, the PvP specific potions received some changes to make them better while others were removed from vendors to simplify the selection. For a more detailed list of changes, see below:

  • Arbiter Set: Item Level 960, and scales to 1020 while flagged for PvP!
    • Available from Kyrian Foss in the Trade of Blades for Glory and Seals of Triumph.
    • Available from the Stronghold Outfitter for Guild Marks and Banners of the Fallen (Level 4 Marketplace required).
  • Imperator Set: Item Level 40, and scales to 960 while flagged for PvP!
    • This level 80 set was made specifically for entry-level PvP.
    • Available from Myriss Olden in the Trade of Blades for Astral Diamonds.
    • Available from the Stronghold Outfitter for Guild Marks (Level 2 Marketplace required.)
  • Potions:
    • Removed from vendors: Battle Potions of Lesser Healing/Healing/Greater Healing/Major Healing/Superior Healing.
    • The potency of the Battle Potion of Superior Restoration has been improved to match the highest tier healing potion available.
    • The potency of the Battle Potion of Minor Restoration (previously the Battle Potion of Minor Healing) has been improved as well.



Known Issues


  • The following items cannot currently be saved to the head slot of the Appearance window for dragonborn characters, even though they display for those characters. In a future version, dragonborn characters will properly be able to save these items' appearances.
    • Dragonborn Ceremonial Headband
    • Dragonborn Warrior Helmet
    • Jarl's Gaze

Items and Economy

  • PvP matches are currently granting less Glory than intended. The amount of Glory given will be increased in a future version.


  • The Calm Mage decoration from Halaster's Lockbox currently cannot be donated to the Stronghold Guild Hall. This will be addressed in a future version.




Release Notes


Content and Environment


  • Castle Ravenloft (solo instance): The Sunsword now properly clears Action Points when wielded.
  • Various older quests have seen some cleanup and fixes.
  • Various typos have been addressed in powers, items, and content.


  • Lair of the Mad Mage now appears under the account unlocks section of your achievements, if you have unlocked the dungeon account-wide. An achievement notification will display for all characters on the account on first login.

Future Events

  • Coins of Waukeen: Packs from this event no longer drop outdated profession resources.


  • Enemies in Runic Encounters should no longer occasionally disappear mid-combat.
  • Runic Energy can now be gained a little more quickly.
  • Sphere of Influence: This quest now gives the enhanced runic resonator upon completion.
  • Twisted Caverns: Sick kuo-toa are more plentiful and respawn faster.
  • Vanrakdoom: Memory of Failure: Voice-over no longer desyncs or overlaps.






Combat and Powers


  • Cleric: The modification Enhanced Blessing of Light now increases the effect of Blessing of Light by an additional 5%.
  • The artifact from Call to Arms season rewards has been rebalanced. Its effect is now self-only, and the tooltip now correctly states its stack count of 5 (instead of incorrectly stating 10).         


  • Constant Control now properly increases Control Bonus.

Classes and Balance

  • Cleric: Devout
    • Swift Prayer no longer incorrectly prevents the Soothing Prayer class feature and Angel of Life feat from functioning.
    • The divinity cost of Bastion of Health has been increased to 100, up from 80.
    • The magnitude of Bastion of Health has been decreased to 750, down from 800.
    • The divinity cost of Healing Word has been increased to 240, up from 200.
    • The radius of Healing Word has been increased to 80, up from 40.
    • The magnitude of Healing Word has been decreased to 400, down from 500.
    • The magnitude of Healing Word's heal over time effect has been decreased to 250, down from 300.
    • The divinity cost of Cleansing Light has been increased to 100, up from 90.
    • The duration of Divine Armor's heal over time effect has been increased to 15s, up from 12s.
    • The magnitude of Intercession has been decreased to 1600, down from 2000.
  • Fighter: "Dig In" and "Seethe" can no longer be used without a shield equipped.
  • Paladin
    • The divinity cost of Divine Touch has been increased to 140, up from 80.
  • Paladin: Oathkeeper
    • Oath of Devotion now clearly states that Divine Barrier's effect grants temporary hit points.
    • The divinity cost of Divine Touch has been increased to 100, up from 80.
    • The magnitude of Divine Touch has been decreased to 350, down from 500.
    • The divinity cost of Divine Shelter has been increased to 180, up from 120.
    • The magnitude of Divine Shelter has been increased to 400, up from 350.
    • The divinity cost of Cleansing Touch has been increased to 50, up from 30.
    • The cooldown of Circle of Power has been increased to 30s, up from 28s.
    • The duration of Circle of Power has been decreased to 12s, down from 16s.
    • The divinity restoring effect of Circle of Power has been reduced.
    • The encounter power "Circle of Power" has been renamed "Circle of Divinity."
  • Ranger
    • Binding Arrow now uses weak grasping roots, and now has a slightly higher magnitude.
    • Fox's Cunning: This power no longer guarantees one dodged attack, and instead increases damage reduction.
    • Stagheart now properly gives blue temporary health and has a duration of 15 seconds.
    • Stagheart no longer incorrectly heals enemy players in PvP.
    • Stagheart's temporary health has been increased to 15%, up from 5%.
  • Rogue
    • Duelist's Flurry should be less likely to bring a player character into a deadly area against enemies like the Atropal.
  • The Paladin, Fighter, and Barbarian powers "Divine Challenger," "Anvil of Challenge," and "Challenger's Charge" have been adjusted to add a 0.5s cast time to the powers they modify.
    • Tapping or partially charging the modified power makes it work the same as it did before the change.
    • If you fully charge the modified power, it will not place you at the top of the threat list.
  • Warlock
    • Essence Drain can now be cast without a target.
    • Soul Pact and Warlock's Bargain now drain less health.
    • Soul Pact can no longer multi-proc its health drain.
  • Wizard
    • A Step above Mastery now properly adds its damage buff.
    • Disintegrate now has a higher magnitude.
    • Ray of Enfeeblement now properly reduces the target's damage dealt by 10%.
    • Ray of Frost can no longer incorrectly proc Critical Conflagration more than one time per crit.
    • Ray of Frost now generates AP at a rate similar to other at-wills.
    • Relative Haste now properly applies the cooldown reduction that it states in its tooltip.
    • Repel now has a magnitude of 375, down from 475.
    • Shard of the Eternal Avalanche now generates AP at a rate similar to other encounter powers.


  • Shadow Demon's Presence should now work as described in the tooltip.    
  • Non-augment companions now deal more damage.
  • Yojimbo: Iainuki no longer teleports the yojimbo behind the Atropal or its umbilical cords.

Enchantments and Enhancements

  • Enchantments that provide Incoming Healing Bonus are now half as effective, to bring them in line with Companion Influence values on similar rank enchantments.

Mount Powers

  • Celestial Lion: Aureal Armament now grants the full 3 stacks of Radiant Weapon if any temporary hit points remain, instead of giving a different number of stacks based on how many temp HP remain.
  • Deep Crow Shriek now properly applies its power boost.
  • Deep Crow Shriek has had its tooltip adjusted to clarify that it roots instead of stuns.
  • Providence: This mount power now provides half its normal healing in PvP.
  • The mount power "Piercing Screech" no longer stacks. The most recent cast now replaces the previous cast.
  • The mount power "Piercing Screech" has been lowered in effectiveness to 15% damage reduction, to match other similar mount powers, but the duration has been increased to 10 seconds and also stuns nearby enemies for 2 seconds (1 second in PvP).
  • The mount active powers "Warpainted Tyrannosaurus Rex'em" and "Commander Tyrannosaurus Rex'em" no longer stack. When this power is cast on a target already affected by the debilitating effect, this most recent cast will override the first cast, refreshing the effect to its full duration.
  • The tooltip for the mount active powers "Warpainted Tyrannosaurus Rex'em" and "Commander Tyrannosaurus Rex'em" have been updated to indicate that they "increase the target's damage taken by 10%" instead of stating that they "reduce the target's defense by 10%." This change is to more accurately represent the effect that was already occuring and is not a change to tbe behavior of this power.

Player versus Player

  • Action Point recovery potions can now spawn in PvP maps. These fill 20% of Action Points over 20 seconds.
  • Critical Severity is once again fully effective in PvP.
  • Divinity and Stamina/Guard regeneration rates have been reduced in PvP.
  • Players now move about 15% faster when out of combat in PvP.
  • Tanks no longer have bonus health for their role while in PvP.
  • The amount of healing done has been reduced in PvP.

Set Bonuses

  • The Watcher set bonus now stays active through near-death.

Temporary Hit Point Unification

  • The manner in which various sources of temporary hit points interact with one another has been unified. All sources of temporary hit points now work as follows: the most recent source of temporary hit points always wins, and no source of temporary hit points stacks with any other source. (This includes the Paladin's Divine Barrier mechanic.)


  • Armor Kits with Stamina Regen now properly function.
  • Combat Advantage now applies at a distance of up to 85 feet.
  • Resurrection Sickness now properly lowers damage dealt by 10% per stack, instead of 10% regardless of stack count.
  • Stacks of Resurrection Sickness now refresh their duration when a new stack is applied, instead of falling off individually.
  • The campfire buff is now called "Well Rested" and appears in the Long Duration Buffs view.
  • The Doohickey now deals much more reasonable damage.
  • The ratio for determining the critical chance of healing has been adjusted. Critical Strike now increases the chance to land a critical heal more.



Enemies and Encounters

Castle Never

  • Death spheres in the hallways before Orcus now deal more damage.

Castle Ravenloft: Strahd

  • The damage of Strahd's ultimate attack has been reduced.
  • The Sunsword's daily power, Sundrenched Aegis, now lasts 14 seconds, increased from 12 seconds.
  • The time between some of Strahd's attacks has increased.

Fangbreaker Island

  • The first two encounters have been moved a bit to lower the chance of frost giants blocking progress by running off the cliff and staying alive.

Lair of the Mad Mage: Trobriand

  • The animation for Electric Storm now consistently plays.


  • Enemies once again properly deal extra damage with critical strikes. Their base damage has been lowered a bit to compensate. NPC crit severity is now 50%.



Items and Economy


  • Ebonized Armor chest pieces now properly give Power instead of Defense.
  • Successor Armor procs of "Call of the Undermountain" now properly show a buff icon.
  • The High Lords of Undermountain now drop two weapons per kill, and they no longer go directly into a random party member's inventory.
  • The Stronghold vendors now have Level 80 gear available.


  • Alchemy tasks now properly, consistently, receive bonus XP from VIP rewards and Profession XP boosting events.
  • Level 80 professions recipes available on the Preview shard require further testing before going live.
  • Most crafted weapons can now properly be used to alter the appearance of other weapons.

Vanity Pets

  • The size of the Glyster and Umbraxaka vanity pets has been adjusted to be more consistent with other vanity pets.

Zen Market

  • The Consult Expedition Pack is no longer available in the Zen Market.



User Interface

Auction House

  • Players may now inspect mounts and companions from this UI.

Character Sheet

  • The "Disable Visuals" option is now in the Appearance pane, not the Gear pane.


  • Players may now inspect mounts and companions from this UI.


  • Lockbox notifications now appear toward the top of the screen, have a more polished treatment, and should no longer get in the way of gameplay.
  • Powers in the power tray can now be right-clicked to bring up the same context menu as the powers UI.
  • The event banner no longer displays before the player has completed the tutorial.
  • Tutorial tips now move from the center of the screen, and should draw the eye better.


  • Mount & Companion Preview: This now has more of the relevant information players look for when inspecting mounts and companions.

Main Menu

  • A new Notification Settings screen is now available from the main menu. This allows players to customize which notifications show up in their HUD, and which ones can get sent to chat.

Player Inspect

  • Players can now properly view the information others placed in their History panel.



Art, Animation, and Effects

Character Art

  • Certain armors no longer incorrectly override the player character's shirt visual when equipped.
  • Umber Hulks no longer have a weird humanoid shape at a distance on low resolutions.

Visual Effects

  • Various changes have been made to improve player power performance and general visibility in situations with multiple players.



Performance and Stability


  • A lot more visual effects should now properly display. This should hopefully take care a lot of the issues with warning areas not displaying, originally shipped with Module 16.


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