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Developer Blog: Stardock Arena

By Julia (nitocris83) | Mon 05 Aug 2019 07:00:00 AM PDT

Greetings adventurers!

As we come into a new module that is based around conflict, we thought it would a good time to make some updates and changes to PvP in Neverwinter. One of the first things I wanted to get into the game was a new map: Stardock Arena. This map is a triangular domination set up, floating in space near Stardock high over the world of Toril. The starting point is on a raised platform in the center, so right off the bat things get interesting. There are paths both high and low to get to the three capture points, with dangerous holes in the terrain that you can fall through or get pushed out and into the void.  This is a fast map in terms of travel, but with plenty of places to hide and sneak around if that better fits your playstyle.


The building of the Arena

PvP maps are tricky as you don’t want to build them such that one side or another have an advantage to location or fields of fire. I built this white box based upon a design that we did some concept sketches for a while back. In the white box stage like this, we playtest the map over and over, working it from each angle and capture point and with various team configurations, making adjustments as we go. Once we were happy with the map, it was turned over to Jason Marquez one of our environment artists, to bring it to life!

New changes to PvP

In addition to the new map we’ve made some other changes, in particular we’ve upgraded all the PvP consumables, with updated values on the Battle Potion of Minor Restoration and Battle Potion of Superior Restoration, which can be purchased from Doric Hammersmith who can be found in the trade of blades, or by your stronghold vendors.

New Potions

In our playtests we realized how important action points were becoming, so we added an AP potion to the PvP maps. Some rotate with the health potions, and others are in new locations on the maps.

New Armor sets

Our new armors are designed to be good in both a PVE and great in PvP. The imperator set is useful in PvP as a catchup set to 960, and outside of PvP content rates at item level 40. Arbiter Armor (item level 1020) is great for PvP and useful outside of PvP content up to an item level of 960.




Trade of Blades: Vendor changes

  • Burning, Prestige, and Strategist armor sets have been removed from Kyrian Foss. This vendor now sells Arbiter armor.
  • Consumables and level 60 and below gear has been removed from Myriss Olden. This vendor now sells Imperator set.
  • Doric Hammersmith will sell consumables and PvP companion/artifact. PvP Potions 2 - 6 have been removed from the vendor. This vendor now sells Battle Potion of Minor Restoration and Battle Potion of Superior Restoration.
  • Noral Goldgrip will continue to sell glory conversion. This vendor now sells Grym Coin equipment.
  • Rare quality Aurora's Whole Realm Catalogue will sell the minor restoration pvp potion.
  • Epic quality and above sells the superior.


What will the future bring?

With this new map and gear, I’m sure a restart of the PvP season is not too far off, and who knows what else from there?

Cheers- and I’ll see you in the arena!

Thomas “Mimic King” Foss
Lead Designer

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