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Arc News

Walk the Hero's Path

By Ambassador Kael
Mon 17 Jul 2023 08:00:00 AM PDT

With the release of Demonweb Pits, all players will get the chance to start their journey on the Hero’s Path. The Hero’s Path is an all new Meta Adventure in our Adventure system, meant to guide players through the various progression systems Neverwinter has to offer.


We wanted to make sure players are aware of all the different systems they should focus on to improve their characters once they’ve reached level 20, like mount and companion bolster, enchantments and insignias, and mount collars. The Hero’s Path provides some guidance and rewards for reaching key progression milestones, like getting all of your equipped enchantments to Legendary quality.

We also wanted to make sure players were aware of the various activities that will help them reach their progression goals. The Hero’s Path will ask players to complete various Random Queues, assist Sybella with Legacy Campaign questing, and train with Instructor Corbin on advanced combat tactics. 

The Hero’s Path is meant to provide long term goals and guidance for all players on their journey to endgame play, but it’s up to the player how they get there!

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