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Torchlight 3

State of the Game Week 10

By A310yao | Tue 25 Aug 2020 10:42:58 AM PDT

An update about upcoming difficulty tuning, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes.

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Good morning frontier friends,


Wow! Last week’s update and news spawned a bunch of new activity, players, and feedback for the game! It’s been awesome to watch guides come out for all the various class combinations and seeing everyone play the game from start to finish with all of the content finally in the game.


We spent the week collecting and reviewing the feedback about the Relic Subclass update from all over our community. We know there were some pretty strong and valid opinions about some portions of the update, so we drilled into some of the larger concerns and have some updates for those below.


Why didn’t you add more skill points to the Relic Subclass update to let us use more skills or increase their power?

We received a lot of feedback regarding this topic and while we initially believed that the current amount of points would make for interesting choices and trade-offs when making builds, we received some fair criticism from players about wanting to feel more powerful or have fuller skill bars with more options/power.

  • We have updated the total skill point up to 70 in an upcoming update. An additional skill point will be awarded every five levels until level 50.


Why does everything feel so hard now?

Adding more health to monsters at higher difficulty levels is necessary to push players to optimize damage dealing, but we went overboard last time and it did not get enough dedicated testing. Too much health leads to combat being a slog, which we do not want. We hope that these new values maintain the challenge we intend at each difficulty level without making damage-dealing tiresome.

  • Smoothed out somewhat jarring increases in monster health between levels 5 - 9.
  • Lowered monster hit points on Painful difficulty at lower levels, starting at 83.33% of Normal difficulty, gradually approaching 100% of the hit points at level 20, then increasing to 156.50% of Normal difficulty at level 60, which is 73% of what it was in the previous release.
  • Lowered monster hit points on Ridiculous difficulty at lower levels, starting at 58% of Normal difficulty, gradually approaching 100% of the hit points at level 20, then increasing to 203.50% of Normal difficulty at level 60, which is 66% of what it was in the previous release.

The lower hit point values at lower levels are necessary at higher difficulties to compensate for the overall player damage reduction versus regular monsters at higher difficulties, but allowing you some time at lower levels to gear up, skill up and optimize your builds.


  • Lowered player damage vs. regular monsters reduction to 80% on Hard, 60% on Painful, and 45% on Ridiculous.
  • Increased player damage versus champions:
    • Hard: from 60% to 80%
    • Painful: from 40% to 60%
    • Ridiculous: from 30% to 45%
  • Increased player damage versus bosses:
    • Hard: from 60% to 80%
    • Painful: from 40% to 60%
    • Ridiculous: from 25% to 35%


Why did you make relic skills have passives that relate to a specific weapon? This feels too limiting...

These skills were pretty controversial! We are changing the relic skills that are associated with weapon passives so that don’t lean into a specific weapon. They will now focus on basic attacks. 

  • Flaming Destroyer's Giant Swings: Now grants a chance on basic hit to trigger a powerful flame shockwave
  • Electrode's Shocking Force: Now grants a chance on basic hit to quickly call down three lightning strikes
  • Blood Drinker's Blades for Cutting: Now grants a chance on basic hit to create a Death Blade, a smaller version of Dance of Death, for 6 seconds
  • Bane's Staffing Up: Now grants a chance on basic hit to summon an Enchanted Staff for 20 seconds
  • Coldheart's Large Bores: Now grants a chance on basic hit to fire a trio of icicles in a tight cluster.


Why about those broken nameplates?

The change in behavior for nameplates was widely reported as a bug and had some feedback that players would prefer to retain this option. 

  • We are going to change the behavior so that ALT will bring up all environmental objects. In addition, we are making improvements to environmental object shaders to help improve visibility. 


Is this the highlight of this blogpost?


Why did you move enchanting and why am I still getting all these recipes I can’t use yet?

We received a bunch of feedback regarding enchanting and how it is less used and useful early game than when you are working towards getting deeper in Fazeer’s Dun’djinn. 

  • While we aren’t moving enchanting back to the early game, we are making updates to make it less confusing.
  • Because of this, the legendarium will now unlock abilities without needing to disenchant so the enchanting table can actually move to endgame. In this upcoming update, when you obtain a legendary for the first time, you will also receive its legendarium affix.


Why won’t you let me use my first Skill Point?

We are considering a change to allow players to select their first skill point. We recognize that some players may have a preference for which type of class they would like to create and since respecing your character comes far from your first skill point, we recognize the work it takes to feel like your build is being created the way you want it to be.

  • We are considering ways to remove the friction for those who want to dive into their intended class earlier.


What are map scrolls even for? Why were they moved out of Contracts?

Map Scroll dungeons are intended to be a fun diversion from the story path of the game or something that you use to grind out XP and collect gear if you get behind at higher levels, but we have found that if players ran the Map Scroll dungeons as soon as they got them, they were low enough level that the XP and gear could boost them so that they would be over-leveled for subsequent dungeons in the story. By giving you fewer of these and shifting them to later in your progression, we hope that tackling a dungeon or two won't ruin your normal sense of progression.

  • Contracts now reward individual map scrolls instead of bundles of 3 map scrolls.
  • Shifted some of the map scroll rewards in contracts around so that they do not drop from the first 20 or so contract levels.
  • Reduced the number of map scroll rewards in the once-through section of the Adventurer's contract from 5 to 3. Reduced the number of map scroll rewards in the looping section of the Adventurer's contract from 2 to 1.


Why does my movement skill feel so clunky?
Movement skills have not received the love and care they have needed. Beyond bugs, there are other things we can do to improve the feel of them.

  • All movement skills, including teleports, are being updated for smoothness and functionality (including dropping that 2s cooldown on teleports, which helps prevent accidental double-casts but is too limiting on the skill’s use).


There are so many bugs!!!

Yes, this is true. We have some bugs to chew out. But we are smashing ‘em by the hundreds each week.


There were some pretty visible bugs in the last update that were constantly in your face, including some pretty harsh Unreal crashes for Forged players and some annoying HUD messages that would never go away. Now that we have pushed out our biggest content updates of Early Access our focus is to prioritize bug fixing, tuning, and other areas that need polish and improvement. This means our priority has shifted from aggressive content updates to making sure these updates feel noticeably better each update, both in bug fixes and polish. 


We are excited to see the updates listed above get pushed into the game. We currently have the next update scheduled for September 1st, but because of our slower pacing this may get delayed if we don’t feel the build is ready. We hope this will help provide a better balance of fun when adventuring in the frontier, especially for those who are just starting off in their journey.


- Max



We are always in a continuing process to scrub and review bugs that have been reported to our Support Center, but we wanted to highlight a few of the most critical, highly reported, and consistent issues players are still encountering and any updates we might have for those specific problems. This is not an exhaustive or complete list of reported issues.


The best way for us to resolve an issue is with visual/audio reporting (screenshots, audio, video), logs, debug info, and reproducible steps. Other useful information might include: if you were playing in a party, if you noticed any additional strange behavior, if others have experienced the same issue, etc.

(It is better to upvote a current/existing bug or suggestion than to create a new, duplicate ticket.)

  • You can send additional information, like logs, to with your Nolt link in the body of the email.
  • You can discuss bugs on Discord, but they may not get a full review without a Nolt ticket, debug info, logs, or other details.




The next big update is scheduled for 09/1/2020 and contains fixes for all of the following issues:


Killing Squawkclaw (and other bosses) does not give you credit for completing quests.

We have updated how bosses are now counted when killed, we hope this will resolve the issue for this boss and others in an upcoming update.


Players are reporting hazards in some areas are producing one-hit kills.

It appears some players are running into areas where hazards are killing them in one-shot without warning. We are reviewing and adjusting affected hazards.


Players report being unable to interact with their Luck Tree.

Klive appears to randomly disappear or move in the fort which can cause confusion when trying to complete quests. Completing the Monument quest by talking to Klive should resolve this issue. A couple fixes for this issue are being readied for an upcoming update.


Players are reporting they are unable to claim chests stuck behind NPCs

Chests become inaccessible after being spawned behind a NPC. This NPC is being moved around in town in an upcoming update.




Cannot open pet cage in Thorned Ingress

Players have reported an inability to open chests in Thorned Ingress. Please post debug logs to the link above to help us resolve this issue. 


There is not supposed to be a secret alpaca level.

Someone is getting an animal welfare check in McTyre's Cove to check on these poor alpaca living conditions.


Players have described travelling to a Blue Void (dead space). Post Relic Subclass Update.

Players describe getting stuck in a Blue Void (dead space) after traveling. We need logs and debug info for this info to help resolve this. Please send these forward and we will review - see details above on how to find your logs and send them to us.


Lag, Desync, and Rubberbanding - Post Relic Subclass update

Some players are reporting issues with performance/lag/rubberbanding after the latest update. Please send us any details, logs, and debug info you can in order for us to better resolve hitches, lag, loading screen issues, and other areas of stability.


Players are reporting their trains are going off the rails.

We have fixes ready for this for an upcoming update.


It's been reported that there are not enough quest items to complete the 'Deactivation' Quest

Please send us debug information for instances of missing quest items.



"No Platform Available" error message or other issues involving login.

  • This bug indications the player is unable to properly connect to the platform (Steam).
  • This appears to sometimes resolve itself after resetting Steam.
  • This appears to happen when a firewall, anti-virus, torrenter, or other 3rd party software is blocking access.
  • This appears to happen if your internet service provider is blocking the game/Steam.
  • This appears to happen when you open from the .exe file and not from the Steam Library.
  • This appears to happen if you are not connected (or Steam believes you are not connected) to Steam properly.
  • This appears to happen to users who used to be able to play via Steam Proton. 
  • This appears to potentially happen if your clock is not properly set.
  • This appears to happen sometimes to other Windows users who are not related to any of the above. Current debugging ongoing. If you are able to plug in a controller and see better results or/and have reviewed the issues above and are still unable to play, please send us your logs (see above).
  • A similar error occurs if your game is set as an Administrator. Remove this from your game's settings to play.


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