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Torchlight 3

Spring Update - Update Notes

By Echtra | Tue 25 May 2021 12:28:03 PM PDT

 Hello Torchlight III Community,

This message is a bittersweet one. We are very excited about the Cursed Captain update, and everything it comes with. The Cursed Captain is an amazing new character class with awesome summoning skills, giant cannons salvaged from ships to blast enemies in the way, and a salty, ghostly personality to match. It’s really a lot of fun to play. We’ve also added a ton of new pets, including ferrets, two new types of dogs, stags, glittersprites, and more. There’s a new contract to play through, new wardrobes and fort props, and significant improvements to every character class. We’ve killed countless bugs, made several UI fixes and enhancements, and added lots of quality of life improvements. And very significantly, we’ve improved performance to a meaningful degree on every platform. In short, we feel like this puts Torchlight III in a good place.

But this is also a sad message because it marks the end of Echtra Games’ work on Torchlight III. As you may have heard in the news, we were acquired by Zynga back on March 2nd. As a result of this transition, we are moving on to new (and exciting) things, and we will be passing the baton back to our partners at Perfect World. We absolutely enjoyed our time with Torchlight III, and only hope for the best for the future of the franchise. We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked on it. But more than that, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of you who took this journey with us. We had ups and downs, but through it all, we learned so much, and a lot of that credit goes to all of you. Through thick and thin, you gave generously of your time, provided expert and valuable feedback, and made the trip enjoyable and worthwhile for all of us at Echtra. We hope you’ll keep tabs on us in the future, because we’re doing some incredibly exciting things that you’ll be very interested in. We look forward to seeing you on the other side, and will certainly keep tabs on Torchlight III. Thank you again for everything, we love you, we love Torchlight, and we will always cherish the memories!

Your Torchlight Captain,
Max Schaefer


Patch Notes

New Features:

  • New Class: Cursed Captain
  • New Pets and New Variants of familiar friends
  • New Wardrobes and Fort Props
  • New Contract: Fur and Fashion
  • New Legendary armor and weapons
  • Inventory Sorting
    • Players can now sort their inventories with filters! Look for the button at the top right corner of any Inventory menu.
  • Players are now able to reset their accounts by mode: Singleplayer, Multiplayer, and Arc (multiplayer with Arc Account Link)
  • Increased the max character slots to 25 (online) and 40 (offline).


Improvements and Bug Fixes:




  • Fixed an issue where all class resources were not updating properly when using skills
  • Using skills without sufficient resources while moving no longer prompts the 'Not Enough Energy' notification.
  • Fixed an issue where player's characters sometimes moves the opposite direction of player's mouse clicks
  • Critical Pet Condition audio warning no longer sounds in town.


Dusk Mage

  • Celestial Pants Legendary affix has been reworked - Now reads "When Light Bar is charging, Dark Bar charges at 25% of normal rate (and vice-versa). Set Bonus: The opposing bar now charges at 50% of normal rate". This has outright replaced the former affix, which increased damage while in Harmonic Form. To compensate this notable loss, a small baseline damage increase to Dusk Mage skills has also been installed.
  • GreatWeapon is more visible when standing idle during Character Select.
  • Radiant Blast now exhibits VFX when Show Blood is toggled off in the Options.
  • Harmonic Form can once again be achieved after the player dies with fully charged Light resources.
  • Damnation skill description has been revised to describe the skill more accurately.
  • Dusk Mages can no longer obtain an indefinite +75% damage buff by summoning minions of Bane or Coldheart (bug).



  • Steam gauge now presents a numerical value on the HUD.
  • Fixed Sonic Pulse's final milestone so it will actually apply it's damage bonus for steam skills.
  • Reworked Pressure Shot's tier 3 milestone. Instead of always critically hitting, which was not functioning correctly, the fourth shot always stuns all the enemies it hits.
  • Revised the proc for Forged's steam cone on melee basics to only trigger when a monster takes damage from the basic attack.
  • Fracking Strike's damage increases correctly by skill level
  • Fixed some lingering references to Servo-Driven uppercut
  • Fixed item affixes that referred to Pressure Shot as Slug Shot
  • Fracking Strike's Tier 1 bonus now works as described.
  • Fracking Strike no longer double charges when its bonuses are unlocked



  • Fixed inconsistent text highlights in skill tooltips: Mortar Car, Shotgonne Car, Ghost Train, Shocking Rounds, Flamethrower Car, Pound, Blasting Charge, Hammer Spin, Flying Picks, Lantern Flash, and Torque Swing
  • Revised Blasting Charge so it works with the Battery Ram Legendary as intended.
  • Fixed Lantern Flash's synergy bonus reading 65% on the tooltip. It now reads 10% (which is the amount previously provided - only the tooltip was incorrect).
  • Hammer Spin's effect no longer persists after the lifetime of the skill.



  • Curse of Pi'pi skill no longer affects friendly minions.
  • Corrected some typos in the Curse of Pi'pi skill.
  • Fixed Fate of Rizzi and Onslaught skills so they all scale appropriately with per point damage factors.
  • Changed the tooltip for the Ghost Visage bonus to not reflect the amount of critical chance in the mouse-over tooltip. It can be found in the base tooltip.
  • Sacrifice to Goose's tier 1 milestone now gives +20% damage vulnerability to the skill, taking it from 25% to 45% as designed.
  • Onslaught now has a Precision tag on it's tooltip description
  • Tier 2 bonus for Scattershot now gives a 50% increase instead of doubled ranged basic attack damage.



  • Fixed relic skills showing "0 Relic Energy" as a cost.
  • Fixed skills showing "Too much Relic Energy" when the message should be "Not enough Relic Energy"
  • Fixed skills with no cooldown showing "0 Cooldown" in the skill description
  • Jagged Ice - Chance to Chill when hit increased to be equal to Chance on Hit.
  • Frost Shock - Fixed an issue where the tier 2 milestone freeze duration was only half as long as stated. Then doubled the freeze duration.
  • Ice Shield - Increase damage to 400% WD base.
  • Frost Skin - Base cooldown reduced to 40 seconds, up to 20 seconds at rank 5.
  • Ice Golem - Health increased to 1000% from 200%, freeze duration on Slam increased to 4s up from 1s.
  • Smooth Bores - Increased icicle damage by 50%.
  • Breaking Point - Max Health per point increased to 5% (from 2%), Freeze Nova damage doubled and per point scaling increased to 25% up from 10%.
  • Snowstorm - Tier 3 milestone critical hit chance now works against Chilled enemies as well as Frozen.
  • Cold Front - Damage increased to 450% (from 330%)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Bane's Eight Legged Allies to have a summon cap 4 more higher than the tooltip listed.
  • Blooddrinker's Blood Barrier now has a new icon.
  • Fixed Blooddrinker's Bloodseeker's skill, and Flaming Destroyer's milestone to add a hazard's skill, so they all scale appropriately with per point damage factors.
  • Adjusted the tooltip for Coldheart's Ice Golem skill to reflect that its active skill deals 600% of its basic damage, not the player's weapon damage.
  • Changed the source of damage for Coldheart's Snowstorm skill, which was previously causing it to fail to scale per point.
  • Fixed an issue with Electrode's Thousand-Volt Burst missiles VFX
  • The tier 3 effect of Flaming Destroyer's Summoning Smash skill was not working. It is now.
  • Fixed an issue with Flaming Destroyer's Sword Smash not dealing damage to Ordrak.
  • Fixed issues of Flaming Destroyer's Cloak of Flames' and Summoning Smash's damage not scaling correctly to the skill points invested on them.
  • Fixed Flaming Destroyer Cloak of Flames tier 1 bonus changing size when forced root motion is applied
  • Flaming Destroyer's Blazing Pillars will no longer proc Giant Swings
  • Fixed an issue where Flaming Destroyer's Sword Smash VFX were displaying a gray box in place of designed visuals.



  • Fixed it so +damage% to Basic Attack affixes works as intended.
  • Fixed an issue causing Fazeer's Dungeon Challenge Bonuses on items to be conveyed to some Legendary affixes. Legendary affixes are not meant to inherit the effects of the Challenge Bonus.
  • Fixed Sword of the Lost Legion "Call the Legion" skill that was not applying the 25% cooldown reduction upon equipping the Frostwall Legendarium affix.
  • Winter Legendary chest buff now uses a four-leaf clover icon
  • The Holy Icon Legendary Shield now spawns ghostly Alpaca in combat!
  • Mountain King's Pauldrons and Toymaker's Tool minions are now split into two inventories so their caps don't affect each other.
  • Fixed the Explodobot summoned by Mountain King's Pauldrons not dealing the listed amount of damage.
  • Fixed missing damage description for Mountain King's Pauldrons
  • Woodsbeast's Wrap Set Bonus now Ignites enemies for 40% Weapon Damage on evade.
  • Elfin Cap and Frostform Head's drop weight has been adjusted.
  • Fixed an issue where the Echoes of Life missiles did not move correctly
  • Fixed an incorrect actor limit rule for Archives that was preventing the boss chest/pet chest from appearing
  • Fixed an issue where new characters were unable to use the base legendarium affixes



  • Players can now interact with the Style Station in other player's Forts.
  • All Contracts: Bonus Character Slot rewards have been replaced with a Respectacles consumable.
  • Fixed an issue where Props remained highlighted after exiting the fort customization mode.
  • The fort button will now ignore the cursor hit when the menu is up. The button will still be present.
  • Fort Customization UI appears when the player spawn inside their Fort on Xbox + Game Pass.
  • In the Fort Customization UI, the Enchanter's Altar will have a "Unlocks at Level 46" tag until the player reaches the pre-requisite level.
  • Players are no longer able to steal gear from other players via their Wardrobes.
  • Hyvid Shield Bonus (Offhand) enchanting recipe now unlocks the correct enchantment, Hyvid Shield Bonus, instead of Hyvid Smasher.
  • Echonok Ranger and Hyvid Scrapper enchanting recipes are now Legendary quality
  • Various Wardrobe repairs have been made
  • Fazeer's Dun'djinn Extreme Close-Up affix is no longer affected by the player toggling Inventory Menus.
  • Fazeer's Dun'djinn level 249 and 250 now drop 118% gear, so normal maps can be used for farming the absolute best items instead of just 251 boss runs.
  • Fazeer's Dun'djinns should now save level seed information as intended.
  • Adjusted the rotation position of the Fazeer Dun'djinn prop.



  • New Pets management UI will be present whenever the player rescues a new pet or visits their Pet Shelter.
  • Wet Kisses works again!
  • Halloween and Winter pets are still available, but are twice as rare (relative to their quality)!
  • Pets will follow the player between areas, again.
  • Most summoned minions can now teleport to you if they get too far away, just like your pet does!
  • Pets now benefit from pet attack speed affixes on pet tags and collars.
  • Made the chance that pet cages appear at the end of dungeons more reliable.
  • Fixed aggressive texture compression on owl eyes.
  • Adjusted anchors and size of the pet swap UI panels.
  • Addressed an issue where the Send Pet to Town button was not updating when used.
  • Addressed another issue where the Pet Timer would not begin when pet would die or be sent to town.
  • Pets no longer freeze in combat with Blackfang Spiders.
  • Pet Enchantment Resistance (Pet) is now known as Elemental Hitter (Pet).
  • Aura skills no longer disappear from the skill bar upon travel.


Monsters and Bosses

  • Skullotar's Cat minion now is destroyed upon his death.
  • Missile-based skills are moving again after being unpooled
  • Attempt to fix Secret Alpaca Level monsters from disappearing when they're using the Stormbringer affix
  • Echonok Charging Coil VFX fixes
  • Squawk Claw's Charging Coil VFX fixes.
  • Skeleton critical hit death VFX improvements
  • Fixed an issue where fire trails from Blazing affix were not appearing in combat.
  • Grundlepox minion-summoning missiles no longer leave permanent VFX on the ground
  • Further reduced the monster spawner disabling volume near the entrance of the goblin forest area used in Fazeer's Dun'djinn, which was preventing the unique goblin champion Gunsmith Grundy from spawning in certain seeds, preventing the quest Gobs 'n' Guns from being completed.
  • Minor description fix for Stormbringer challenge affix
  • Reduced the size of Secret Weapon's click capsule so that players can click to get behind him a bit easier.


User Interface

  • Characters' class titles are displayed in the Character Selection list, now.
  • Hardcore label for characters is now red.
  • Increased the size of the character thumbnail in the Character Selection.
  • Vendors now have markers for their location on the mini-map of each town.
  • Players are no longer allowed to open the option menu while dead.
  • Fixed Potion UI in offline mode
  • Pet Storage now has a Close button.
  • Changed director endpoint from "" to ""
  • Disabled tooltip on all class resource widgets in the skill class info panels
  • Fixed the skill description for Loyal Shasta to appear during Character Creation
  • The camera no longer goes to the wrong position after cancelling the Forged walkdown sequence in character create.
  • Loading Screen no longer presents during the opening cinematic on the account's first character.
  • New player portrait templates for when portraits are loading upon initial party formation.
  • Addressed various issues with text, alignment and other tweaks in the mechanics screen of the help menu
  • Customize Fort button will no longer appear when the Menu is opened while customizing the fort.
  • It is no longer possible to dual-box on the Game Pass version of Torchlight III
  • Updated the text from "Always Show nameplates" to "Always Show Dropped Item Names" in the options screen.
  • Updated the text on the Friends Refresh button to indicate that it refreshes online status not the actual friends.
  • Players are no longer blocked from using the dye option of the Style Station when using a gamepad.
  • Addressed various Icon issues.
  • Fixed various text wrapping issues on item tool tips in various menus.
  • When using a gamepad, the player's HUD will close to open the Menu when the player calls it.
  • Players are no longer given blank window prompts when attempting to invite blocked players to parties on Playstation Network.


Other Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed multiple Multiplayer Party + Voice Chat issues
  • Gamepad can now change selections in drop-down menus
  • Respectacles gold value has been reinstated, and no automatically loot if the player has available space in their Consumables Inventory.
  • Bonus Character Slot Contract rewards have been replaced with a Respectacles consumable.
  • Additional attempts have been made to fix the Luck Tree quest bugs
  • Destructible meshes can no longer receive decals.
  • Fixed Imperial Guard NPC disappearing during the Establishing shot of the Character Creation sequence.
  • Slight increase of critter spawn tick and tick intervals (for performance purposes).
  • Cleaned up Missile pooling code
  • Friendly guards should no longer spawn in mapworks dungeons (either map scroll or Fazeer's Dun'djinn). They should still be able to spawn in the normal story dungeons/areas. There was an issue previously where area-wide affixes would apply to these guards in addition to actual monsters.
  • Instances will not be restarted if the player puts the portal in location and returns through it after a reset
  • Added more space between top navigation buttons and controller prompt buttons
  • Privacy settings towards other players are now considered in the Join Session logic on Xbox + Game Pass. Additionally, blocked users will no longer be able to initiate parties with those who block them.
  • Xbox users can now read text chat channels.
  • "Clue" has been removed from the quest item drops in "The Artifact" story quest.
  • New Credits for Contributors!
  • Various Fazeer Dun'djinn quest bug fixes.
  • Various Environment bug fixes.
  • Various Localization changes and updates.
  • Various Performance bug fixes and updates.
  • Various Crash fixes for all platforms



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