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Torchlight 3

Developer Update - Welcome Aboard Cursed Captain

By Echtra | Tue 25 May 2021 01:25:00 PM PDT




Anchored in a state between life and death, the Cursed Captain remains true to its adventurous spirit. As an experienced captain of cursed and piracy skills, this corporeal spectre can summon a ghostly crew of swashbucklers, and use the tools of the trade to tackle combatants. Watch yer doubloons, the capt’n’s on deck!

The world of Novastraia is haunted by all manner of cursed ghosts, shades and haunts. Some are anchored by their avarice to treasure they could not take beyond the grave. Others are shackled by regret, lingering on battlefields of long-forgotten wars. The Cursed Captain hails from the days of the wild privateers, before the Empire sank or imprisoned the cutthroats and marauders that ruled the seas. Some say the Captain was a debonair lover, driven to sea by the spurning of a distant princess. Others claim the Captain was a ruthless pirate who lost the map to his buried treasure and cut his way through the pirate ranks in search of it. Yet others describe the Captain as a noble admiral who made an infernal pact with an unknowable sea beast. All that live to tell the tale of an encounter with the Captain speak of his motley crew and prowess in battle. With a smirk and a blast of his cursed cannon, the Captain is a formidable adventurer.




While the Cursed Captain is the newest class to hit Torchlight III, its initial conception goes back more than a year.


In March 2020, the team created several character concepts that fit with an ‘Oceanic/Beach’ theme, as at the time, we were considering development of another act within that environmental theme.  The act itself did not end up having its sea legs, and went overboard during 2020, but the Captain was proving too fun to let go.



Very early concepts for the Cursed Captain.



“From the start, we knew the two character archetypes that were in the running - a melee-focused class, or a summon-focused class.  In the end, the summoner won the day, because of how much it oozes with theme and style.  The Cursed Captain feels like it belongs in the Torchlight universe.”



Early showcase of Cursed Captain skill designs using work-in-progress visuals.


The initial inspiration for the cursed captain came from the idea of merging a necromancer and a pirate. Torchlight's lore is full of ghosts and spirits so the idea of a cursed sea captain who summons a ghastly crew felt right at home. In order to emphasize its ghostly nature we opted to remove the helm slot for the Cursed Captain to show off the unearthly customization options players will have. This also gave us the opportunity to play up the spectral glow that surrounds the character. Early designs played with a more martial flavor which helped set the gear apart from the other heroes in the cast. Capes and epaulettes helped give it a nautical theme as well as a unique gear slot. The canon as a unique class only weapon blended perfectly with the visual motifs we were striving for and also gave the character a unique silhouette when wielding them. The Cursed Captain was a blast to create and we hope you will enjoy playing it as much as we had making it.





The Cursed Captain uses Doubloons to cast its Piracy and Cursed skills. Cursed skills call upon the spirits of the captain’s devoted crewmates for support while commanding predominately ranged spectral attacks while Piracy skills are themed around weaponry with predominantly mid-ranged or AoE attacks.



Doubloons have a chance to drop upon striking enemies with any attack or skill.  Unlike most resources, the Doubloons must be physically collected in the world, so positioning and awareness of a fight is critically important.



Here are a few skills that you can chase as the Cursed Captain.


Ghost Ship

Materialize your ship into this plane, commanding it to sail forward towards enemies, dealing damage with each hit of it’s broadside cannon array.


Conjure a storm of souls and spirits, forming a whirlwind at a targeted location that pulls enemies into it. The Maelstrom deals damage every second and Slows enemies.

Take a Swig

Take a swig from your hip flask, restoring maximum health and reducing incoming damage for a short time.


Load up your bounty into your trusty cannon, blasting a burst of golden shrapnel which deals damage.

Wraith Walk

Shift into an incorporeal form, moving swiftly through enemies to arrive at a destination, Fearing enemies around you at the start and end of the movement. Any Doubloons in the area will be pulled into your wake, traveling quickly to you.


Call upon your spectral ship to fire a bombardment of cannonfire, down upon a location, dealing damage.

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