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Torchlight 3

Torchlight III FAQ

By SoFech | Mon 27 Jan 2020 08:55:00 AM PST


FAQ Answer

Will the Beta continue? 

Absolutely 100%! Developer-community connection has always been an important part of Torchlight, and we believe the best games are made with player input along the way. Beta players have already helped shape the game in so many ways, big and small, and we're counting on them to keep being part of the Torchlight journey. 

Will there be an NDA? 

Yes, the Beta will be under NDA for the time being. Please refrain from livestreaming and sharing media from the test. You can read the full Non-Disclosure Agreement here

What happens to my progress during the Beta? 

During the rest of Beta we will be much more test-driven with progression data. Expect to see helper NPCs that skip players to different Acts and provide useful items to play with. This will help players kick the tires on a wide range of game content in a short time. Clearly, those ""cheated"" account data aren't appropriate to carry into the released game. 

We will wipe all prior progress when Beta testing moves to Steam, and again at the Launch of the game.

What happens to Lux Charge Up or in-game purchases that were made in Alpha?

We will be refunding all Lux charge-ups made during the prior Alpha stage back to the original payment method. Customer Support will begin this process immediately, but it may take a few days to complete. Players who expect a refund and do not see it can contact Customer Support.

What happens to my Alpha rewards?

We are making every effort to carry forward cosmetic thank-you items players acquire during Alpha. Once we are able to restore those on the Steam platfom we'll announce the details to Alpha players. 

Will there continue to be updates during the Beta?

We will still be making regular patches and releasing content as it becomes available. We are planning to patch more frequently now as we polish out the finished game.

What has become of the horizontal progression system? Do any elements remain?

Horizontal progression is removed - characters have a single level and items are not boosted or penalized based on what area they came from. There is still some scaling of power on item levels so that powerful characters who return to early areas of the game have a fun combat experience. 

Will there still be micro transactions?

There is no longer an in-game shop.

Will the game be always-online?

No. Players have the option to create online or offline characters. Online characters can only be played online, in order to ensure a cheat free experience for everyone participating in the connected game. Offline characters can be played without an internet connection. (Beta players will not have access to Offline mode at this time)

How do I get the game on Steam? 

Follow or Wishlist Torchlight III on Steam to make sure you get the latest news and events for the game. Testers who had access to Torchlight Frontiers on the Arc platform will get an email with a Steam key they can claim to gain access to the Torchlight III Beta test on Steam. 

What Steam features will you support? 

The game supports Steam friends and Achievements already and we're excited about the other features Steam opens up. We will be adopting the Community features on Steam in the coming weeks as another great way to interact with players. 

What happens to all the Beta sign ups?

Registration for our newsletter & testing opt-in are still available at We will continue to use those signup lists for additional testing invites as needed. 



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