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Livelock: Vanguard’s Arsenal - Crowd Control Functions

By Jayson | Tue 22 Mar 2016 09:00:00 AM PDT


Hello World,

Vanguard’s functions give him the tools to solve the each combat scenario, helping us define intelligent action. Like Hex, these abilities have multiple uses and can be categorized by the play style you choose in Livelock. For Vanguard this means functions that alter enemy positioning, disrupt their attacks and raw damage output. For his first set of abilities, we’ll focus on Crowd Control.



Reflection Array summons a powerful, forward-facing shield which deflects incoming enemy fire for s short duration. Popped at the right moment, this shield can help quell the advancing enemies while shielding allies allowing you to focus on clearing an area. Splitting a horde of enemies and negating all of their damage while your allies cut through the enemies ahead is also viable.

Countermeasures takes this sort of crowd control even further by disrupting enemy targeting, forcing them to attack Vanguard, dealing reduced damage. When your allies need a hand dealing with the dozens of deadly robots attacking them, let their shields recharge while you tank blast after blast of enemy fire. Or, charge into battle with Vanguard’s mighty Anvil and once you’re in place, rain down enormous amounts of damage with your team.



In coordination with Vanguard’s area-denial weaponry, these functions will keep enemies under control, potentially giving your team the best positioning in any engagement. Lay the Havok Launcher’s thermite along the ground to funnel enemies into a firing line from behind the safety of your Reflection Array. Too passive? Lay mines at Vanguard’s feet, then summon enemy aggro and watch as they helplessly walk to their doom.

In our next blog we’ll behold more of Vanguard’s Area-of-Effect mastery with functions that focus on disruptive damage.

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