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Livelock: Vanguard’s Arsenal - Area of Effect Weaponry

By Jayson | Mon 21 Mar 2016 09:00:00 AM PDT


Hello World,

Vanguard towers over this bold new future. With an intellect as intimidating as his new frame, he’ll weather every battle as a tank putting out copious damage along the way. While not opposed to wielding enormous firearms, Vanguard’s Primary weaponry focuses on melee allowing him to be in the thick of battle, providing more opportunities to change its flow. Coupled with his disruptive and devastating Functions, Vanguard will be an ally to any team.

Like Hex’s weaponry, Vanguard’s primaries, specials and launchers will encourage varying play styles, whether it’s about manipulating opponents’ positioning to your advantage, dealing greater amounts of damage, or something in between. Each weapon can be upgraded with materials collected while playing through Livelock, providing upgrades to Damage, Fire Rate, and Heat Generation.

Livelock offers a high degree of variance in the way you can play. To reiterate, Primary weapons will be the workhorses, pumping out constant damage. Specials will be best for clearing enemies quickly, dealing greater damage than primaries. Use these to maintain a comfortable distance between you and the hordes. Launchers will be the go to firearms in tight situations, dealing immense amounts of damage in short bursts before overheating.




Vanguard’s primaries make use of his brute strength, delivering a constant stream of damage from his hands. The mighty Anvil is the closest thing to Mjölnir these rogue clusters will ever see. Holding down your attack will send the massive frame spinning into his enemies like tornado, sending their scrap flying and clearing a path to the next objective. 







Vanguard’s Guardian offers greater accuracy at distance while keeping high damage output. This will allow skilled players to maximize Vanguard’s crowd control effects. Sniping from behind the relative safety of the Reflection Array, can even the odds against an over-powered mini-boss or worse.




Finally, Vanguard’s launcher weaponry has some of the highest damage potential of The Few. Keeping with the crowd control aspect of his playstyle, the Havok Launcher spreads a salvo of Thermite filled shells across the battlefield, igniting as they strike the ground and setting it ablaze with. Used tactically, this can deny enemy movement or deal massive damage as they burn in extremely high temperatures.



The various combinations can make Vanguard a difficult threat to deal with, funneling enemies into his team’s firepower or clobbering hammer fodder while tanking damage from more powerful enemies allowing his allies to continuously deliver damage. The right weapon will turn the tide of an overwhelming situation. Vanguard will serve as the tank, controlling fights and drawing enemy fire to control the flow and intensity of battle. Make sure to stay tuned to the official Livelock blog for more information soon.

The Livelock process will continue on our ForumsFacebook and Twitter until its release later in 2016. Sign up now at to receive exclusive content including the latest news, developer chats, concept art and more.

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