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Patch Notes for 6/7/24

By Fero
Fri 07 Jun 2024 12:00:00 AM PDT

Patch Notes: NW.315.20240520a.3

Release Notes

Localization Known issues

Astronautical Lockbox

  • Space Guppy School mount: In locales other than English, the Space Gupppy School mount's power tooltip incorrectly says the daze lasts 6 seconds. It's actually up to 4.5 seconds and is not reduced in PvP.
  • Flapjack companion: In locales other than English, Flapjack's power Crew Support incorrectly says its range is 50'. It's actually 80'.

Content and Environment

Vocath’s Base

  • The Curator of History has found his way to Vocath’s Base.

Future Events

  • Protector’s Jubilee - The drop rate of blue, purple, and orange insignias has been further increased when opening more Protector’s Bounty packs.  

Combat and Powers


  • Support Companion Overhaul
    • Many supporting buffs from active companions have been revised to provide more consistent uptime over a larger area.
    • In general, most buff effects should have 100% uptime in an area of radius 80 around the companion; this is up from the 40-50 range that many companions used.
    • These buffs also re-apply, and stick for longer, if you move outside of the radius.
    • Buffs also now generally affect all allies, preferring players first, unless explicitly stated.
    • These changes affect the following companions:
      • Shadow Elemental
      • Vistani Wanderer
      • Angel of Protection
      • Bruenor Battlehammer
      • Drizzt Do'Urden
      • Minsc
      • Neverwinter Knight
      • Regis
      • Siegemaster
      • Wulfgar
  • Cattie-Brie
    • Rapid Shot 2 and Rapid Shot 3 no longer try to display on her powers page
    • Damage output overall increased
    • Passive power has been upgraded from 3% Movement Speed -> 5% Movement Speed
  • Cyclops War Drummer
    • Priority has shifted to Percussion, ensuring that he generally activates it whenever it's available
  • Drizzt Do'Urden
    • Damage and priority have been shifted to his Tempest Strike power, which keeps his DPS the same, but gives him more initial burst on combat start
    • Effect area for Drizzt's powers has slightly increased
  • Minsc
    • Rebalanced as a Multi-Target Companion
    • Minsc no longer needs to pet Boo for nearly as long before applying his buff
    • Minsc's buff is now only 2% Combat Advantage and Incoming Healing, but applies to all allies (not just party members)
    • Minsc no longer generates extra threat from his powers
    • Minsc's sword attacks are now all named 'Sword Meet Evil', instead of having 3 different names
    • Sword Meet Evil has a slightly larger effect area
    • Minsc's damage has been shifted to Three Hundred Pounds of Justice, giving him more burst damage on combat start
  • Regis
    • Our longstanding leader of burst damage is being brough slightly down, such that his burst is more in line with other high burst companions
    • Whirlwind of Blades cooldown has been decreased from 15s -> 12s, which lowers its burst damage by the same %
    • Whirlwind of Blades's radius had been decreased from 30 -> 25; even with this smaller radius, it is still one of the largest effect areas of any companion power
    • Regis's overall DPS should remain mostly unchanged
  • Sergeant Knox, Alphonse Knox
    • Knox's damage and priority have been shifted to his Reaping Strike power
    • Knox's Great Leap power is now explained on his character sheet
    • In general, Knox now deals more immediate burst damage with his Great Leap and Reaping Strike combination on combat start
  • Wulfgar
    • Damage output overall increased
    • Damage and priority shifted to Swing, giving him more burst damage on combat start
  • Zariel / Zariel the Redeemed
    • Shatterfall now gives Swordfall a 100% chance to increase the target's damage taken by 1% (rather than a 33% chance)

Item Powers

  • Lliira's Bell of Empowerment
    • Damage bonus increased 20% -> 30%
    • Tooltip updated to specify the buff's duration.
  • Lliira's Bell of Celerity
    • Effect changed to reduce your companion's cooldowns by 10 seconds.
  • Radiant Elven Hood
    • The item power, Spelljammer's Advantage, now properly functions as described.

User Interface


  • A bug that prevented text from displaying correctly for heroic encounters in Wildspace has been fixed.

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