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Join the Abyssal Hunts!

By Ambassador Kael
Wed 12 Jul 2023 09:00:00 AM PDT

As a result of Gromph Baenre’s magical ritual, the boundaries between the prime material plane and the abyss have become frayed. This has enabled hordes of demons to flow into the city of Menzoberranzan. Members of House Fey-Branche have been working to find a way to repair the damage done to the weave and strengthen the boundary between the two planes. At the behest of Noori Baenre, Vier’Ice Arkentlar has been researching the abyssal tears that have begun sprouting up across the districts of Menzoberranzan, searching for a way to seal them and prevent further planar incursions.

Abyssal Hunts

Abyssal Hunts are an extension of the Narbondellyn adventure zone where you can take on powerful creatures from the underdark and the abyss. In order to participate in abyssal hunts, you will first need to complete the mission Through the Tear. You will then be able to enter the tears located throughout the Narbondellyn, Duthcloim, and Braeryn districts of Menzoberranzan. There are three types of tears, Lesser Abyssal Tears, Abyssal Tears, and Greater Abyssal Tears.The foes that you find inside the tears can be approached solo or with a group of like minded adventurers

Hunt Modifiers

Inside the tears, you will have the opportunity to use various modifiers to your hunt, increasing the challenge and granting increased rewards. These modifiers change up the way a hunt plays out and empower the target. This also increases the rewards gained at the end of a hunt. Modifiers can be proposed by group members and applied to the hunt. More modifiers can be unlocked and upgraded as you progress.



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