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Developer Blog: Gzemnid’s Reliquary Trial

By Nitocris
Mon 13 Mar 2023 07:00:00 AM PDT

With the upcoming module comes the Gzemnid’s Reliquary Trial in both Normal and Master difficulty. The Normal version is available to all players with at least 30,000 Item Level and will be included in the Random Trial Queue. The Master version is a challenge worthy of the strongest adventurers in the realm and will require 80,000 Item Level.

Gzemnid has taken residence in the Underdark where he schemes to take control of the Eye of Odran in order to tap into the Illithid Hivemind. Within his lair, he accumulates artifacts of power and subjugated creatures while gathering information on potential threats to his plans. A distinguished adventurer such as yourself has certainly garnered his attention. Gzemnid knows your past deeds, he’s analyzed your tactics, and he’s not impressed. Face off against this terrifying beholder and you’ll find yourself struggling to distinguish reality from illusion as he probes your mind for weaknesses to exploit. A gauntlet of minions, magical objects, and illusions awaits those brave enough to challenge Gzemnid. The defenses are ready, he awaits your arrival.


For those looking for the ultimate challenge, there’s a collection of achievements you can complete in Master difficulty to prove your might. Players that complete all of the achievements will receive a special Cape transmute and the title “Something to Behold”.

Stop Gzemnid from acquiring the Eye of Odran!

Michael "Lassor" Lynch
Systems Designer

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