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The Knox Box!

Od Nitocris
śro, 24 lis 2021, 07:00:00

The Knox Box has been extended until December 9!

You’ve heard of “A Box for Knox” but now, for a limited time, prepare for A Box from Knox!

Knox Box begins Wednesday, November 24 at 7:30am PT

Knox Box ends Thursday, December 9 at 7:30am PT

The Knox Box is a new reward box that offers guaranteed rewards after opening a certain number of boxes. The tooltip also indicates the chance of getting any given item. 

The following items are guaranteed rewards at the specified box open amount:

  • 10 opens – Mount (either uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, or mythic)
  • 25 opens – Companion (either uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, or mythic)
  • 50 opens – Pack of 50 Mount Upgrade Tokens
  • 75 opens – Pack of 50 Companion Upgrade Tokens
  • 100 opens – 1000 Trade Bars
  • 125 opens – 1x Coal Ward
  • 150 opens – Knox’s Choice Pack (Mythic Mount or Mythic Companion Choice pack)

Once 150 boxes have been opened, the bar will reset and can be filled again.

Obtaining The Knox Box

Zen Market – Knox Boxes can be purchased in the Zen Market (10 Boxes for 525 Zen - Price includes the 30% off discount currently occurring).

Dungeon Chests – While the Knox Box is active, there is also a chance for these boxes to drop from dungeon chests.

Reward Claims Agent – All players will get 5 free Knox Boxes per account, claimable at the RCA while Knox Box is active (see dates above). The contents of Knox Boxes obtained via the RCA are bound to account.

Astral Diamonds – Players can purchase Knox Boxes for 40,000 AD per box while Knox Box is active (see dates above). A max of 5 Knox Boxes can be purchased at the Wondrous Bazaar during this time. The contents of Knox Boxes purchased at the WB are bound to account.

Promises Made, Promises Kept – In honor of the formidable Sergeant Knox, Lord Neverember will allow players to exchange up to 3 Promissory Notes per account at the Wondrous Bazaar for a free Knox Box per note. The contents of Knox Boxes obtained via Promissory Note exchange at the WB are bound to account.


Additional Info

  • Clicking “Open Another” will open the same-binding version of the box that was previously opened. For example, if a Bound content version of the Knox Box is opened from the inventory, selecting Open Another in the Knox Box reward UI will open another Bound content version if available. Players must exit the reward/tracking UI to open a different-binding version if desired.
  • Knox Boxes will remain in the inventory, and openable, even after the event ends.
  • Reward tracking progress is carried over for future runs of the event.

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