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Star Trek Online

Season 13: War Games Queues

By Ambassador Kael | Wed 31 May 2017 09:30:00 AM PDT

An epohh never runs so fast as when he has other epohh to catch up to and outpace.”
– New Romulus Saying

Following the success of the Arena of Sompek training initiative, the Alliance has set up further exercises to prepare its captains for the oncoming challenges that await them. These new competitive PVE War Game scenarios will pit teams of ten players into two teams of five, in trials of speed, strength and ingenuity. They must race to complete objectives before the other team succeeds.

“Binary Circuit” is a ground-based 5v5 Gauntlet-class War Game Scenario. In a Gauntlet-class Scenario, Captains will not be engaging in battle directly with the opposite team, but racing against them to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. In “Binary Circuit,” two squads of captains will battle and puzzle their way through a converted Borg Cooperative Cube. Various Alliance enemies will be holo-represented within the scenario to provide challenges. The first team to reach the end of the training course wins! The Alliance is concerned with puzzle solving and team building in this scenario, so Captains will not be finding themselves in a direct battle with the opposite team, although you can still trip them up from a distance.

 “Core Assault” is a space-based 5v5 Convergence-class War Game Scenario, in where two flights of captains will race in starships through a station in the Adelphous System. The station has been set up with holo-emitters to provide challenges for each team.  Both teams must reach the Station Core, which contains two Core Regulators – one for each team. Each team must destroy the other team’s regulator while defending their own. The first team to do so will be victorious!

These queues are designed for level 50-60 players of all factions, with normal, advanced, and elite versions. All three queues will also reward marks, dilithium, and R&D materials. Check out the War Games Queues when they go live with Season 13.


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