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Star Trek Online

Iuppiter Iratus

By Ambassador Kael | Tue 18 Jan 2022 09:00:00 AM PST

<Encrypted Message Begin>

This is Terra 3. The fleet is preparing an attack on Jupiter Station. They are preparing a force to steal all the data on board and destroy whatever technology they can. I don't know the exact fleet numbers, but expect a sizable invasion.

<Encrypted Message End>

Kuumaarke tossed the PADD down into the puddling blood before reaching over to pull the dagger out of the back of the dead human spy. She wiped the blade off on the corpse's Terran uniform and returned it to her belt.

"It would appear the Federation have been alerted to our plans. Good. Let them try to stop us." The Lukari smiled. She turned to face the chief engineer standing at the door - Chaz or Chad or Chett or something like that. "You did well to warn me of the power spikes in the rift engine, and even better tracking down the source. That's the sort of proactive work I like in my crew."

The chief engineer saluted in return, staying at attention as Kuumaarke passed him. "Yes, Captain. Thank you, Captain. I'm glad to make myself u-" His face contorted in pain before he toppled over, knife through his back.

"As I was saying..." Kuumaarke shook her head as she pulled the dagger out and wiped it off again. "It's the sort of proactive work I like in my crew. But only if it's done BEFORE the enemy can get a message out. Otherwise, what's the point?"

She returned her blade to its belt with one hand as she activated her communicator with the other. "This is Captain Kuumaarke to Engineering. Your chief has met an unfortunate accident due to inadequate competence. Figure out among yourselves who his successor is and report to my ready room." She called for an ensign team to clean up the mess and returned to the bridge, wondering how many engineers she was going to have to replace this time around.


The Mirror Universe's thirst for Federation data leads them to the science station orbiting Jupiter. You will not be the only ships defending the station. The Enterprise, the Defiant, and even Voyager have been called back to defend such an important location, close to the heart of the Federation. Such a technology spike by the Terran Empire could prove very dangerous for the entire Alliance. With our Twelfth Anniversary, join with other captains to defend Alliance knowledge in the new Task Force Operation Iuppiter Iratus.

Jupiter is angry...


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