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Star Trek Online

PC and Console Patch Notes for 4/22/21

By Ambassador Kael | Wed 21 Apr 2021 07:09:23 PM PDT


  • Addressed an issue that prevented Romulan Delta Recruits from closing the time loop of their experiences during the Iconian War. 
  • Addressed an issue that could halt player progression in the mission "Sphere of Influence" in the Unknown Location. 
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the Delta Recruitment Equipment packages from displaying the correct Ranks. 
    • This is a display issue only. 


Event Campaign – Part III:  

  • The 2021 Event Campaign will span a total of FIVE separate Featured Events, spanning the majority of the upcoming year of releases. As a result of this increase in length, the requirements for receiving the Campaign Grand Prize have been increased from 2,800 Progress to 3,500 Progress. 
  • The Grand Prize for the 2021 Event Campaign will offer players a choice as to what they receive, between the three following options: 
    • Any Infinity Promo or Infinity Lock Box T6 Ship 
      • This ship will be a once per account unlock, for a single ship only. 
      • Contents only include premium starships that were released before 12/31/20. Starships released after this date will not be included as options. 
    • 1,500 Lobi Crystals 
      • Once per account. 
    • Two 100% off Coupons for Tier 6 Ships in the Zen Store 
      • Once per account. 
  • The Voth Advance Event:  
    • This Event will include multiple TFOs previously featured individually in a combined Featured Event that will allow players to choose their preferred test each day, while earning Daily Progress toward a new grand prize reward. 
    • Participating in this Event will give all players the opportunity to win Nanopulse Targ for their entire account! 
    • The event versions of “The Breach” and “Storming the Spire” can be accessed via the new Event UI, accessible within your Mission Journal by pressing on the “Events” Tab. 
    • Event TFOs have had their Cooldown Timers temporarily disabled. 
    • Event TFOs have been temporarily removed from Random TFO eligibility. 
  • Rewards:  
    • Players will be able to earn their Daily Progress once every 20 hours.  
    • Accruing a total of 14 days’ worth of Daily Progress will allow you to  claim all of these rewards: 
      • Nanopulse Targ (and Account-Wide Unlock for Reclaim) 
      • 25,000 Dilithium Ore (once only). 
      • 3x Featured TFO Reward Boxes (once only). 
    • Bonus Rewards: 
      • After claiming the Grand Prize, you will unlock the option of earning additional Dilithium Ore each day, beginning at 8,000 Dilithium Ore for the first day’s completion, and increasing for subsequent days. 
    • Zen Buyout Option:  
      • For players interested in instantly completing the To Hell with Honor Event event, we will be offering the option to purchase the remaining progress of this event at a scaling amount of Zen, as with other recent events. 
    • A Second Chance:  
      • Progress after the Event has ended will remain in an all new Second Chance interface, allowing the option to buyout rewards long after the Event has expired.  

For more information, please visit the “The Voth Advance” blog at: 



  • Added additional server optimizations in a continued effort to improve performance and stability.  
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the “Launch Toy Rocket” and “Holo-Emitter – Phoenix Shuttle” from being Account Unlocks.  
  • Resolved an issue that was causing Mk XII items received from the Phased Tetryon Weapon Pack (Tholian Lock Box) to not be upgradeable.  
    • This does not fix existing versions of those items, only prevents new ones from being created. 
  • Resolved an issue with "Harmonic Lure" that would cause the summoned Attendants to not attack the target. They now attack as originally intended. 
  • Resolved a typo in “Beta Thoridor”. 



  • Inspiration (Command Spec Ship Ability):   
    • Activating Bridge Officer Abilities now generates 20% more Inspiration than it previously did.  
  • Call Emergency Artillery:   
    • Added a slight delay before firing begins, so that more of the damage is dealt in the intended area, instead of at your current location.  
    • Increased area of damage from 2km to 2.5km.  
    • Damage now applies twice as frequently (every 1 sec instead of 2 sec).  
    • Cooldown reduced from 90sec to 60sec  
  • Needs Of The Many:  
    • Increase Temporary Hitpoints values granted by this ability to double the previous values.  
    • Updated targeting to include all nearby allies that either are players, or are owned by players, within the affected radius (15km).  
    • Cooldown reduced from 60sec to 50sec.\  
  • Overwhelm Emitters:  
    • Triggers will no longer be consumed by DOT ticks, or very low sources of damage.  
    • Doubled magnitude of both Shield Drain and Shield Healing at all ranks (from 10/15/20% to 20/30/40%).  
  • Reroute Power from Life Support:  
    • Recharge penalty now only affects Bridge Officer Abilities  
    • Reduced the recharge penalty from 5% to 2% per tick  
  • Subspace Interception:  
    • Now can only be used to save Players.  
    • Recharge reduced from 90sec to 40sec.  
    • Duration scales up more aggressively with rank (was 6/8/10, now 6/12/18).  
    • Removed variable immunity durations.  
    • Replaced +Defense with +Damage Resistance Rating (self buff).  
    • Added Heal-over-Time effect to saved teammate.  
    • Added an AOE Taunt that will trigger after teleporting (only if Threatening Stance is active).  
  • Suppression Barrage:  
    • Cooldown reduced from 60sec to 45sec.  


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