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Star Trek Online

Face the Test of the Kobayashi Maru!

By Ambassador Kael | Tue 24 Apr 2018 09:30:00 AM PDT

This is the Kobayashi Maru... nineteen periods out of Altair Six. We have struck a gravitic mine and have lost all power...our hull is penetrated and we have sustained many casualties.

Prepare to face the most infamous Starfleet test! The Kobayashi Maru, the “original no-win scenario,” comes to Star Trek Online as a limited-time challenge for your captains. How long can you hold out against ambushing enemy ships? Can you keep the Kobayashi Maru intact while facing down waves of hostile attackers and space hazards? What would Kirk do?

The Kobayashi Maru event will come in two forms: timed and untimed. In each case, you will fight to keep the freighter intact while destroying successive rounds of enemies who will become more and more dangerous as the simulation continues. The longer you last, the greater your rewards! Once everyone on your team is defeated at the same time – or when the timer runs out, if you’re playing the timed version – the mission ends. The mission also ends if the Kobayashi Maru is destroyed.

Participating in the Kobayashi Maru Event each day will earn you a Weekend Event Voucher and your choice of marks. After collecting at least 3 vouchers, players can purchase a new ship Console, the Prolonged Engagement Power Dynamo Universal Console! It is designed to passively capture energy from the routine mechanical operations of combat, and convert it into useful electricity that increases your ship's Subsystem Power levels. As the skirmish endures, the excess power grows until the console’s internal capacitors are filled. At any time, the Console can be activated to temporarily double the accumulated power - however doing so will flush the console’s capacitors of energy and briefly disable the Power Proliferation protocol for a brief period.

To get to the Weekend Event Store, simply open the context menu for a Weekend Event Voucher and “use” it to open the store, much the same way that Lobi functions. From there you can spend your Weekend Event vouchers on any item of your choice.


The Kobayashi Maru event will run on PC starting on April 26th at 8 AM PST through April 30th at 10 AM PST. The queue is available to all captains of level 50+.


Robert Hrouda
Systems Designer
Cryptic Studios


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