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Star Trek Online

The Constable Secondary Specialization!

By Ambassador Kael | Tue 20 Mar 2018 09:00:00 AM PDT

We’re very pleased to announce an upcoming expansion to the Captain Specialization system, in the form of an entirely new Secondary Specialization: Constable.

This new Specialization will become available with the launch of Season 14.5, coming in just a few weeks!


Captains will soon be able to follow in the inspiring footsteps of the dedicated keepers of justice that do their part to make the Milky Way Galaxy a safer place to call home. Upholding the laws that keep modern societies functioning is a core tenet of most major spacefaring societies, giving rise to police and peacekeeping forces regardless of species or culture, with perhaps the most famous canonical reference being Deep Space Nine's shapeshifting constable - Odo.

The Constable Specialization is a new take on Specializations. Unlike previous Specializations, which have been either entirely for Space or entirely for Ground, or had a number of abilities that affected Space only or Ground only, every single ability purchased in the Constable Specialization benefits you no matter where you are.

The Constable Specialization centers on a unique mechanic – your Antagonist. Once you have maintained the same target for 4 seconds, they will become your Antagonist. Once you have an Antagonist, they will remain your Antagonist until you go too long without targeting them. While they remain your Antagonist, abilities from the Constable Specialization allow you to be more effective in combat. You’ll suffer reduced effects from other foes, and you’ll more effective at taking your Antagonist down.

With the introduction of a new Secondary Specialization, we are also increasing the cap on Specialization Points up to a new max of 195. Players that exceed this amount will instead receive Dilithium Ore when they max out their current Specialization XP bar.

Scaling Passive

As long as you have the Constable Specialization active, you will gain:

10-25 Armor Penetration vs. Antagonist.

This bonus starts at 10 once you have a single ability purchased and the Specialization is active. It scales up by 1 with each ability purchased, up to a total of 25 once the Specialization is complete.

Starship Trait

As with previous Specializations, purchasing abilities in the Constable Specialization will unlock a new Starship Trait.

After 15 abilities are purchased, you will unlock the Arrest Starship Trait:

Significantly reduces cooldowns of your Bridge Officer Abilities when you defeat your current primary target.

Once unlocked, this Trait can be made active on any starship you own by adding it to an active Starship Trait Slot in the Trait selection window.


The list below has some of the abilities that can be unlocked through advancing in the Constable Specialization.

Close the Gap

Increased movement speed while facing your Antagonist.


Your weapons gain a chance to remove buffs from your Antagonist.


Wear Down
Your Antagonist’s Health Regeneration is decreased by an amount that increases the longer they’ve been your Antagonist.


Singular Focus
You gain increased Damage Resistance Rating to Damage that does not come from your Antagonist.


Tear Down
You gain Bonus All Damage vs. your Antagonist.


Many additional abilities can be unlocked in this Specialization, to enhance and improve your Ground and Space combat capabilities in unique ways.

** All of the above details, especially those listed for Abilities, are subject to change prior to launch.

Jette “CrypticSpartan” Leavens
Systems Designer
Star Trek Online


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