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PWI Memorial Day Events!

By thenamesdomino | Wed 18 May 2016 02:28:33 PM PDT


Greetings PWI,

Monday, May 30th is a very special day for all of us. It’s a day where we honor those brave men and women of our armed services who gave all to protect their country and the ones they love, Memorial Day.

In honor of this occasion, we here at PWI have some very special plans, and we want you to be a part of them.

First, we’re hosting a very special in-game event that will make a real life difference!

PWI Memorial Day Event

This event is pretty easy to do, and is available to all players Level 30 and above.

Find Veteran Hadid near the Secret Passage (565, 775). He’s an old war veteran who needs your help making wreathes to honor the memory of our fallen warriors in PWI.

Since he’s an old man and can’t get around that well these days, he needs you to go out and collect supplies needed to make wreathes for our lost comrades in arms.

This is a daily quest with slightly randomized tasks to perform.

When you complete the quest, you will be rewarded with Spirit and EXP as well as a Martyr Emblem.

Collect 6 Martyr Emblems and trade them in to Veteran Hadid for a 7 day male or female fashion set (White Honor Guard for men, Black Banquet for women).

PWI supports our troops

It’s no secret that we have players all around the world both civilian and enlisted. Our community is as diverse as the characters who inhabit the game we all love. Which is why we want to first take a moment and thank those in the armed forces who play our game. Thank you.

To honor the memory of our fallen warriors in real life we hare at PWE would like issue everyone in the community a bit of a challenge.

For every server that can get 10,000 players to complete the Daily Quest, We will donate $500 to the USO. If we get 40,000 completions of the Daily Quest, we will donate $1,000 to the USO. Forsaken World will also be holding a Login event from the 25th – 31st, which could possibly bring up our total donation to $2,000! Be sure to head on over to the Forsaken World news page and see what they’re up to!

Now, you may be thinking “What is the USO?”

The USO is a civilian run, non-government funded, not-for-profit organization created to support troops and their loved ones during times of deployment, coming home, and when the unthinkable occurs. Their services vary from everything including traveling entertainment for troops deployed in combat zones, to offering counseling services. For more information, please visit their website Here.

PWI wants you to join us

On Friday, May 20th at 1pm PDT I will be jumping into each of the 4 servers to get a screenshot of you guys. I will use these screenshots to create a physical info graphic so that you guys will be with us when we personally drop off the check at the USO offices in San Francisco after we hit our goals!

If you want to be a part of the community photographs, meet me in the middle of Archosaur at (549, 668) at 1pm PDT.


Happy Memorial Day everyone, and I hope to see you all very soon.

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