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VIP Star Level

By Lugia | Fri 22 Jun 2018 12:00:00 AM PDT

Become a VIP Star today!


Here’s how it works

Charge Gold to a PWI server to earn Star Points and increase your Star level!

  • 3 Star Points will be awarded for each Gold charged.  This will be shared among all characters on the same accounts.
    • Note: You will not receive Star Points for fractional Gold values! Example: If you purchase 3 Gold 60 Silver, you will receive only 9 Star Points.
  • Accumulate more points to increase your Star Level.  Each Star Level unlocks exclusive features!
  • Star Points are deducted each day automatically depending on your Star Level.  You will not lose Star Levels you have already achieved unless your Star Points count hits zero.
  • Check your Star Level progress by clicking the Star button at the left bottom corner of the Boutique interface.


Premium Benefits

Fast Repair

  • Allows you to repair your gear anywhere without an NPC.  The repair cost is higher when using Fast Repair, but it is reduced with each Star Level.

Open Reflection

  • Allows the use of Reflection anywhere outside the Realm of Reflection.  The amount of time you can spend in Reflection increases with every Star Level.  You gain experience for every minute you spend in Reflection.

Pick Up All

  • Allows you to pick up all items from the ground within a certain radius.

Quick Teleport

  • Allows you mark locations in the world and teleport back to them at any time.  The number of marks increases with each Star Level.


  • Allows you to revive immediately upon being slain, fully restoring Health and Mana and granting temporary invulnerability.  Auto-Revive costs 2 Gold for each use and has a short cool-down duration.  That duration decreases with each Star Level.

Foe System

  • Allows you to designate other players as your Foe, making it easier to avoid them or hunt them down.  Use the Nemesis Tracker item in addition to get their exact location!

Star Points Shop

  • Spend Star Points in the Star Points Shop for bonus items! Find the Star Points Shop in a tab in the Boutique interface.

Exclusive Deals & Offers

  • Gain access to regularly rotating offers in the Boutique available to only those with Star Levels! Take advantage of great limited time discounts and exclusive content!


Star Level

Star Points Requirement

Daily Points Deduction




  • Fast Repair Level 1



  • Fast Repair Level 2
  • Open Reflection Level 1 (14h)



  • Fast Repair Level 3
  • Open Reflection Level 2 (16h)
  • Pick Up All



  • Fast Repair Level 4
  • Open Reflection Level 3 (18h)
  • Pick Up All
  • Quick Teleport Level 1 (3 marks)



  • Fast Repair Level 5
  • Open Reflection Level 4 (21h)
  • Pick Up All
  • Quick Teleport Level 2 (6 marks)
  • Auto-Revive Level 1



  • Fast Repair Level 6
  • Open Reflection Level 5 (24h)
  • Pick Up All
  • Quick Teleport Level 3 (10 marks)
  • Auto-Revive Level 2
  • Foe System


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