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Game Info

Discover your place in the struggle for power amidst a realm of stunningly beautiful, fantastical environments. Fly freely to access new heights, set out on new adventures, and obtain more power to spread your name throughout the land.

Perfect World’s latest update “Eclipse” arrived in December 2014, and introduced a brand new class, brand new skills and Damon and Sage skills!

Take to the skies now and discover the secrets of Perfect World!




Key Features






6 Unique Races


Choose between Nightshade, Humans, Winged Elves, Untamed, Tideborn and the Earthguard!






12 Distinct Classes 


Choose from Duskblade, Stormbringer, Blademaster, Wizard, Cleric, Archer, Barbarian, Venomancer, Assassin, Psychic, Seeker, or Mystic, each offering a customized play style.



Character Customization 


Create a unique character with a very deep customization tool, allowing anything from eye shape to body size to be modified




Factions & Friends 


Create a faction of up to 200 people to tackle the toughest content, or just keep in touch with your friends using the friend list



Large Dungeon List 


With over 5 years of dungeons, including time based trophy mode versions, expect to see something different everywhere you go






Open World 


Explore the beautiful land of Perfect World freely and seamlessly without any load times as you discover new quests, friends, and more



Free-form Flying 


Take to the skies with each race’s unique flyers, allowing you to fight in the air even at level one and reach areas previously unattainable





Crafting System 


Collect materials and resources to create your own weapons, armor, potions, and more for sell or use



Fashion Clothing 


Show off your unique style with dye-able fashion, including weapons, helping you stand out from the crowd






Open World PvP System 


Take part in exciting impromptu battles for survival and even group up to hunt down player killers in the world



Territory Wars and Nation Wars


Battle for in-game territory in large 80 vs 80 weekly matches versus rival factions, and compete up to twice a week in various modes to craft epic gear!



Robust Market Systems 


Play the economy of the game utilizing the wide array of in-game markets, such as the auction house, PW boutique, personal shops, bidding hall and more



Awards System 


Receive rewards for completing various objectives such as leveling up, completing quests, and much more



Titles System 


Complete achievements to obtain new titles, boosting stats as well as notoriety for your accomplishments



Auto-Navigation Quest System 


Never get lost during quests with auto-navigation, taking you straight to your next location in a quest chain



Visually Stunning Graphics 


First game to run on Perfect World Entertainment’s proprietary 3D graphics engine, Angelica

System Requirements

If the system doesn't meet the requirements of the game, the game will either not run at all or give a less than desirable performance. To ensure a smooth gaming experience, we recommend that you meet the following settings:

Operating System Operating System

Windows® XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, or Windows 7


Intel® Pentium® 4 at 1GHz, (Mid to High Range Dual-Core 2.5GHz CPU or better recommended.)


1GB of RAM (2GB or more recommended for XP, 3GB or more for Windows Vista and Windows 7)

Hard Disk Hard Disk

8GB Free HD Space

Graphic Display Graphic Display

3D video chipset with pixel and vertex shader model 1.3 supported. GeForce 4 Ti4200 64MB or ATI Radeon 8500 64MB or newer for Windows XP. For Windows Vista and 7, a GeForce FX 5200 128MB or ATI Radeon 9500 128MB or newer is needed.

Sound Drivers Sound Drivers

DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

Network Network

Broadband Internet connection

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