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The War Front Expansion

By enelimm | Wed 11 Nov 2015 10:00:00 AM PST


We are proud to announce the release of our latest expansion: War Front! There is so much going on that we compiled all of the exciting events this week into one convenient blog.


Special Expansion Raffle!

To celebrate our 11th expansion being released on 11/11 we are holding two special giveaways!

All characters above LV50 that log in on 11/11 will be entered into the first raffle:

  • We will pick 1111 random characters from those who logged in to receive 20 Event Gold.

All characters that charge zen into the game will be entered into the second raffle:

  • We will pick 11 users to win a War Avatar S Chest! (The item will go to the highest level character on your account)



New Solo Instance: Heavenfall!

The War Front expansion introduces PWI’s first dynamic solo instance Heavenfall! Players must rely on their own skills to traverse this dangerous dungeon filled with demons and monsters. Discover more about Heavenfall by vising our first expansion sneak peek here.



Cross-Server Nation Wars (Now Open) and Battle for Treasure Island (Coming Soon!)

The cross-server Nation Wars are open for warriors ready to test their mettle in PWIs most contested battlefield yet! Each server will now also vote on a commander to lead them in the Nation Wars. The Commander makes critical strategic decisions which will influence the entire course of the battle. Choose your Commander wisely!

Only the most elite Factions are invited to the Battle for Treasure Island which will be held every Saturday once it preparations are complete. To gain entry, factions must have conquered a certain amount of territories in the Territory Wars. The current Territory Wars will not be reset with the War Front expansion so that Factions have extra time to qualify.

Discover more about these battles from our second expansion sneak peek here.

For more in-depth information about the Cross Server Nation Wars check out the blog dedicated to it here.



There are also some special Holiday Events you won’t want to miss out on:


The Santa’s List Event:

Participate in this event to earn amazing prizes by gaining all the checks on Santa’s list! Players who meet the criteria will be rewarded with an extremely precious LV15 Cloak and LV16 Ring. These rewards have never been released before, so don’t miss out! Read more about the event here.


Holiday Login Event:

We are holding a massive login promo for the holidays! The more days you log in during the promotion the better your gifts will be. Log in 32 days and you will be receive the Mystery Prize! Discover more details in our Holiday Login Event blog here.

Expansion Cash Shop Update:

Check out the new items added to the PWI Boutique this week! Grab the new box for a chance to win a spirited Cocoda Mount, open a Dragon Orb Pack for a guaranteed level 3 or higher orb, or use an Illusionary Crystal to skip from level 1 to 95! More details can be found in our Boutique Update blog here.


Charge and Spend Promos:

Be on the lookout for some special Charge and Spend Promos coming soon!


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