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NEW: Snow Apes' Treasure

By Fero
Thu 02 Jul 2015 10:00:00 AM PDT

After this week’s maintenance, the PWI boutique will be updated with a brand new chance pack: the Snow Apes' Treasure. Put your hands on its exclusive mount now for an exceptional launch price and freeze your playfellows up with admiration even on the hottest summer days!

Additionally, you'll find a bunch of great mounts and items at awesome discounted prices starting this week, including Gear Signature Inks and Training Esoterica!


New Pack release date:
 7/02/2015 @1AM server time
New Pack depature date: 
7/28/2015 @1AM server time

Sales start:
 7/02/2015 @1AM server time
Sales end: 
7/15/2015 @1AM server time


Snow Apes' Treasure (NEW!) (20% off)


On top of 2 stylish fashion sets and a bunch of useful items, this brand new chance pack can contain our latest and most exclusive mount: The Frostmane War Ape! Put your hands on this high-speed beast now to instantly cool down even the most ferocious enemies.

Frostmane War Ape

Spider Silk (Female) and Sinful Flame (Male) sets

Full prize list:

Lucky Coin

Warsoul: Ksitigarbha Pack

Perfect·Token of Best Luck

Warsoul: Vajra Pack

Platinum Spirit Charm Box

Warsoul: Manjusri Pack

Platinum Guardian Charm Box

Warsoul: Avalokites Pack

W. Waistband Inscription Pack

Diamond of Tiger

Sinful Flame Fashion Pack

Diamond of Dragon

Spider Silk Fashion Pack

Golden Coin

Garnet Gem

Wing Trophy·Lunar Glade

Sapphire Gem

Warsong Marshal Badge

Citrine Gem

Cube of Fate Stamp

Stone of the Savant

Faction Signet Bag

Primeval Stone

☆☆Sky Cover

Stone of the Jungle Pack

☆☆Cloud Stir

Frostman War Ape Mount Egg

Wishful Wing Token

Warsoul: Samantabhadra Pack

☆☆Matchless Wings

Warsoul: Arkarsja Pack

Scroll of Tome

Warsoul: Jakari Pack

☆☆☆Crown of Madness


Remember: These chance packs will leave the Boutique on July 28th, so don’t miss out!



The following items will be on sale starting 7/01/2015 @1AM server time:


Full Sales List:

50% off!
Nien Beast
Chieftain's Battlecat
Ancient Boa
Hell Hound
Scarlet Ninetails
Windsprint Panther
Polaris Snow Cub
Quick Sika Reindeer
Ancestral Kirin
Vicious Raptor
Silver Mane
Violet Lightning
Black Raptor
Bad Panda
Training Esoterica (1, 10)

Lime Green Ink
Sunflower Yellow Ink
Amber Gold Ink



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