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Marketplace Update

By Shalenak | Wed 30 Oct 2019 01:00:00 AM PDT


Marketplace Update




X2 EXP / X2 Drops / X2 Money

Start: 10/23/19 @1:00AM PT

End: 11/10/19 @11:59PM PT



Sales & Discounts

Start: 10/30/19 @1:00AM PT

End: 11/13/19 @11:59PM PT

Expert Blacksmith I

15 Gold

Expert Tailor I

15 Gold

Expert Craftsman I

15 Gold

Expert Apothecary I

15 Gold

War Avatar Catalyst

20 Silver

War Avatar Essence

40 Silver

War Avatar Essence(10)

4 Gold

War Avatar Essence(100)

40 Gold

War Avatar Destroyer Pack

3 Gold

War Avatar Lifeprime Pack

3 Gold

War Avatar Soulprime Pack

3 Gold

War Avatar Durability Pack

3 Gold

War Avatar Longevity Pack

3 Gold

War Avatar Battle Pack

3 Gold



New with content update, available permanently in the Marketplace!

Coupon of Magnificence


Exchange Coupons of Magnificence with Assistant Wang Tsai for Tickets of Magnificence. Use these to play the Palette of Fortune, a brand new and exciting mini-game for earning fantastic rewards!

X1 – 1 Gold

X10 – 9 Gold 75 Silver

X20 – 19 Gold

X50 – 45 Gold

X100 – 88 Gold


How to Play:

Coupons of Magnificence are now available in the Boutique. Exchange them with Assistant Wang Tsai for Tickets of Magnificence (one for one) that can be used with Palette of Fortune.

Color Burst: Spend 1 Ticket of Magnificence for a single item draw.

Five-in-a-Row: Spend 5 Tickets of Magnificence at once to draw 5 items with one to be guaranteed rare.

Fortune Points: Accumulate 1 Fortune Point for each Ticket of Magnificence used. Acquire enough to be rewarded with items such as Nebula Dust Orb, War Avatar Pack S, Glyph Pack Lv8, and more. Fortune Points will be reset with every new Palette of Fortune season.

Palette of Fortune can yield many rare and exclusive rewards not available anywhere else in the game! These items will be rotated every Palette of Fortune season (roughly every 3 months), so please keep your eyes out on the news!

Coupons of Magnificence may also be traded with Assistant Wang Tsai for Lucky Keys (1 for 2), which can be used with the existing Treasure Seeking.



Thank you for your continued support for PWI.  We hope you enjoy this update!



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