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PWI: Redemption Launch Day Update

By Shalenak | Wed 19 Sep 2018 01:00:00 AM PDT

To celebrate the launch of the Redemption expansion, we have a special Update for you.

Learn all about the new Features in the Redemption Expansion Patch Notes.

x2 EXP / x2 Money / x2 Drops will be active until Friday, October 5 2018 11:59PM PT

Redeem code EOB70zbx for 1x 10th Anniversary Gift Pack!

  • Redeem your code here:
  • Code expires on October 5th, 2018.
  • Code is redeemable once per account.
  • All items received through code will be bound to your character.
  • Please make sure there's enough space in your in-game mailbox before redeeming!



Starts09/19/2018 at 01:00 am PT

Ends10/03/2018 at 01:00 am PT


The following new items will be added to the shop.


 Mirage Chart Box

Two Mirage Charts is required for every refinement. To the right of the Mirage Chart slot is a selection for assisting items, such as Heaven Guard Chart, Earth Guard Chart, Celestial Secret Chapter, and Dimension Secret Chapter. All these items (including Mirage Charts) can be purchased from the Boutique when the expansion launches.

 Tienkang Chart

Only useable on bound gear.

Improves the result of Tome Refinement.

 Tisha Chart

Only useable on bound gear.

Slightly improves the result of Tome Refinement.

Refinement Level drops by 1 when it fails.

 Celestial Secret Box

Level 1 through 5 Tome Refinement is a guarenteed 100% success rate.

 Dimension Secret Chapter

Level 1 through 8 Tome Refinement is a guarenteed 100% success rate.


Storm Teleport Stone

Lightning Teleport Stone




All fashion Weapons listed here are 12 Gold each! They shall be added permanently to the Shop after the sales!


Twilight Blood Daggers


Twilight Crystal Staff


Twilight Energy Wand


Twilight Feather Blades


Twilight Lightning Sword


Twilight Moon Scythe


Twilight Plume Bow


Twilight Shock Saber


Twilight Spark Fists


Twilight Stream Sphere



The following items will NOT be removed after the sales.


The  Fortune Key, an item that can be traded to Assistant Wang Tsai for Lucky Keys, which can be used to search for items in the Treasures interface is available at the following quantities:


1 for 30 Silver

10 for 2 Gold and 90 Silver

20 for 5 Gold and 30 Silver

50 for 10 Gold

100 for 18 Gold



The following items will be removed after the sales. 


The  Prismatic Jade Pack will be available at the following prices and quantities

1 for 25Silver

10 for 2 Gold and 50 Silver

20 for 5 Gold

50 for 12 Gold and 50 Silver

100 for 25 Gold


The  Crimson Jade Pack and  Howling Jade Pack and  Prowling Jade Pack will be available at the following prices and quantities:

1 for 50 Silver

10 for 4 Gold and 80 Silver

20 for 8 Gold

50 for 19 Gold

100 for 35 Gold



Item Moves

Certain items will be making a move into a new category!

The following items will be moved to Misc. from their current category.

Flowing Crystal Pack
War Avatar Treasure Box
Dog Spring
Faction Safe Stone
Cross-Server Battle Invitation
War Avatar Essence
War Avatar Essence(10)
War Avatar Essence(100)
Luck Pouch: Treasure
Luck Pouch: Prosperity
Luck Pouch: Happiness
Luck Pouch: Auspice



All Utility Storage items listed below are 50% off for the duration of the sale.


The  Wardrobe Stonean item you can use at the Boutique Agent to expand your Wardrobe.

The  Cupboard Stoneanother item at the Boutique Agent this time to extend your Cupboard.

The  Super Safe Stonea high-capacity Safe Stone that can open multiple slots at once.

The  Super Cage, a high-capacity cage that can unlock 10 slots and an additional 10 with a second cage.. 

The  Quest Expansion, an item you can use to expand your questlog to 30 quests.



Star Level 


If you buy:

 Illusionary Crystal – Grants enough EXP to get you from Level 1 to 95 instantly!

You get this one for free:

The  Super Safe Stone, a high-capacity Safe Stone that can open multiple slots at once.


If you buy:

The   Account Stash Stone, an item which allows you to share items between characters on the same account and server.

You get this one for free:

The  Super Safe Stone, a high-capacity Safe Stone that can open multiple slots at once.



Thanks for playing PWI and we’ll see you in-game!

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