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Expansion Feature Spotlight #4

By Shalenak | Sun 19 Aug 2018 09:00:00 AM PDT


The next boundary level is here!


The sixth tier Boundary, Royal Sky, is unlocked!

Players above Reawakening II, LV100, with a Boundary higher than Twilight Sky X, can go to Althea in North Neverfall to take the new Boundary Main Quest, Royal Sky: New Mission. They can go to Royal Realm Apostle Lorx in Firefly Country to complete the Boundary Break. (new area of western land)


As you gain more Boundary levels, Spirit will also be increased.

Players above Reawakening II LV100, with a Boundary higher than Royal Sky I, can go to Althea in North Neverfall every day to participate in the defense battle. Quest progress is gained by eliminating all enemy targets, and the quest will be completed when the progress reaches 100%.


As a result of the new boundary level, all current quests that grant Vitae have been increased!


Also, a new way to obtain Vitae has been added with new monsters called the “Sacred Realm Phantoms”


Sacred Realm Phantoms


New monster "Sacred Realm Phantom" is added to Primal World and Western Steppes.


Primal World


Western Steppes

The monster has five types, each corresponding to a Boundary from Arcane Sky, Mirage Sky, Astral Sky, Shifting Sky, and Twilight Sky.

Killing the phantom corresponding to your Boundary yields more Vitae.

Players with Royal Sky Boundary can also gain Vitae by killing these monsters!

There is a daily limit to the amount of Vitae gained from killing these monster. When the limit is reached, the amount of Vitae you gain will be reduced.



What do you think of the new Boundary Level? What do you think of the new monsters that give Vitae? Share your thoughts on our Official Forums!

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