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Developer Insights on Adventure Kingdom

By Lugia | Sun 21 Jan 2018 08:00:00 AM PST

We sat down with our developers to get some insights on the making of Adventure Kingdom. Let’s see what they had to say!


1. What made you decide to create a theme park in Perfect World?


a. It is always the players' voice to have more casual game content

As designers for PWI, we task ourselves to keep developing content that attracts and satisfies our players. We hope that in our game, we can provide not only the joy and sense of achievement for friends, teams, and large groups of players to cooperate and complete, but also more casual gaming experience for our players to enjoy beside the quests and story. Thus, we came up with the idea of a theme park.

At the beginning, our theme park was a place of casual enjoyment and entertainment, full of all sorts of rides and facilities. Players can invite their friends to play the Pirate Ship, bungee jumping, bumper cars, and merry-go-round. They can enjoy themselves with these games and the view of the park. It brings the players pure joy, without any materialistic goals. It helps the players with relaxation and recreation between coming back to their Guild tasks and instances.

b. To create pure joy in PWI, bring players back to their starting point, and make games enjoyable again

A theme park is common in our real lives. It is an assembly of many elements of joy, all united under a theme to give visitors an immersive experience. So, our theme park uses the cartoon figure "Perfect World Tiger" as the theme, including the five great capitals in this packaging, and create a series of adorable tiger characters who are positioned all over the park to serve our players, and give them the most fundamental joy.


2. What was your inspiration for how the theme park looks?


a. Themed on Perfect World Tiger

The tiger is the star in Perfect World games. It is cute, attractive, and charismatic. Players can see him everywhere, the Boutique, Smileys, Vendor stalls, and soon. It has won players heart by being adorable, funny, and sometimes a little mischievous. Thus, our tiger boss is the perfect candidate to design the park around.

b. Landscape Designed Based on the Five Great Capitals

The park is divided into five major parts, each based on a great capital, including the Archosaur Square and other architecture and sceneries of different styles. Each area has its own stylized rides and entertainment facilities. The park is designed with beautiful scenery, including the serene pond with romantic legends, sea cove lined with peach trees, eminent and snow covered mountains, and the vast ocean of adventures. If you love a bit of sight-seeing, you don't want to miss it.


3. What in-game rides are the devs most favorite, and why?


We have a lot of featured facilities and games to play. There are exciting shooter game, whack-a-mole game which puts your reflex to the test, drift race that causes your adrenaline to surge, and the tiger gauntlet which is fun and hilarious. They all interesting and unique.

Personally, I love the shooting game best, for I enjoy putting every bullet in the center of the target, which is quite satisfying and exciting. If you have your name on the leaderboard, it brings you a great sense of achievement.


4. What was the best part of making the theme park? What was the most challenging?


Every part of the work was great. From the angle of a designer, the most difficult job was to design the drift race game. It was a great idea, but we ran into a lot of obstacles when we were realizing it.

First, we wanted our players to participate the game with order. We want them to enjoy the race, but we don’t want them to wait in a queue for too long. There was a lot of discussions and compromises regarding the drift race's entry mode, available time, game rules, and capacity in each game. Eventually, we finalized our torment with the current version, and it was well received by our players after the update went live.

Besides, due to the fact that the drift race is a competitive activity that involves multiple players and requires them to wait in a queue, so a lot of coding and new functions were done. During the constant iteration and debugging and updating, the design and development of the drift race kept being modified, in order to achieve a best effect. Fortunately, despite the many detours and mistakes we made, we eventually crafted an activity that meets our expectations, and it received players' positive response and praise.



We hope you enjoyed this special Q and A with our developers and are excited to see all the attractions Adventure Kingdom will have to offer!

What sorts of rides or activities mentioned here are you looking forward to? Let us know on the official forums or Tweet at us @AroundTheArcPWE

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