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Weekly Cash Shop Update

By Lugia
Wed 13 Sep 2017 09:00:00 AM PDT

Homestead Items are on sale this week, along with a last chance sale on Tiger Packs!



Home Sweet Homestead


This week, the following Homestead Items are on sale!

 Garden: Autumnrouge

 Garden: Mistflower

 Garden: Rockbamboo

 Garden: Lilytuber

 Terrain: Vivid Spring

 Terrain: Endless Dunes

 Terrain: Silver Coat

 Terrain: Flaming Grove

 Terrain: Paradise Island

 Terrain: Sky Castle

 Biome: Sky Castle

 Biome: Paradise Island

 Aether: Sky Castle

 Aether: Paradise Island


Ultimate: Maple Mansion


Ultimate: Bamboo Garden


 Bloom Whisper Stone

 Artisan Heart Stone

 Professional Trophy Chest

 Minor Homestead Supply Bag

 Major Homestead Supply Bag

 Minor Homestead Supply Crate

 Major Homestead Supply Crate


This week, pick up Perfect Teleport Stones on sale, 25 Silver for one and 2 Gold for ten! Step up your leveling game with a sale on Hyper EXP Stones and Training Esotericas at 50% off!



The following items will be on sale from 09/13 to 09/20


 Quadium Crystal

 Orichalcum Ingot

 Wishalloy Bar

 Adamantine Powder


 Chienkun Stone

 Chienkun Stone (10)


 Astrospira Pearl Lv1

 Astrospira Pearl Lv2

 Astrospira Pearl Lv3

 Astrospira Pearl Lv4


 Starseeker Powder

 Nebula Dust Orb

 Nebula Dust Orb (10)

 Nebula Dust Orb (50)



Permanent Mount


This week, let’s welcome the Igneous Firedrake permanently to the Cash Shop!


Igneous Firedrake



Last Chance Sale


It’s going, going…gone! This week, grab the Tiger Pack on its last Sale!


Blazing Tempest Mount


Flyer's Legacy -

  • Contains choice of (1) of the following Flyer tokens)


Joy Ride Pass

Boreas Skylight flyer (Untamed)

Dark Negation flyer (Winged Elf)

Neon Fusion flyer (Human)

Shadow Fall flyer (Tideborn)


Token of Sky

Dark Lord flyer (Winged Elf)

Frozen Sparkle flyer (Tideborn)

Glacial Blade flyer (Human)

Ocean Glory flyer (Untamed)


Curious about what else you can get? Droplist below:

Perfect·Token of Luck x15

Perfect·Token of Best Luck

Platinum Spirit Charm

Platinum Guardian Charm

Script of Fate

Diamond of Tiger

Diamond of Dragon

Sapphire Gem

Wing Trophy·Lunar Glade

Championship Scroll

Blazing Tempest

Garnet Gem

Citrine Gem

Stone of the Savant

Primeval Stone

Frostcovered Sign·Force              

Lunar Glade Insignia·Ornament          

Lunar Glade Insignia·Weapon

Soul Relic           

Flyer's Legacy   

Uncanny Chest 

Warsong Marshal Badge              

Cube of Fate Stamp       

☆Wings of Cloudcharger              

Rapture Chest  

Scroll of Tome



Thank you for playing PWI and we’ll see yo


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