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Charge Bonus

By Lugia
Sat 05 Aug 2017 12:00:00 AM PDT


We have a special Charge Bonus running this time ! Some items have been discounted for just this special promo period, so act quickly!


Rewards Points Begin: Saturday, August 5th, 2017 (12:00 AM PDT)
Rewards Points End: Saturday, August 12th 2017 (11:59 PM PDT)
Rewards Points Redemption End: Wednesday, August 16th 2017 (11:59 PM PDT)



How it works:

Check the Rewards Page! For every Gold that you purchase and transfer to your server during the promo period period, your account will receive 1 Bonus Point. 
So if you purchase $10 dollars worth of Gold, you will receive 10 gold in game - AND - 10 Bonus Points to use in the Rewards Page.
Using your Bonus Points in the Rewards Page WILL NOT deduct from your in-game gold.


Reward Distribution:

  • All items will be sent to your in-game mailbox.
  • Reward items will be sent within a few minutes to hours following the completion of the condition.
  • All items acquired will be bound.
  • Items will be sent to the character that made the purchase.



Prizes offered during this period: 

 Dreamchaser Pack Ticket: Get weapons, armor, flyers, and more for your Lv1-40 character. (Note: items will be bound to your character)

 Identity Stone: A stone which grants you the ability to change the name you were born with.

 Faction Rename Stone: Bring this stone to the Faction Supervisor in Archosaur to change your Faction's name.

 Platinum Guardian Charm Coupon: Receive a 30-day Platinum Guardian Charm.

 Platinum Spirit Charm Coupon: Receive a 30 day Platinum Spirit Charm.

 VIP Platinum Crown Ticket: Platinum Guardian Charm, and 90-day, time-limited King's Crown or Queen's Tiara.

 Profundity Scroll I Ticket: Increase EXP by 200,000 and Spirit by 45,600.

 War Avatar Pack S: Gain a random War Avatar from level B to S. EXP increased after being consumed: 7

 War Avatar Chest A:  This chest will grant you one A grade War Avatar. 100% success!

 Dragon Orb Ocean Ticket: Gain a Dragon Orb Ocean which has 100% chance to increase item refinement level by 1. Max level 10.

 War Avatar Chest S: This chest contains a S-grade War Avatar.

 Dragon Orb Mirage: Gain a Dragon Orb Mirage which has 100% chance to increase item refinement level by 1. Max level 11.

 Dragon Orb Flame: Gain a Dragon Orb Mirage which has 100% chance to increase item refinement level by 1. Max level 12.

 Crimson Fox Token :Gives a Crimson Fox mount.

 Shadow Fox Token: Gives a Shadow Fox mount.

 Inferno Lionlord Ticket: Gives an Inferno Lionlord mount.

 Songflow Ringstone: Used to produce weapons at Dustfall Forges.

 Kunwoo Blade: Used to produce weapons at Dustfall Forges.

 Strongwind Badge: Used to produce weapons at Dustfall Forges.

 Diamond of Dragon Ticket: [DEF] Grants gem that can be fused into Lv12+ gear.

 PW Holy Knight VIP Pack Card: Contains useful items such as Charms, Teleportation assistance items and more!

 Machinist Oil: Chance pack – has a chance to contain a Mechanical Lion mount.

 Professional Designgraph: Grants random Grade 2-6 Homestead Item Designgraph based on Mastery.

 Astrobana Pearl Lv1: Star Chart item for Astral Infusion.

 Astrobana Pearl Lv2: Star Chart item for Astral Infusion.

 Dragon Orb Pack: Gives random 3 to 10-star Dragon Orb.

 Drakeflame Stone Exchange: Grants gem that can be fused into Lv12+ gear

 Deity Code: [ATK] A gem filled with spiritual powers that can be fused with LV 13+ gear.

 Jade of Steady Defense Exchange:  [DEF] Grants gem that can be fused into Lv13+ gear.

 War Front Supply Pack: Grants Peripatetic Pill, Optimistic Pill, and Bloody Battle Gear Pack.

 Ether Jade x 10: Grants you 10x Ether Jade.

 Blood Spirit Stone x10: Grants you 10x Blood Spirit Stone.

 Gold-plated Iron x10: Grants you 10x Gold-plated Iron.


Remember : You only have until Wednesday, August 16th 2017(11:59PM PDT) to benefit from this incentive !


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