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PWI - 2012 Halloween Race Event!

By jameswang
Fri 26 Oct 2012 09:59:17 AM PDT

Place your bets! The Lil' Monsters' Derby is coming to PWI, where you can bet on the mini-beasts to win fun prizes and gain experience and spirit points! Keep reading for all the racy details!

Lil' Monsters' Derby (10/29 - 11/4 @ 1:30pm - 5:00pm server time daily).


1. Talk to Derby Demon Tabitha in Archosaur, located at (545 633), (531 649), or (559 671); she'll be available starting at 1:30pm, server time.


2. The first race of the day will start at 2:00pm, but be sure to place your bets before it starts!


3. 5 minutes before each race, you can choose which lil' monster will win by speaking with the Lil' Monster Drill Sergeant.


4. Watch the race, and wish your lil' monsters luck!


5. Interference with the lil' monsters will be strictly… ignored.


6. If your lil' monster wins, be sure to speak to him at the finish line to claim your winner's prize!


7. If your lil' monster loses, speak to the Lil' Monster Drill Sergeant to claim your consolation prize.


Note: The Lil' Monsters' Derby will run 3 times per day, so keep an eye on your system messages to see when the next race starts!


So what kind of prizes can you win? Well, each lil' monster offers a different reward! Try your luck and find out!




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