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Torchlight 3

State of the Game: Week 5

By A310yao | Thu 16 Jul 2020 12:00:00 PM PDT

State of the Game: Week 5

Early Access reward details and other things that make you go aww!

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Hello Torchlight fam! 


It’s officially been over a month since we released Torchlight 3 on Early Access, and while we are always excited to share the latest upcoming news, this week we wanted to take a bit of a break from our usual updates and highlight some of the other heroes that make this game possible.

Without further ado, a photo gallery and tribute of the pets, plants, and people who influence and support Torchlight 3’s development less... directly.






And while that is pawesomely adorable, we wouldn’t leave you without some sort of Torchlight 3 update or news; so in addition to the very important content above, we wanted to provide additional details about the incoming exclusive gifts. While we don’t have a specific date to mention yet, we do plan to release these gifts over the next few weeks/updates! Additionally, for those who had access (or should have) to previous Alpha/Extra Life gifts, those will be mailed out separately within the next few weeks as well.


Early Access Gifts

Players will receive this automatically when the gift / update is live if they purchased Torchlight 3 during Early Access.


Reignited Banner

Thank you gift for participation in Early Access, 2020.


Since Relics are receiving a major update, the Reliquary will no longer be used for storing Relics. This will now become an exclusive fort decoration for those who were around before Relics were cool...

A big shout out to all the pets, plants, and people in your life that make long days quicker, video games more fun to play, and in general, make it just a little bit easier for you to breathe each day. 

- Echtra Bean



We are always in a continuing process to scrub and review bugs that have been reported to our Support Center, but we wanted to highlight a few of the most critical, highly reported, and consistent issues players are still encountering and any updates we might have for those specific problems. This is not an exhaustive or complete list of reported issues.



CTRL + D copies your Debug information to your clipboard. Logs can be found in your %localappdata%\Frontiers\Saved\Logs windows folder. Please send logs and debug information to You can also post logs and details to any new or existing submissions here:

Occasionally bosses in Mapworks are dropping level 5 loot.

  • The team is investigating this and could use additional info - thank you for sending logs, posting debug info, and posting screenshots to Discord and by email!


Pets not attacking.

  • No updates at the moment, still investigating.


Achievements are triggering for players upon logging into the game for the first time.

  • We are aware of this issue and are investigating it further. We don’t have any further updates on whether these achievements will be removed at launch or not.


Teleporting to Fort should spawn you at the waypoint.

  • This is a good suggestion, we will implement in a future patch.


Ultrawide resolutions don’t fit perfectly.

  • We are continuing to work towards a UI scaling option within our settings menu. In the meantime we are reviewing various resolutions for more ways to improve those who have really big monitors.


It is not possible to disenchant Pet Collar and Pet Tag.

  • We have fixed this before, but player reports indicate the issue has come back. We are investigating.




The next big update is scheduled for next Tuesday (07/21/2020) and contains fixes for all of the following issues:


‘Rubberbanding’ and General Lag

  • We’ve addressed two of our biggest offenders in a recent hotfix, but we are testing and ready to push two additional fixes that we believe will help resolve the issues. After this fix goes out we will review feedback coming in about stability and determine what additional work can/should be done.
  • As always, if you continue to experience disconnects, lag, and connection issues, please send your logs and debug information (see above) to with an appropriate title for the problem.
  • Australian servers are not yet available, but we still plan to bring them online in a future patch.


Not enough quest items to complete quests.

  • Fixed known quests with too few drops. Keep letting us know about specific quests that may not have enough drops.


We are aware that some Mapworks are not producing an exit portal.

  • This appears to affect specific levels, which we have now been fixed in an upcoming update based on player submitted debug info. If you find more, please share the Ctrl-D from the location where the boss portal should have spawned, and we'll get it done!


We are aware that some Mapworks are not spawning bosses.

  • This is fixed for an upcoming update.


Some players are reporting getting stuck in loading screens while attempting to travel to Mapworks.

  • The team has a fix ready for a future update. Anytime you experience infinite loading screens, travel issues, connection problems, weird black screens, etc - please send us your debug info and logs (see details above) and we will try our best to do what we can to get the issue resolved.


When attempting to travel, players get stuck in a blue void.

  • We have a fix ready for an upcoming update.


Phasebeast Portals not returning you to your original location.

  • We have a fix for this coming in a future patch.


Multiple duplicate Fort Decorations cannot be deleted, sold, or removed from your inventory.

  • Quest rewards should no longer be giving fort items that are duplicates of Contract rewards. . For the moment,  you can create a new character, transfer the excess items to that character via the Shared Stash, and delete the new character to delete the items from your account. 

Resource Nodes stay on the map.

  • Fixed in a future patch. 


Boss Chests or Boss encounters are not dropping loot. /

  • Reported cases are fixed in the next patch. Let us know if additional bosses have this problem. 


Players are reporting invisible enemies.

  • Fixed in the next patch. 

You are teleported to the Guarded Path instead of Lake Gobdunk. /

  • Fixed in the next patch. 


Ember Cores have stopped dropping for some players.

  • This should not have occurred, but the good news is that Ember Cores will be removed from the game entirely in an upcoming patch due to the aforementioned updates to Relics. That’s one way to solve a problem!




Luck Tree is still not available to some players who may have deleted it or had their quest break.

  • If you are missing your Luck Tree Sprout, check your mailbox in the settings menu for mail! This message/item will expire on August, 2nd, 2020.

While trying to travel to or from the Fort, players report continuously DCing until they reboot or use Z to travel.

  • Hotfixed 7/9


Map incorrectly shows Bugswat Burrows connects to Protected Trail.

  • Hotfixed 7/9 




Unable to login to the game.

  • If you are having trouble logging into the game we have the following suggestions to try before sending us more info.
    • Are you connected to the internet and launching the game through the Steam library?
    • Have you rebooted the game, your PC, and verified the Steam files?
    • Are any 3rd party apps (like torrent software, anti-virus, firewalls, etc) or ISP blocking your connectivity or ports?
    • Is your clock properly set?
    • If you have confirmed all of the above and still haven’t been able to login, please send us your logs in an email and we will review the issue further.


Your bugs and feedback are greatly appreciated and can be posted on our Support Center at any time. We will continue to post updates and want to thank you again for the patience, reports, logs, and for stomping out our Goblin problem… (it’s kind of gotten out of control).



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