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Return to the Protector's Jubilee!

By Fero
Fri 14 Jun 2024 07:00:00 AM PDT

The denizens of Neverwinter are celebrating 11 years of not being razed to the ground by rampaging orcs, torched by marauding dragons, or devoured by hungry demons! It’s time for the Protector’s Jubilee!

The Protector’s Jubilee will begin on Thursday, June 20 at 7:30am PT
The Protector’s Jubilee will end on Thursday, June 27 at 7:30am PT

The Protector’s Jubilee is Neverwinter’s big anniversary event, when the city is decked in bunting and confetti floats on the breeze while performers juggle and breathe fire on the city streets.  The doors to the richly decorated Protector's Garden will open to all visitors during the event, but after the festivities, only those who have redeemed a Garden Key may enter.

Anniversary Events

During the anniversary, adventurers can partake in various events:

Daily Tasks – Elminster requests your help in getting Protector’s Enclave ready for the Anniversary celebrations! Each day of the event, Elminster will have a new quest from placing decorations to rousing the celebratory spirit among the locals. Miss a day? Don’t worry, Elminster will have work for you – the quests can be picked up at any time during the event but will be gone once the anniversary is over.

Elminster’s Messages – As part of Elminster Aumar’s visit to Protector’s Enclave, he is seeking the help of adventurers to deliver grim tidings to the Harper agents scattered across the Sword Coast. Players will travel to various zones to accomplish missions, speaking to Harpers in the field. Players will have a chance to receive two random quests based on their level. Completing the quest will grant you Protector’s Figurines that can be used to redeem Jubilee items in the event store.

Protector’s Speech Skirmish – Lord Neverember has taken this time of celebration to address the people of the city, but unsavory elements want to do anything they can to disrupt the speech. It is up to you to help prevent these creatures from disrupting this joyous occasion.

The Protector’s Speech is a scaling skirmish event that takes place in Protector’s Enclave. Each run, three randomized encounters will attack different parts of the city, and adventurers will have to defend the city and defeat the creatures. Defeat the hordes and you will be rewarded with many items including Neverwinter Renown. Players will be scaled to 40k item level for this event.

Escort missions – With Lord Neverember seeking new business opportunities, traders and merchants from across the Sword Coast are making their way to Neverwinter! Affordable goods and a boost to the coffers are vital so players must ensure that merchants reach Neverwinter unmolested. Protect the Foreign Merchant in Ebon Downs and the Whispering Caverns and earn Protector’s Bounty!

Guilds will also find traveling merchants coming to their Stronghold, who must be escorted safely through the surrounding lands. Guilds will have access to a series of temporary traders that can visit the Stronghold for 24 hours, providing valuable guild currencies for small contributions of wood, stone, metal, and food. There’s never been a better time to join a guild and help them grow!


Taking part in the event earns players the Protector’s Bounty—packs of items including Protector’s Figurines, Renown, and more. Players can also share gifts with one another by raising a toast to Neverember’s generosity in the form of the Protector’s Hospitality. The more of each item players use, the better the rewards become. Players can earn temporary discounts in other stores, novelty items, and much more, all free while the event is running. Protector’s Figurines and Renown can be used to purchase a variety of rewards!


Red Dragon Mount – A mighty red dragon – not a dragonnel, not a baby dragon, a dragon - has agreed to help your cause! Dare not anger it though, for it is no mere steed. It has merely allowed you to ride it. Grab the Grand Anniversary Quest and complete the daily Protector's Speech Skirmish quest five days to unlock this powerful ally!

Throne of Menzoberranzan – This magnificent replica throne was re-created by a master smith from tales heard in the Underdark. Its impressiveness makes you wonder if some embellishments were made.

Claim free items!

While this event is active, log in at least once per day and complete the Protector's Skirmish for the following number of days to be eligible for:

  • 1 day: Title: of the Realms
  • 3 days: Legendary Companion Choice Pack (with choice of Mystagogue, Lich, Pseudodragon, Abyssal Chicken, Icosahedron Ioun Stone, or 75 Companion Upgrade Tokens)
  • 5 days: 30 Days of Free VIP


  • Mount – Hand of Neverwinter – Show that you have the favor of Lord Neverember and the belief of the city, with this new mount that propels you across the battlefield as a shining beacon of Neverwinter itself.
  • Jubilee Unicorn – This majestic creature has been adorned with bright hues to honors the services of the heroes of Neverwinter!
  • Jubilee Parade Horse – Put yourself on a high horse with this decorated steed, which is trained to bear only the most noble of riders in majestic parades. Those who are privileged enough to ride this beauty will be rewarded with new, unique, and oh so fancy riding animations.
  • Traveling Entertainer – Every now and then you need a bit of entertainment along your travels through the Forgotten Realms.  The Traveling Entertainer is the perfect companion to lift your spirits and will also aid you in your battles with several fiery tricks.
  • Weapons of the Dragon Transmutes – Bring a bit of Draconic flair to your weapons with these transmutes!
  • Ceremonial Armor and Cloak – This four-piece transmutable armor set was fashioned after the anniversary banners that are hung all around Protector’s Enclave. The transmute armor and cloak items are available for each class.
  • Fancy Cloaks – With these fancy cloaks, you’ll be the talk of the town as you ride gallantly to Lord Neverember’s rescue. Choose between the Cloak of the Waterdhavian Open Lords, the Ceremonial Cloak of Neverember, the Cloak of the Guardian of Neverwinter, and the Lord Protector’s Ceremonial Cloak.
  • Vanity Pet: Mini Minotaur Companion! – The Mighty Minotaur is feared throughout the land, but perhaps he’s a touch less frightening when he’s pocket sized. Gain a new tiny friend to follow you around with this brand new Vanity Pet!
  • Cyclops War Drummer Companion – This cyclops finds simple joy in invigorating Jubilee revelers through the beat of a drum!
  • Keldegonian Explorer and Dwarven Commander Fashion Sets
  • Teensy Weensy Harper Agent Vanity Pet – A moving doll that resembles an agent of the Harpers!


  • Throne - Neverember’s Throne – Do you think you’d be a better lord of Neverwinter? Well, now’s your opportunity to at least prove you look the part. Take the Throne! No, really, take it with you. It’s yours now.
  • Thone of the Entwined Scales - Icyranthos and Decarythrix are two dragons raised together as hatchlings by the Cult of the Dragon. An unlikely friendship formed between the two, and they share a lair to this day.
  • Throne of the Archfey – Flanked by the untamable nature of the Feywild this throne represents the strength of the one that sits upon it.
  • Throne of the Vampire Lord – A luxurious plush throne perfect for sitting as you lord over your kingdom with a glass of blood red wine.
  • Throne of Celebration – This throne is conducive to celebratory thoughts of victories achieved. So have a seat, relax, and revel in the sound of trumpets and colorful confetti.
  • Throne of the Shadow Dragon – One does not simply sit on a throne! Intimidate those around you while relaxing in your new throne!
  • Throne of the Lion – You may never be on a throne overseeing Protector’s Enclave, but you can always pretend to with this fancy item.
  • Throne of Boo – A throne sculpted in honor of the unsung hero of the fight against Elemental Evil. With your own golden hamster guardians at your side, you’ll be the envy of all in Neverwinter.
  • Throne of the Gamemaster – This throne may not give you the powers of the great wizard Portobello DaVinci, but the gargoyle sculptures may serve as inspiration as you sit and ponder great adventures.

You can also receive the following from the Protector’s Bounty:

  • Volo’s Guide to Firebreathing – This item unlocks the “Firebreathing” emote
  • Jubilee Celebratory Feast – Set up a great feast in the Great Hall and celebrate with your guild!
  • Celebratory Confetti – A celebratory “popper” item that shoots confetti in all directions.  There’s also a chance for an Ancient Curio to be left behind, which can be taken to the Disheveled Madman for a reward.
  • Anniversary Ham – This slow cooked piece of ham increases maximum Block and Stamina for a half hour.
  • Elminster’s Lunchbox – A reward pack that contains random food items from events, including the Anniversary Ham. NOTE: We’ve added a new Lunchbox this year. Old lunchboxes have been renamed “Elminster's Vintage Lunchbox”, and contain the previous items. The new Elminster’s Lunchbox contains additional choices including the Fizzy Brew, Mochi, Niangao, Hot Wings, and Seed Breed.
  • Elminster’s Guide to Juggling – This item unlocks the “Juggle” emote.

ZEN Market

The Confetti Machination Mount is available in the Zen Market!

There are all kinds of rewards waiting for you so join Lord Neverember, Elminster, and all your fellow adventurers in Protector’s Enclave when the festivities commence to enjoy the eleventh annual Protector’s Jubilee!

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