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The Forgotten Kingdom DLC - Patch Notes

By Fero
Mon 22 Apr 2024 09:00:00 AM PDT

[ The Forgotten Kingdom DLC Launch ]

The wait is almost over, The Forgotten Kingdom DLC is available tomorrow, April 23rd! Uncover new secrets, traverse new dungeons, acquire powerful gear, meet unexpected allies and face new threats in your quest to return peace to the forgotten kingdom.

Introducing the Invoker Archetype!

Discover this brand-new Archetype and learn to manipulate Skills to your will. The Invoker draws upon the power of Yaesha to benefit their team, debuff enemies, and prove a valuable addition to any Archetype combination.

The Forgotten Kingdom storyline is automatically woven into all new campaigns!

If you wish to experience The Forgotten Kingdom right out of the box, head to “Adventure Mode” from the Ward 13 Worldstone and select “One Shot”. As with the original DLC, this will populate your Adventure with DLC content, allowing you quicker access to the newest quests, NPCs, enemies, and of course, loot!

[ Overview ]

Along with The Forgotten Kingdom DLC, this update brings a massive amount of balance adjustments across the board.

Our goal regarding balance has always been to provide more build options and facilitate as much player creativity as we can. We’ve gone through almost every aspect of our gear options to strengthen the foundation that every player build relies upon. We hope the changes inspires you to try crazy new builds combinations and experience all the new content we are proud to share with you.

We look forward to hearing from you on our Official Discord, watching your videos and clips, and of course, reading your posts and comments everywhere and anywhere we can. Player feedback is a big deal to us at both Gunfire Games and Arc Games. We absolutely appreciate the Remnant community and the dedication and love you show to the game, so this mega balance update is for you!

Welcome to the Jungle!

- Gunfire Games & Arc Games

[ General ]

= Performance =
- Added support for DLSS 3.7 and XeSS 1.3.

DEV NOTE: These options are now available in the settings menu.

= Quality of Life =
- Added cross platform friend invites and joining in-game.
- Added an FOV modifier to console versions of the game.

[ UI ]

- Fixed an issue where sometimes, certain items could not be equipped or unequipped without closing and reopening the inventory
- Fixed an issue where Tutorial pop-up about Downgrading was incorrect
- Fixed an issue where Weapon tooltips would not display RPS information correctly
- Fixed an issue where the name of a spectator disappeared after a zone change
- Fixed an issue where UI would display at max size while in downed state.
- Fixed an issue where Rewards for defeating Annihilation would show up behind the credits screen if players skipped final game cinematic.

DEV NOTE: Items were always being rewarded; however, the UI toasts were hidden.

[ Player ]

= General =
- Adjusted Melee Window after exiting a ladder (sooner)
- Increased Buffer Window for Melee after all Forward Evades
- Increased Buffer Window for Melee after Ultra Heavy Neutral Evade
- Increased Buffer Window for Melee after Omen Dash
- Increased Buffer Window for Melee after Mist Step
- Increased Movement Speed Cap from 150% to 200% (Sprint, Jog, Crouch, ADS)

DEV NOTE: General QOL cleanup. Buffering a Melee Attack out of any Evade should feel much more responsive. Same for exiting a ladder.

= Bleed Status Effect =
- VS Player: Properly halves healing when Triage is active
- VS Enemies: Reduces Empathy and Regenerator Effectiveness by 50%

DEV NOTE: Added counterplay to certain boss affixes that work the same way they do against the player. Play smart!

= Slow Status Effect =
- Enabled Interactions with items that require “Negative Status Effects” to trigger
- Does not count as an “Elemental Status Effect”

DEV NOTE: Added another way to trigger items that are looking for Status Effects by making this one of our “core statuses” (Bleed, Burning, Overloaded, Corroded, Slow).

= Exposed Debuff =
- Increases Incoming Damage by 15% from all sources

DEV NOTE: This is now a static value in singleplayer and multiplayer. No longer variable based on number of players in the game. We are considering making Expose a multiplicative debuff, but wanted see how this version performs at scale, first.

= Shooting Range =
- Increased the active “Infinite Ammo/Damage” trigger volume
- Added Mod Charges and Skill Charges to trigger volume
- Fixed the DPS Meter from disappearing when certain damage values were reached

DEV NOTE: Casting Mods that push you out of the trigger volume made it hard to get solid DPS numbers. You now have more room behind to move about and get pushed back, but some things (like double Concussive Shot) will still push you out. We left some room so you could easily reset the tracker. Time to test Big Bang DPS! Oh yea, the refresh trigger volume also refills Mod and Skill Charges.

[ Enemies ]

= Roaming Aberration Spawns =
- Spawn Rate has been increased on lower difficulties.

DEV NOTE: We doubled the spawn rate on Survivor and increased it slightly less on all difficulties other than Apocalypse which is still 50% chance. To clarify, Apocalypse still has the highest chance to spawn Roaming Aberrations.

= Fae Knights =
- Fixed an issue causing Fae Knights to teleport to their deaths

DEV NOTE: Dummies.

[ Traits ]

= General =
Some small Trait balancing and reworking here. Dark Pact was swapped to Grey Health Conversion instead of reducing the Grey Regeneration rate. We also restructured Swiftness to contain Wayfarer, and Amplitude to contain Resonance. With these updates, there should be some additional exciting choices to be made.

= Dark Pact =
- Changed from Reduced Grey Health Regen to Grey Health Conversion Rate

DEV NOTE: We found the original design of Dark Pact to be too niche. Changing it to Grey Health Conversion Rate gives it more overall interactions, especially with many of the updated and new gear items.

= Glutton =
- Increased Max Value from 30% to 35%

= Handling =
- Reduced Max Value from 40% to 30%

DEV NOTE: Spread Reduction was still a bit too high across the board, so we made a few adjustments to most related items and perks, Handling included.

= Wayfarer =
- Removed Trait
- Combined Bonus with Swiftness Trait

DEV NOTE: While we will all miss Wayfarer as a standalone Trait, a new Trait can be obtained in its place. Head back to the original reward location and grab it!

= Swiftness =
- Added Wayfarer Bonuses

DEV NOTE: The original values of Wayfarer have been fully rolled into Swiftness. This means that +10 Swiftness is now equivalent to +10 Swiftness and +10 Wayfarer.

= Resonance =
- Removed Trait
- Combined Bonus with Amplitude Trait

DEV NOTE: A new Trait is now rewarded in Resonance’s place. Adventure once again to claim the new prize and perhaps it will enhance your next build!

= Amplitude =
- Added Resonance Bonus (same original Resonance 50% bonus)

DEV NOTE: Just like Swiftness and Wayfarer combo, you can now get both AOE and AURA bonus from a single trait, Amplitude!

[ Archetypes ]

= Hunter =
- Prime: Melee Weakspot Hits also extend Skill Duration
- Skill: Hunter’s Focus: Added 0.75s Grace Period when leaving ADS
- Skill: Hunter’s Focus: Removed Critical Bonus
- Mark (General): Reduced Critical Chance Bonus from 15% to 10%

DEV NOTE: Hunter Critical Chance with Mark gives a steady advantage over every other Archetype due to its multiplicative nature. Base amount was reduced, and the bonus during Hunter’s Focus was removed following the new addition of the Grace Period to help maintain uptime. Their total Ranged and Weakspot Modifier keep them ahead of the pack as the go-to precision-based class. 

= Challenger =
- Skill: Rampage: Reduced initial Rampage Fire Rate from 15% to 10%
- Skill: Rampage: Adjusted Melee Window after Berserk activation (sooner)
- Perk: Reduced All Critical Chance from 10% to 5%

DEV NOTE: Critical Chance wasn’t tapering off like the Damage does. After reassessing the strength of 10% All Crit only being on Challenger, we reduced it to 5% but always enabled it for any range (Damage still tapers off). For Rampage, it has been overperforming for quite a while. The Fire Rate reduction should smooth it out while allowing it to remain incredibly strong – capable of monster damage.

= Medic =
- Perk: Benevolence: Fixed an issue causing Benevolence from working consistently

DEV NOTE: Still Medic. Still good!!! =)

= Handler =
- Increased Armor of Very Good Boy (50% DR)
- Companion Bleed no longer counts as a separate “unique” Bleed
- Fixed an issue preventing petting Very Good Boy while wearing Atonement Fold

DEV NOTE: V.G.B. got a bit tougher. Also, not being able to pet Very Good Boy is inexcusable, but we will do better in the future!

= Gunslinger =
- Prime: Casting a Skill while ammo buff is active will properly refresh its duration
- Skill: Quickdraw: No longer consumes excess Skill cooldown
- Skill: Sidewinder: Increased Duration from 12s to 60s
- Skill: Sidewinder: Reduced Cooldown from 80s to 50s
- Skill: Sidewinder: Obtaining Ammo reduces Duration by 10s
- Skill: Sidewinder: Reduced Swap Speed Bonus from 50% to 35%

DEV NOTE: Sidewinder has been the single most powerful skill in the entire game since launch. However, since it required quite a bit of skill and dexterity to play perfectly, it ended up being used by only the top 0.01% of players. Additionally, it was generally only useful with single-shot weapons due to the short duration. With this change, the hardcore players can still enjoy the “swapper” playstyle, and everyone else can utilize the excellent ADS Movement Speed buffs and still have plenty of time to utilize the free reloads. Sidewinder will not subtract duration if a Swap does not grant ammo.

= Summoner =
- Prime: Ruthless: Sacrificing Enraged Minions deals more damage based on their HP
- Changed Flyer Sacrifice Projectiles from Skill to Skill+Explosive
- Reduced Flyer Sacrifice Projectile Damage to compensate for 2x DMG Types
- Increased Armor of Minion: Hollow & Minion: Flyer (40% DR)
- Increased Armor of Minion: Reaver (50% DR)
- Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Minions to despawn when using yellow doors

DEV NOTE: In the previous build, Sacrifice causes Minion Explosions to deal more damage the lower their Health was. This has been reversed, so you no longer risk losing them to normal damage. All Minions are a bit tougher as well. This is a hidden interaction and not listed on the Tool Tip, but it is intentional.

= Alchemist =
- Skill: All Vials: Fixed an issue preventing proper cooldown behavior

DEV NOTE: Occasionally, Vials could get stuck in their Cooled Down State.

= Engineer =
- Adjusted All Turrets Base Critical Damage from 110% to 150%
- Increased Armor of all Turrets (50% DR)
- Reduced Movement Speed Cap of Heavy Carry Modes from 200% to 150%
- Metalworker: Reduced Ranged/Skill Critical Chance from 10% to 5%
- Skill: Vulcan: Increased Turret Mode Damage from 0.4 to 0.5 of Carry Damage
- Skill: Flamethrower: Increased Burn from 50 over 10s to 150 over 10s
- Skill: Flamethrower: Increased Ammo Cost of Turret Mode from 10 to 15
- Trait Loadout: Shifted -1 Expertise to +1 Endurance

DEV NOTE: Fixed the Critical Damage discrepancy of Turret Damage compared to other sources. We are looking into potentially looking at allowing Turrets to take some of the Engineer’s stats. For now, this should give a little more power.

= Archon =
- Prime: Removed Mod Generation Percentage Bonus
- Prime: Increased the Max Level Base Mod Generation from 3/6 to 15/30
- Spirit Within: Removed reference to Mod Power Refund over time
- Power Leak: Reduced Base Gain from 200 to 100
- Skill: Reality Rune: Added Automatic Mod Generation while inside Dome
- Skill: Chaos Gate: Damage Dealt/Taken Debuff Grants Stacks (up to 50x)
- Skill: Chaos Gate: Reduced Total Damage Buff from 50% to 35%
- Skill: Chaos Gate: Reduced Bonus Mod Generation from 20% to 5%
- Skill: Havoc Form: Increased Speed of Entering/Exiting
- Skill: Havoc Form: Cancelling Havoc Form refunds some Skill Cooldown
- Skill: Havoc Form: Reduced Cost of Blink
- Skill: Havoc Form: Reduced Cost of Shield
- Skill: Havoc Form: Increased Base Movement Speed
- Skill: Havoc Form: Increased Firing Movement Speed
- Skill: Havoc Form: Enabled momentum to continue during Havoc End
- Skill: Havoc Form: Sped up recovery of Havoc End (can move/act faster)

DEV NOTE: Archon has received some significant changes. The original Prime was generating far too much Mod Power compared to every other source while the ticking Mod Generation was falling flat. We’ve made some large changes to how the Archon generates Mod Power now by drastically increasing the Ticking Rate and giving Reality Rune a lot more utility as well. Havoc also received quite a few changes which now allow it to stay active longer, feel more responsive, and get back into the action quicker after cancelling it, due to the Skill CD refund mechanic.

= Invader =
- S.H.A.R.K: Stacks are properly removed when unequipping Archetype
- S.H.A.R.K: Fixed an issue preventing Stacks while sprinting with a Heavy Weapon
- Skill: Worm Hole: Procs “Perfect Dodge/Evade” Bonuses
- Skill: Worm Hole: Fixed an issue causing clipping errors when interacting with ladders

DEV NOTE: We have some plans to give Invader some additional love in the future. For now, we fixed a couple bugs and made Worm Hole trigger Perfect Dodge actions. This should open the Skill up for more interesting combinations.

= Explorer =
- Starting Melee Weapon changed to Shovel

DEV NOTE: We will keep a close eye on this change. If the Shovel proves to be TOO powerful, we will take appropriate action! It’s a Shovel.

= Ritualist =
- Wrath: Fixed an issue preventing Skill / Mod Summons from getting Damage Bonus
- Wrath: Reduced Critical Chance from 10% to 5%
- Skill: Eruption: Increased Base Cooldown 30s to 40s
- Skill: Eruption: Added Interaction with Slow
- Skill: Eruption: No longer requires Line of Sight to spread Vile
- Skill: Miasma: Reduced Base Damage from 500 to 300
- Skill: Deathwish: Increased Damage Bonus from 35% to 50%
- Skill: Deathwish: Now affected by Skill Duration Bonuses
- Trait Loadout: Shifted -1 Endurance to +1 Spirit

DEV NOTE: Mostly smoothing out the rough edges here. Eruption gained a new interaction with SLOW and properly spreads Vile. Miasma Damage was reduced to bring it in line with other Skills. Deathwish received a nice damage boost. The goal was to make all 3 Skills appealing choices instead of just one.

[ Melee Weapons ]

= Assassin’s Dagger =
- Always deals Weakspot damage from behind enemy
- Removed additional damage buff when attacking Bleeding targets.
- Reduced base damage from 41 to 35.

DEV NOTE: We wanted this to feel a bit more assassinish. Give it a try!

= World’s Edge =
- Reduced Abnormally High Impact/Stagger Scalar
- Reduced Base Damage on Wave
- Reduced Critical Chance from 6% to 3%

DEV NOTE: The Impact Scalar was always meant to be –20% (0.8) but it was set at 1.8, which made this already mega-strong weapon, even stronger. It’s now fixed. The rest of the tweaks are to bring it more in line with other options, however, because of how it functions, it will always be a very desirable weapon.

= Spectral Blade =
- Fixed an issue that prevented certain attacks from triggering Disengage Mutator

= Stonebreaker =
- Reduced Impact Scalar from 10% to 5%
- Removed Double Damage Stacking on Charge Attacks

DEV NOTE: Melee Weapons with special Charge Attacks always deal less damage on the physical part of the Attack – except Stonebreaker. This has been fixed.

= Atom Splitter =
- Increased Weakspot Modifier from 90% to 95%
- Increased Critical Chance from 5% to 6%
- Increased Impact Scalar from 6% to 7%
- Increased Projectile Width of Neutral Backdash Charge Attacks

DEV NOTE: Just a slight buff all around to make this weapon more appealing.

= Hero’s Sword =
- Reduced Stamina Cost for Charge Swing / Projectile
- Reduced Minimum Stamina Required to Fire Projectile

DEV NOTE: A cool weapon that was charging the players extra Stamina when it was not required. This change should make it more appealing to fans of the original!

= Huntress Spear =
- Adjusted Charge / Release Window to be earlier
- Increased Weakspot Modifier from 100% to 110%
- Reduced Critical Chance from 6% to 5%

DEV NOTE: In a world with Krell Axe, a secondary option is appreciated. We made a few tweaks to give the Huntress Spear a bit more purpose (and feel).

= Smolder =
- Increased Burning Damage from 150 to 200 over 5s

DEV NOTE: A small tweak to give it a bit more burnination!

[ Standard Guns ]

= General =
While there are some very strong Standard Guns (those with swappable Mods), a few were falling behind regarding burst damage, total damage potential, or even just their overall feel. These changes are to bring them closer together and smooth out any rough edges that a few of them may have had.

= Repeater =
- Increased Magazine Size from 15 to 20
- Increased Fire Rate from 7.5 to 8.1

DEV NOTE: An excellent sidearm that often fell to the wayside when compared against some of the stronger options. It’s a bit quicker with a bit more sustain.

= MP40-R =
- Increased Reserves by 42 (+1 Magazine)

DEV NOTE: Moar Bulletz.

= Silverback Model 500 =
- Increased Cylinder Capacity from 5 to 6
- Increased Total Ammo from 40 to 48

DEV NOTE: Even though back in the days, some gunslingers often left one chamber clear for safety, we’ve decided to remove all restraints. A little extra kick and a bit more total damage will come in handy. Don’t shoot your eye out!

= Sureshot =
- Increased Damage from 105 to 110
- Increased Total Ammo from 21 to 24
- Increased Reload Speed

DEV NOTE: A few minor tweaks to bring this weapon up to par. Already decently strong, it packs a bit more punch now.

= Tech 22 =
- Increased Reserves by 60 (+2 Magazines)
- Increased Reload Speed

DEV NOTE: Moar Bulletz... and a nice reload buff!

= Service Pistol =
- Increased Magazine Size from 9 to 10
- Increased Reload Speed

DEV NOTE: Small quality of life changes.

= Western Classic =
- Increased Reserves by +6
- Increased Damage from 32 to 36
- Increased Fire Rate from 5 to 5.8
- Increased Reload Speed

DEV NOTE: A handful of changes to keep the Western Classic competitive. It was already a solid Handgun with excellent burst, now it has a bit more of everything!

= Double Barrel =
- Reduced Damage from 110 to 105
- Reduced Fire Rate from 2.3 to 2.25
- Slightly reduced reload speed (~5%)
- Increased Minimum Falloff from 7m to 8m

DEV NOTE: No major tunes outside of just bringing the Double Barrel more in line with its counterparts. Still packs a punch and gains a small range boost to compensate.

= Rupture Cannon =
- Increased Ideal Range from 13m to 14m
- Reduced Fire Rate from 3.1 to 2.75
- Reduced Recoil per shot
- Reduced Spread when not moving
- Increased Spread slightly when moving
- Significantly Increased Reload Speed

DEV NOTE: To make Rupture Cannon stand out in a sea of incredible Handguns, we increased the range and gave it a bonus for standing still. We also boosted the reload speed, recoil, and accuracy (the latter when standing still).

= Bolt Driver =
- Increased Fire Rate from 7.4 to 7.63
- Increased Projectile Speed from 12000 to 15000

DEV NOTE: The increased projectile speed makes this weapon more viable for longer range shots, and the fire range gives it a little more pep.

= Huntmaster =
- Increased Reserves by +7 (1 Magazine)
- Split Fire & Bolt Action Animations to allow faster Shoot > Move behavior

DEV NOTE: This change allows the player to release ADS and move right after the fire completes. They are no longer locked out while performing the bolt-action.

= Wrangler (Lever Action) =
- Increased Reserves by +10
- Reduced Horizontal Recoil
- Reduced Vertical Recoil
- Increased Recoil Recovery Rate

DEV NOTE: More Reserve Ammo. Better Accuracy. Enjoy.

= Pulse Rifle =
- Significantly Reduced Horizontal Recoil
- Slightly Increased Vertical Recoil

DEV NOTE: The Pulse Rifle was already a solid weapon. The accuracy was increased to help give it more of a unique flavor.

= Widowmaker =
- Increased Reload Speed

DEV NOTE: One of the main pain points with the Widowmaker was slow reload... so we sped it up a bit. A heavy hitter that may find its way into more builds.

= Crossbow =
- Increased Damage from 115 to 120
- Increased Weakspot Modifier from 110% to 115%
- Increased Firing Sequence Speed
- Reduced Time to Ready (Fire Slightly Sooner)
- Increased Reload Speed

DEV NOTE: Crossbow has been an underutilized weapon for a while. The overall damage boost and all-around handling increase give it new life.

= Royal Bow =
- Increased Fire Rate from 4.3 to 5.3
- Reduced Time to Charge Perfect Shot
- Increased Reload Speed

DEV NOTE: To help separate each bow, the Royal Bow has become THE speed shooter option. It’s faster in almost every aspect.

= Sparkfire =
- Slightly reduced fire rate from 1.4 to 1.3
- Slightly reduced Reload Speed

DEV NOTE: Minor tweaks here, as we want to keep the identity and power of Sparkfire, while bringing it more in line with other options.

[ Special Guns ]

= Hellfire =
- MOD: Increased Base Damage from 155 to 175
- MOD: Increased Fire DOT from 100 Damage over 5s to 250 Damage over 10s

DEV NOTE: While we have some additional plans for Hellfire, we first wanted to help separate some of the “Explosive Shot” style Mods. We made the Fire Proc hit harder and increased the total Burning Damage (both Total and DPS).

= Rune Pistol =
- Increased Damage from 15 to 16
- Increased Reload Speed
- Reduced Horizontal Recoil
- MOD: Forces Auto Reload on activate if any rounds are available

DEV NOTE: A bit more damage, an accuracy boost, and a QOL buff when activating the MOD. This should make for a more appealing burst option in the Handgun slot, especially when in more of a support role.

= Corrupted Rune Pistol =
- Increased Damage from 16 to 17
- Reduced Horizontal Recoil
- MOD: Forces Auto Reload on activate if any rounds are available

DEV NOTE: Similar buffs to the regular Rune Pistol so it doesn't fall behind.

= Meridian =
- Fixed an issue preventing Meridian from dealing damage over long distances

DEV NOTE: This is not something most people ever ran into. Bug fix.

= Sorrow =
- Increased Projectile Speed from 12000 to 13500
- Increased Primary Falloff Range from 18m to 19m
- Reduced Horizontal Recoil

DEV NOTE: Simple Quality of Life tweaks to smooth out weapon performance and to make it more viable at slightly farther distances.

= Corrupted Sorrow =
- Increased Projectile Speed from 9500 to 11500
- Increased Fire Rate from 2.3 to 2.6
- Reduced Horizontal Recoil
- Slightly Reduced Reload Speed
- MOD: Removed Ranged Scaling from Mod Damage

DEV NOTE: Mostly Quality of Life, but also a fix to address the wild Mod scaling. The speed and accuracy increases will help take down targets are father range.

= Corrupted Nebula =
- Increased Wisp Speed from 800 to 1600

DEV NOTE: The travel time on Nanobots was often eating up some of its active time so we made sure it could get to its targets sooner.

= Star Shot =
- Increased Reload Speed
- MOD: Reduced Mod Requirement from 630 to 420

DEV NOTE: You and your team are definitely gonna die. Good luck.

= Cube Gun =
- Increased Projectile Speed from 4000 to 6500
- Moved the “Callback” trigger earlier in the Manual Reload animation
- No longer triggers “Reload” behaviors when projectiles return to weapon
- MOD: Fixed an issue preventing some player projectiles from penetrating Cube

DEV NOTE: The Cube Gun is quite powerful when you are in a situation that makes it hard to miss rounds (point blank). However, once one or two go flying off into the distance, you are at quite a disadvantage. We made a few adjustments so that when you do lose a round or two, you can get them back faster.

= Corrupted Cube Gun =
- Reduced Heat per Shot from 0.2 to 0.1975
- Reduced Windup Time from 0.5s to 0.35s
- Increased Heat Reduction Rate from 0.45 to 0.50 per second
- Reduced Heat Reduction Decay from 0.1 to 0.05
- Reduced Secondary Falloff Range from 40m to 35m
- Adjusted Projectile Hitbox for more accurate contact
- MOD: Increased Heat Reduction from 15% to 20%
- MOD: Increased Heat Reduction Rate from 50% to 75%
- MOD: Fixed alignment to player instead of world space

DEV NOTE: Look. It’s just better all around. Maybe too good... but it shoots Cubes, and that’s all that really matters.

= Anguish =
- Reduced Base Damage from 105 to 92
- Reduce Charge Time to Perfect Shot
- Reduced Ideal Range from 18m to 16m
- MOD: Forces Auto Reload on activate if any rounds are available
- MOD: Increased Mod Requirement from 500 to 915
- MOD: Adjusted low health damage boost curve
- MOD: Added text regarding damage bonus to lower HP enemies
- MOD: Fixed improper scaling of Explosive Damage modifiers

DEV NOTE: Anguish was clearly outperforming most guns in the game and the goal here was to dial it back a bit while making the Charge Shot more rewarding. The Mod retains its Damage Bonus to weaker targets, while the inconsistent Explosive Damage scaling was fixed. Overall, a bit weaker but still incredibly strong.

= Sagittarius =
- MOD: Refactored to allow Stars to “pulse” damage in the entire AOE

DEV NOTE: Much more viable for hitting grounded targets. However, you may find it trickier to deal with pesky flying enemies. Primary fire will work!

= Merciless =
- Increased Projectile Speed from 5000 to 7500
- Greatly increased Reload Speed
- Increased Speed of Reticle Compression (Activate Bleed Sooner)
- Reduced Bleed Damage from 250 to 200
- MOD: Increased Cost from 315 to 500

DEV NOTE: The Projectile Speed increase makes the gun feel more accurate at longer ranges, and the quicker Reticle Compression Speed allows the Bleed to take hold quite a bit earlier. Reload is a win for anyone that loves this weapon. The MOD, however, was a bit too low-cost for how much damage it was dealing.

= Corrupted Merciless =
- Increased Weakspot Bonus Damage from 100% to 105%
- MOD: Changed to require 3 WS hits before reloading instead of in a row
- MOD: Fixed an issue causing incorrect interactions with extended Magazine Size

DEV NOTE: A tricky weapon to balance, specifically regarding the MOD. No longer do you need to hit 3 Weakspot Hits in a row, but simply, 3 Weakspots before actually reloading. This means that Extender or Bandit can give you some leeway should you miss, if you still get those 3 total Weakspot hits in. We will keep a close eye on Corrupted Merciless and make additional adjustments where necessary.

= Nightfall =
- Increased Projectile Speed from 10000 to 13500
- Reduced Damage from 31 to 28
- Increased Fire Rate from 4.35 to 5.25 (Overall DPS Increase)
- Increased Magazine Capacity from 10 to 13
- Increased Total Ammo from 90 to 117

DEV NOTE: While the Base Damage is lower, the Fire Rate is quicker. This is an overall DPS increase and helps make the gun feel more responsive.

= Twisted Arbalest =
- Slightly Increased Reload Speed

DEV NOTE: Simple QOL. Not a game changer... but feels nice.

= Corrupted Twisted Arbalest =
- Lowered Reserves by 8 (-1 Magazine)

DEV NOTE: Was dealing too much Total Ammo Damage when considering reserves, bounce, and explosions. Minor change to bring it in line.

= Deceit =
- MOD: Added Melee Damage to Ring Swords and Thrown Swords
- MOD: Increased Damage of Single Thrown Swords from 100 to 125 each
- MOD: Reduced Damage of Charge Thrown Swords from 125 to 50
- MOD: Reduced Proximity Ring Sword Damage from 35 to 25
- MOD: Added clarification text for Charge Melee Fragment debuff

DEV NOTE: While we have some additional plans for Deceit in the future, these changes were made to make the “full loop” playstyle more rewarding and to make Melee Mod Generation and trigger options more viable.

= Corrupted Deceit =
- MOD: Added Melee Damage to Sawblade

DEV NOTE: Same Melee Damage change as regular Deceit.

= Monarch =
- MOD: Properly Scales with Mod Duration Bonuses

DEV NOTE: The King doesn’t really need any more wins...

= Plasma Cutter =
- Slightly Reduced Heat Buildup per Pulse/Shot
- Increased Weakspot Modifier from 75% to 80%
- Lowered Reserves by 100 (-1 Magazine)
- Added a slight Heat Decay Delay after firing

DEV NOTE: When comparing all weapons, Plasma Cutter was dealing over 40% more Total Damage due to its ramping nature and total amount of reserves. The change brings it to about about 10% more total damage. The Burst DPS and Sustain DPS have not changed at all. We also adjusted the Heat buildup so wearing Microcompressor will allow a full Magazine to be spent without overheating on the final shot.

= Savior =
- Lowered Base Damage from 72 to 50
- Increased Perfect Charge Modifier from 2.3x (166) to 3.4x (170)
- Increased Overcharge Modifier from 1.85x (133) to 2.65x (133)
- Increased Fire Rate from 1.9 to 2.1
- Increased Reload Speed
- Reduced Reserves by 6 (-1 Magazine)
- MOD: Removed Weakspot / Kill Requirement for Fragments

DEV NOTE: Basic Uncharged (mash) Damage has been reduced but compensated for with the increase to Perfect and Overcharge modifiers. The Total Ammo Damage was too high without investment. Reload Speed and Fire Rate increases as a trade-off for losing some reserves. A highly-rewarding weapon.

= Corrupted Savior =
- Reduced Magazine Size from 50 to 40
- Reduced Total Ammo from 300 to 200
- Increased Base Fire Rate from 3.0 to 3.15
- Reduced Max Fire Rate at Full Mod Power
- Reduced Horizontal Recoil
- Reduced Vertical Recoil
- Increased Reload Speed
- Added New Reticle for Clarity
- MOD: Reduced Mod Cost from 400 to 330 Per Charge
- MOD: Added Activate Animation
- MOD: Increased Fire Speed by 300%
- MOD: Now Reloads 20% Primary Ammo per Charge consumed
- MOD: Added new Reticle for Clarity

DEV NOTES: This bad boy came out of the gates SUPER HOT, heavily overperforming in most categories except MOD. We wanted more back and forth between Primary Fire and the MOD so we made a few adjustments to make casting it more appealing. You can now build up the MOD much quicker, fire it faster, and reload Ammo back into the Primary Magazine based on charges spent. Another weapon we will be keeping a close eye on for future adjustments.

= Aphelion =
- Enabled Full Auto Fire
- Significantly increased the Width of Primary Fire Wave
- Increased Vertical Thickness of Wave
- Adjusted VFX to better sync with Hits
- Increased Primary Fire Projectile Speed from 2000 to 3000
- Removed almost all Recoil on Wave
- Removed All Aim Assist on Wave
- MOD: Increased Collision Size on Orb
- MOD: Reduced Recovery on Fire
- MOD: Increased Deactivation Speed (Manual & Post Fire)
- MOD: Increased Projectile Speed from 350 to 850
- MOD: Generates 1 Primary Ammo on Fire

DEV NOTE: This is basically all Quality of Life. We made a handful of changes to really push Aphelion towards its intended purpose. It’s an excellent crowd control weapon and it deals solid damage to single targets as well. Activating the Mod generates 1 Primary Ammo instead of reloading from Reserves. This allows the Supernova to always be destroyed by the Primary Fire.

= Corrupted Aphelion =
- Increased Magazine Size from 6 to 8
- Reduced Total Ammo from 48 to 40
- Increased Primary Fire Projectile Speed from 2000 to 4500
- Increased Damage from 21 to 33 (63 > 99 Total Damage)
- Reduced Fire Rate from 2.2 to 1.45
- Increased Reload Speed
- Reduced Vertical and Horizontal Recoil
- Increased Vertical Thickness of Wave
- MOD: Reduced Recovery on Fire
- MOD: Increased Deactivation Speed (Manual & Post Fire)
- MOD: Made Orb Spread consistent 
- MOD: Increased Base Explosion Damage from 50 to 75
- MOD: Increased Base Explosion Range from 1m to 1.25m
- MOD: Increased Secondary Explosion Damage from 100 to 150
- MOD: Increased Secondary Explosion Range from 2m to 2.75m
- MOD: Reduced Fire Damage from 350 to 200
- MOD: Increase Mod Cost from 850 to 1000
- MOD: Increased Projectile Speed from 350 to 500
- MOD: Generates 1 Primary Ammo on Fire

DEV NOTE: To better separate Corrupted Aphelion from the original, we re-tuned many of the values to give it more of a “laser shotgun” feel. It hits harder and faster. More importantly, the MOD has been overhauled. It’s now much easier to exploit the chain reaction of Micronova and the behavior of the orbs is much more consistent. Activating the Mod also generates 1 Primary Ammo like Regular Aphelion.

= Alpha / Omega =
- Reduced Windup Time from 0.5s to 0.25s
- Reduced Base Damage from 15 to 14 (Max 23 to 21)
- Lowered Fire Rate from 2.0 to 1.87
- Increased Reload Speed
- Greatly Reduced Horizontal Recoil
- Reduced Vertical Recoil
- Fixed an issue causing lower damage when Charge Speed was greatly reduced
- MOD: Increased Projectile Speed from 4000 to 10000
- MOD: Beta Ray detonation is prioritized over Reload

DEV NOTE: Faster Windup makes Alpha / Omega more responsive as soon as you start firing it. To compensate, base damage was slightly lowered, but total damage has been increased due to the Windup and the faster Reload. To make detonation of Beta Ray more fluid, it will always take priority over Reloading if there are any to be detonated. This means that even if Alpha / Omega is missing ammo in the magazine, detonation will always occur first, thus requiring a second button press for reloading. This also means that detonation can be done without forcing a reload when you don’t want it.

= Starkiller =
- Reduced Horizontal Recoil
- Reduced Vertical Recoil
- Adjusted Reticle to better represent actual accuracy
- Greatly Reduced Spread while Stationary
- Significantly Increased Spread while Moving
- Greatly Reduced Vertical Recoil when Scoped
- MOD: Drastically Increased Fire Speed
- MOD: Reduced Buildup time from 5s to 4s
- MOD: Increased Damage from 250/200 to 375/250
- MOD: Reworked Behavior so it properly affects all non-Boss enemies
- MOD: Forces Auto Reload on activate if any rounds are available
- MOD: Shrunk reticle slightly for clarity
- MOD: Adjusted Explosion VFX for a bit more punch
- MOD: Adjusted Explosion SFX for added cool factor

DEV NOTE: Starkiller (Particle Accelerator in R1) has always been a fan favorite, but it wasn't performing up to par. The changes to the Primary Fire are for quality of life and feel. The changes to the MOD, however, were made with the goal of returning Starkiller to its’ former glory... or at least close (It was pretty crazy, before!).

= Repulsor =
- Greatly increased Reload Speed
- MOD: Reduced Mod Power Cost from 500 to 250
- MOD: Disabled Deactivation Animation after firing Mod
- MOD: Lowered Charges from 3 to 1
- MOD: Fixed an issue preventing Mod Charge Bar from displaying properly after use

DEV NOTE: The Reload Speed was the biggest pain point for most players. The MOD 
was changed to 1 Charge, but it also builds much faster. The purpose of this change was to let you Banish and return to the action more seamlessly. We also enabled it to skip the MOD Deactivate upon firing Banish for responsiveness.

= Sporebloom =
- Increased Fire Rate from 1.55 to 1.95
- Reduced Secondary Falloff from 30m to 25m
- MOD: Removed Explosive Damage
- MOD: Cloud applies HASTE to allies (retains SLOW vs enemies)
- MOD: Cloud DOT no longer deals Friendly Fire Damage
- MOD: Reduces Charges from 2 to 1

DEV QUESTION: Did this thing really need a buff? Who knows, but it feels more responsive, and the MOD is more enticing to use. Let it rock!

[ Swappable Mods ]

= Blood Draw =
- Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Blood Draw to not deal damage

= Bore =
- Increased Duration from 6s to 10s
- Increased Weakspot Modifier from 150% to 165%
- Reduced Charges from 2 to 1
- Increased Mod Cost from 500 to 750

DEV NOTE: With the increased duration and overall damage increase, we felt that Bore needed a bit more of a cost. The reduced Charge is to allow you to get back to the action without needing to manually deactivate. Give it a try!

= Energy Wall =
- Increased Base Size by 25%

= Familiar =
- Fixed an issue causing Familiar to attack Summoned Minions

= Fargazer =
Fixed a bug allowing more than one Fargazer at a time
- No longer scales with Status Duration Increases

= Firestorm =
- Properly Scales with Mod Duration Bonuses

= Knight Guard =
- Damage Type changed to Physical + Mod
- No longer applies Curse
- No longer triggers Melee Mutators

DEV NOTE: Curse was unintentional. Players don’t apply BLIGHTS on enemies.

= Ring of Spears =
- Reduced Cost from 1800 to 1250
- Added Melee Damage to Ring Spears, Thrown Spears, and Recalled Spears
- Added Explosive Damage to AOE upon return
- Increased Projectile Speed from 3000 to 5000
- Reduced Return Time from 0.5s to 0.25s

DEV NOTE: Due to the high original cost, Ring of Spears didn’t see much use. We lowered the cost and added a few extra sweeteners to enable more combos.

= Rotted Arrow =
- Increased Base Impact Damage from 20 to 75
- Increased Impact Weakspot Modifier from 50% to 125%
- Increased Explosive Damage from 60 to 100
- Reduced Explosive Range from 4m to 1.5m
- Increased Projectile Speed from 5000 to 12500
- Removed Damage Over Time
- Reduced Charges from 3 to 2

DEV NOTE: In our desire to better distinguish “Explosive Shot” style MODS from each other, Rotted Arrow gained more of a focus on precision. It hits much harder against Weakspots and it gets to the target much faster. However, it’s also more focused on a single target as opposed to a wide area of effect.

= Scrap Shot =
- Removed Original Caltrops unique DOT behavior
- Increased Bleed Damage from 220 to 400 over 10s
- Reduced Slow Duration from 5s to 3s

DEV NOTE: This is more about consolidating what the MOD is meant to do. It has a much stronger BLEED and retains the SLOW but for a shorter duration. It’s also part of our desire to help separate SLOW MODS from each other. More to come on that front!

= Song of Eafir =
- Reduced Enemy Damage Reduction from 15% to 10% 

= Voltaic Rondure =
- Properly scales with Increased Mod Damage Bonuses

[ Ranged Mutators ]

= General =
There were some large discrepancies in power between the many Ranged Mutator offerings. Quite a few were re-tuned/rebalanced while others were reworked. Our goal has always been to enable more build options and build variety.

= Extender =
- Increased Capacity Bonus from 40% to 45%
- Increased Reload Speed Bonus from 15% to 20%
- Fixed an issue where Extender remained on/visible on unequip

= Bulletweaver =
- No longer affects both weapons.

= Momentum =
- Reduced Critical Bonus per stack from 3% to 2%

DEV NOTE: This change was to bring it in line with many of the other Ranged Mutators as it was providing an incredibly powerful damage increase for low investment.

= Lithely =
- Reworked Primary behavior to factor Base Damage Dealt instead of kills

DEV NOTE: “Base Damage Dealt” over “On Kill” is a more player-friendly option in a game where you may not always have a scrub enemy to kill. This helps the Mutator become immediately more viable.

= Twisting Wounds =
- Increased Bleed Duration from 200 over 10s to 200 over 20s

= Transpose =
- Reduced Range Damage Bonus from 20% to 15%
- Reduced Duration from 20s to 15s
- Adjusted text to clarify that net Ammo Gain is what activates the trigger

DEV NOTE: Generated Ammo was not originally designed to trigger Transpose (Band of Accord, Corrupted Cube Room, Aphelion Mod, C. Aphelion Mod, Transference, Refunder, Engineer & Alchemist Perks, etc). However, we thought it was cool, so we adjusted the duration and power and allowed this interaction to exist. It does not work on Ammo shifting from reserves to primary. It must be a net Ammo gain.

= Timewave =
- Reworked Primary to increase Ranged Damage to Slowed Enemies
- Reworked L10 to apply SLOW on Mod Usage for 5s (10s CD)
- Increased Range of SLOW application from 7.5m to 10m

DEV NOTE: Timewave was providing too much SLOW for very little investment, especially when considering MODS like Prismatic Driver and Stasis having dozens of activations per second. We reworked it so the SLOW application was more balanced, and the Primary Effect was more versatile.

= Refunder =
- Increased Max Refund Chance from 35% to 50%
- Reduced L10 bonus from 50% to 25%

DEV NOTE: Basically, a ton more Ammo. While not a highly desirable Mutator due to many other options featuring Damage Bonuses, Mutator can now ensure you very rarely run out of Ammo in most cases.

= Failsafe =
- Increased Maximum Mod Damage from 20% to 25%

= Ghost Shell =
- Reduced Consecutive Weakspot Hit requirement by 1

DEV NOTE: A very minor change here that should see immediate results. However, this is definitely a Mutator we are watching with a close eye.

= Feedback =
- Increased L10 bonus from 10% to 15% Damage Dealt into Mod Power

= Deadly Calm =
- Increased ramping Damage Bonus from 20% to 25% after 3s

= Battery =
- Fixed an issue that sometimes applied all Stacks for minimum Mod amount spent
- Fixed an issue that prevented stack application from calculating properly

= Spirit Healer =
- Reduced Mod Spend Requirement from 500/300 to 150/50
- Reduced Healing per Mod Spend from 5% to 2%
- Increased Duration from 5s to 10s

DEV NOTE: Making Spirit Healer more fluid by allowing it to activate more often. The healing amount has been reduced to balance it out, and the duration increased to make it more viable overall.

= Ingenuity =
- Reduced Max Heat Reduction from 50% to 30%
- Increased Maximum Reload Speed Bonus from 50% to 55%
- Increased the Max Reload Speed Heat Range from >90% to >85%

DEV NOTE: The Heat Reduction was overbudget, so it was reduced while giving some love to the other bonuses.

= Sequenced Shot =
- Increased Buff Duration from 3s to 5s
- Reduced Total Stacks from 20 to 15

DEV NOTE: Sequenced Shot has always been for providing the player with a second Charge-related Mutator in case they want to run two Charge weapons. It was being outshined by Supercharger so we made a few tweaks to give it a bit more power.

= Bottom Heavy =
- Reduced Baseline Fire Rate to 7% (Max 25%)
- Changed L10 to 1.5% Reload Speed per 10% Magazine Missing (Max 30%)

DEV NOTE: Slight adjustment to the Fire Rate, and a significant Quality-of-Life update to the Reload Speed Bonus.

= Bottom Feeder =
- Renamed to Spirit Feeder
- Reworked Design
- Reloading increases the damage of the Attached Mod by 25% for 5s
- L10: Casting Attached Mod increases Reload Speed by 25%. Lasts 5s

DEV NOTE: Bottom Feeder turned out to promote a clunky playstyle that was a slog to set up. Once active, it blew most Mutators out of the water for its very specific application. We decided to rework this one completely to give players an additional source of Mod/Reload gameplay.

= Fetid Wounds =
- Reduced Corrosion from 200 over 10s to 75 over 10s
- Added Interaction with Slow

= Sleeper =
- Reduced Stow Time Requirement from 7s to 5s
- Increased Proc Durations from 3s/5s to 5s/10s at Max

= Dreadful = 
- Fixed a bug preventing it from rewarding the damage bonus
- Reduced Grey % Requirement from 10% to 5%
- Reduced Damage Bonus from 2%/4% to 1%/2% (Max 20% at 50% Grey)
- Increased Reload Bonus from 15% to 25%

DEV NOTE: Fixing the bug on this one will help, but also making it more granular of a damage increase should make it more noticeable without having the full 10% Grey to proc. The total damage bonus is completely unchanged, but now it works!

= Prophecy =
- Changed L10 bonus to Movement Speed per Stack

DEV NOTE: This was adjusted to give the Mutator a more cohesive feel. The Mod Cost Reduction was basically the same as additional Mod Generation.

[ Melee Mutators ]

= General =
Melee Mutators also had some large discrepancies in power that we wanted to take care of. Like Ranged Mutators, the goal is to provide more build options and overall variety. Lots of adjustments here for both balance and usability.

= Vampire Blade =
- Increased Maximum Melee bonus from 25% to 30%

= Reinvigorate =
- Increased L10 Charge Melee Bonus from 15% to 20%

= Overdrive =
- Reworked Base Effect to Scale with Level
- Changed Duration of Base Effect to be Static
- Removed Critical Damage from Base Effect

DEV NOTE: The Critical Damage Bonus pushed this Mutator well out of range of most other options, so we made a few adjustments.

= Striker =
- Fixed an issue that prevented Stacks to properly decay over time
- Adjusted so Stacks now fall off one at a time

= Misfortune =
- Fixed an issue preventing unique Status Effects from properly calculating
- Increased Maximum Damage from 5%-8% to 6%-10%
- Increased L10 Duration from 2s to 3s

= Steadfast =
- Reduced Damage Reduction from 10%-20% to 5%-10%

DEV NOTE: The pure Damage Reduction bonus was granting too much defense for a single Mutator, especially one which allows all Grey Health conversion while Charging.

= Disengage =
- Reduced Strike Requirement from 5 to 3
- Increased Damage per Stack from 10% to 15%

DEV NOTE: We made Disengage easier to trigger and increased the Damage Bonus to make it a more enticing option.

= Transference =
- Reworked L10 to increase Reload Speed by 50% after Ammo transfer

DEV NOTE: The L10 Bonus was changed to make the Mutator more thematically cohesive. Transference gives you the Ammo, and now you can utilize it quicker.

= Vengeful Strike =
- Increased Minimum Damage Bonus from 20% to 25%

= Resentment =
- Increased Minimum Damage Bonus from 10% to 15%
- Increased Maximum Damage Bonus from 30% to 35%

= Shielded Strike =
- Increased Max Per-Strike Shield Bonus from 4% to 5%
- Increased Max Total Shield Bonus from 40% to 50%
- Reduced Duration from 10s to 5s

DEV NOTE: An overall buff. You’ll need to keep attacking to maintain the SHIELD for an extended period of time.

= Weaponlord =
- Increased Strike Bonus from 10% to 15% per Stack
- Reduced Strike Bonus Duration from 7s to 5s
- Reduced Strikes Required for L10 Crit from 5 to 3

DEV NOTE: With a reduced cost to trigger the L10 Bonus, Weaponlord will reward those with a more Melee-focused setup.

= Dervish =
- Changed L10 to Base Damage Dealt instead of On Kill
- Removed L10 cooldown

DEV NOTE: Another case of replacing “On Kill” with “Base Damage Dealt” to make this a more player friendly option.

= Shocker =
- Reduced Strikes Required to Proc from 5 to 3

= Opportunist =
- Critical Buff now lasts for 2s instead of “Next Melee Hit”

DEV NOTE: ... sheesh.

= Tainted Blade =
- Reduced Damage from 500 to 250
- Reduced Duration from 20s to 10s
- Reduced Max Damage Bonus from 10% to 8%

= Guts =
- Fixed a bug preventing Maximum Crit Damage from being attained
- Adjusted L10 Melee Critical Damage from 2.5% per 10% Grey to 0.5% per 1% Grey

DEV NOTE: This is a bug fix which now makes the Mutator more viable, seeing as it does what it says it does. It was previously locking the Crit to a low value and thus not making any sort of real impact. Now it does!

= Executor =
- Increased Max Range from 10m to 20m

[ Trinkets - Amulets ]

= General =
Amulet adjustments are a tricky endeavor. Damage is King in the neck slot, and it’s very challenging to entice players to pick anything else (understandable!). Our priority when making balancing adjustments was to ensure there were proper tradeoffs for Damage Bonuses. If there’s an All Damage bonus with no requirement, then it will generally be a lower bonus than if there were a condition needed to enable it. We looked through each Amulet and weighed the pros and cons to better adjust their power budget.

For all other non-damage trinkets, we looked at increasing benefits and reducing penalties where applicable. We hope this inspires you to try trinkets you may never have built into. Let’s see what you come up with!

= Abrasive Whetstone =
- Reduced Critical Damage Bonus from 30% to 15%

DEV NOTE: As one of the very few multiplicative damage bonuses, Whetstone scaled way out of proportion with almost every other trinket. This change brings it more in line and still provides a solid multiplicative bonus which rewards building into it.

= Ankh of Power =
- Reduced Total All Damage Bonus from 30% to 25%

DEV NOTE: The Ankh is an excellent well-rounded All Damage Amulet. The slight reduction to the Bonus was to bring it in line with many of our other adjustments.

= Birthright of the Lost =
- Increased Exposed Debuff from 10s to 15s
- Added 10% Bonus to All Damage

= Butcher’s Fetish =
- Reduced Duration from 15s to 5s

DEV NOTE: To keep the power of the item while maintaining more of a Melee focus, the time reduction pushes this out of the pure Ranged camp. It’s an incredible neck for Melee and for weaving, but with the original duration, it was outperforming almost every other trinket in the game. With the recent changes to other trinkets, this adjustment allows Melee enjoyers who weave in Ranged, Mod, and Skill Damage to still greatly benefit from the full strength provided.

= Cost of Betrayal =
- Increased Damage Bonus from 20% to 25%
- Increased Damage Taken Penalty from 20% to 25%
= Reduced Relic Recharge Delay from 30s to 15s

DEV NOTE: More Damage. More Pain. Halved the Recharge Delay... now you just need to survive to reap the benefits!

= Daredevil Charm =
- Removed Damage Taken Penalty
- Slightly Increased Movement Speed Buff per Missing Armor Piece

DEV NOTE: The penalty for not wearing armor is already huge. We removed it and rewarded additional Movement Speed to fuel your risky ways!

= Decayed Margin =
- Increased Melee Damage from 25% to 35%
- Increased Lifesteal from 1.5% to 3%

= Death’s Embrace =
- Reduced All Damage Bonus from 20% to 15%
- Added 10% All Damage Bonus when below 50% HP (25% Max)

DEV NOTE: A Total Damage Increase when below 50% HP.

= Death-Soaked Idol =
- Increased Damage Bonus from 5% to 6%
- Added Interaction with Slow

= Difference Engine =
- Increased Lifesteal Value from 1.5% to 3% of Base Damage dealt

= Downward Spiral =
- Increased Ranged Bonus from 3% to 4%
- Increased Melee Bonus from 4% to 5%

= Emergency Switch =
- Increased Relic Save Chance from 35% to 50%
- Reduced Cooldown from 60s to 30s

DEV NOTE: Using an Amulet that has no Damage Bonuses is usually a tough sell, so the Relic Save Chance was increased, and the Cooldown reduced. It could save your life!

= Energized Neck Coil =
- Overload can now properly activate the Explosion
- Fixed Explosion Damage Calculations to be more accurate
- Reduced Status Damage bonus from 25% to 20%
- Enabled Explosion Size to scale with Amplitude
- Reduced Base Explosion Range

DEV NOTE: We found Energized Neck Coil calculations to be way out of line. The calculations are more reliable now. However, the DPS increase is still very respectable.

= Full Moon Circlet =
- Increased Range Damage Bonus from 20% to 25%

= Gift of Euphoria =
- Reduced Stamina Threshold from 25 to 20
- Reduced Duration from 7s to 5s
- Adjusted so that Stacks fall off one at a time

DEV NOTE: All Quality-of-Life adjustments to make this trigger more often and remain active for longer.

= Gift of the Unbound =
- Removed Max Health Reduction
- Added 5% Movement Speed per Burden Lifted (Max 20%)

DEV NOTE: Gift of the Unbound has been Unbound.

= Gunfire Security Lanyard =
- Increased Rate of Automatic Ammo Fill

DEV NOTE: Previously, Lanyard had only a small number of specific applications. With an increase to the Ammo Fill Rate, you may find that there are more ways to avoid having to manually reload your Firearm. In most cases, it won’t give you the damage of the heaviest hitting Amulets, but always having bullets available feels great!

= Gunslinger’s Charm =
- Increased Reload Speed from 20% to 25%

DEV NOTE: More competitive for low-capacity magazine weapons that reload often.

= Hyperconductor =
- Reduced Skill Cooldown Penalty from +50% to +25%
- Removed Mod Generation Penalty

DEV NOTE: Another Amulet that had some specific applications but never quite caught on. The penalties have been greatly reduced. It’s time to shine! Try with Invoker!

= Indignant Fetish =
- Removed “Enemy Damage” Requirement (works on any damage taken)
- Reduced All Damage Bonus from 25% to 20%
- Reduced Duration from 20s to 15s
- Fixed a case where Buff remained on Unequip

DEV NOTE: Changing “Enemy” to “Entity” allows players to trigger the Amulet themselves. Incredibly easy to maintain, especially with Atonement Fold.

= Inert Overcharger =
- Increased Movement Grace Period from 1.5s to 2s
- Clarified the initial “Standing Still” Duration Requirement as 0.5s.

DEV NOTE: A strong Amulet that had a strict requirement. It has been loosened up enough to give you more breathing room.

= Jester’s Bell =
- Reduced All Damage Bonus from 20% to 15%

= Kinetic Shield Exchanger =
- Increased Mod Generation from 15% to 20%

= Laemir Censer =
- Reduced Mod Cost Penalty from 15% to 10%

= Leto's Amulet =
- Increased Stamina Cost Reduction from 30% to 35%

= Necklace of Supremacy =
- Increased Full Health Damage Bonus from 25% to 30%
- Reduced Time to Proc from 7s to 5s

DEV NOTE: Git gud. Git rewarded. Consolidating many “don’t get hit” options to 5s.

= Nightweaver’s Grudge =
- Reduced Critical Chance from 20% to 15%
- Increased Range from 15m to 20m

DEV NOTE: Grudge shined above almost all other Amulets. The Critical Chance reduction allows it to stay strong, but it now has a lot of competition.

= One-Eyed Joker Idol =
- Reduced Stamina Cost Penalty from +30 to +15

= Onyx Pendulum =
- Changed Bonus from 25% Additive to 1.2x Multiplier
- Reduced Threshold Trigger from 150 Base Damage to 100

DEV NOTE: This is one of the only multiplier trinkets in the game. The potential damage is much higher than the original 25% additive bonus.

= Samoflange =
- Increased Damage Reduction Duration from 2s to 5s

DEV NOTE: Another Amulet that has a strong effect but is hard to justify when there are so many enticing Damage options. This change allows it to be exceptionally good at what it does. It may stand out in a few more builds.

= Shaedbloom Crystal =
- Increased Physical/Elemental Damage Bonus from 30% to 35%

= Stalker's Brand =
- Increased Base Ranged Bonus from 10% to 12.5% (max 25%)

= Soul Anchor =
- Reworked to increase All Damage by 20% while at least 1 Summon is active

= Twisted Idol =
- Increased Encumbrance Reduction from -15 to -20

= Whispering Marble =
- Reduced All Damage Bonus per Bulwark Stack from 3% to 2%

DEV NOTE: An incredible Amulet that grants both Damage and Defense. The Damage has been reduced but the Defense Bonus remains untouched.

[ Trinkets - Rings ]

= Acid Stone =
- Increased Acid Damage Bonus from 10% to 12%

= Ahanae Crystal =
- Changed to Additive Damage Bonus
- Reduced Damage per Stack from 5% to 4%
- Added Interaction with Slow

= Akari War Band =
- Reduced Critical Chance from 15% to 10%
- Reduced Critical Damage Bonus from 15% to 10%

= A’Taerri Booster =
- Applies benefits to both Heavy Carry and Turret Mode

= Atonement Fold =
- Reduced Critical Bonus from 10% to 5%

DEV NOTE: Even without the Critical Damage Bonus, Atonement Fold turned out to be one of the most interesting Rings we’ve ever created due to how many things it activated with the auto-Bleed. We reduced the Critical Chance slightly so that the core focus remains self-activation... but overall, it’s still a super-versatile Ring.

= Band of Accord =
- Increased Ammo Bonus from 25% to 50% per ally

DEV NOTE: Teamwork makes the dream work.

= Bitter Memento =
- Added 33.5% Health to Grey Health Conversion on Skill Use

DEV NOTE: Part of our drive to make more Grey Health build options available. Many things combo with Grey Health, and even more to come.

= Blackout Ring =
- Changed to increase Reload Speed by 3% per 20% missing Magazine (max 15%)

DEV NOTE: This is just a Quality-of-Life simplification. Easier to understand, and more versatile to offset the slight Reload Speed reduction.

= Blasting Cap Ring =
- Increased Explosive Damage Bonus from 10% to 15%

= Braided Thorns =
- Changed to grant 10% Critical Chance
- Removed “On Kill” behavior

DEV NOTE: Started from the bottom, now we’re here.

= Bridge Warden’s Crest =
- Increased Melee Damage Bonus from 15% to 20%
- Increased Duration from 7s to 10s

= Burden of the Audacious =
- Increased Healing on Perfect Dodge from 20% to 25% of Max Health

= Burden of the Destroyer =
- Increased Range Penalty from –25% to –35%

DEV NOTE: In many of the cases where Destroyer was used, the Range Burden didn’t come into play. We increased the Burden to make it a bit more of a... Burden... and are still keeping a close eye on how things unfold.

= Burden of the Divine =
- Increased Damage Penalty from 10% to 15%
- Reduced Shared Healing from 50% to 30%

DEV NOTE: The Burden was not a large enough deterrent for the sheer power of the Shared Healing amount. Reduced it to make it a bit more of a commitment.

= Burden of the Follower =
- Reduced Mod Generation from 50% to 25%

DEV NOTE: Like Burden of the Divine, the sheer power of the Bonus was dwarfing the Burden aspect. Instead of making the Burden more painful, we dialed in the Mod Gen.

= Burden of the Gambler =
- Reduced Critical Damage Bonus from 20% to 15%

= Burden of the Mariner =
- Reduced Skill Cooldown Penalty from 25% to 15%
- Increased Mod Generation from 10% to 15% per Skill on Cooldown

= Burden of the Sciolist =
- Reduced Ammo Reserves Penalty from 25% to 20%

= Cataloger’s Jewel =
- Increased Mod per Sec from 8 to 10

= Celerity Stone =
- Increased Consumable Use Speed from 20% to 25%
- Fixed a bug causing double speed for Relics only

= Compulsion Loop =
- Increased Duration from 7s to 10s

= Conservation Seal =
- Increased Max Save Chance from 25% to 50% (at 50% HP)

= Crimson Dreamstone =
- Increased Damage Bonus from 1% to 2%
- Reduced Stacks from 15 to 10
- Reduced Duration from 10s to 5s
- Stacks fall off one at a time

DEV NOTE: Buffs all around. Very useful for Crit and Skill builds.

= Deep Pocket Ring =
- Increased Reserves from 25% to 35%

= Devoured Loop =
- Changed to grant 1 Charge per Proc (per Skill)

DEV NOTE: Like in the original Remnant, Devoured (Devouring) Loop was providing far too much power with a flip of a coin. We reigned it in.

= Digested Hog Lure =
- Increased Duration from 5s to 7s

= Dran Scavenger Ring =
- Increased Healing Amount from 15% to 50% Max HP over 30s

= Dried Clay Ring =
- Reduced All Damage Gain from Bulwark DR from 60% to 50%

= Elevated Ring =
- Increased Encumbrance Reduction from -5 to -10
- Increased Dodge Threshold from +5 to +10

= Embrace of Sha’Hala =
= Increased Damage Reduction from 5% to 7.5% per Negative Status or Blight
- Added Interaction with Slow
- Reduce Max Stacks from 5 to 2

= Endaira's Endless Loop =
- Reduced Time Trigger from 2s to 1s
- Increased Health Regen from 1.5 to 2

= Fae Hunter Ring =
- Increased Range Bonus from 30% to 35%

= Faelin’s Sigil =
- Increased Mod Generation from 10% to 15%

= Faerin’s Sigil =
- Increased Mod Generation from 10% to 12.5%

= Fire Stone =
- Increased Fire Damage Bonus from 10% to 12%

= Focusing Shard =
- Increased Spread Reduction from 30% to 70%
- Increased Duration from 3s to 4s

DEV NOTE: Smaller value changes didn’t have much of an effect on Focusing Shard so we went in the other direction. Extreme!

= Frivolous Band =
- Reduced Duration from 10s to 7s

= Galvanized Resupply Band =
- Increased Ammo Pickups from 50% to 100%

DEV NOTE: Hope you have big pockets.

= Grounding Stone =
- Increased Shock Damage Bonus from 10% to 12%

= Jewel of the Beholden =
- Increased Duration from 10s to 15s

= Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring =
- Increased Mod per Sec from 3 to 4 per Stack
- Increased Range from 10m to 15m

= Metal Driver =
- Increased Duration from 7s to 15s
- Increased Bonus Reload Speed Bonus from 5% to 10%

= Momentum Driver =
- Reduced Sprint Duration Requirement from 2s to 1.5s

= Outcast Ring =
- Reduced Duration from 15s to 10s

= Painless Obsidian =
- Added 1 Stack of Bulwark while Grey Health is present (in addition to Haste)

DEV NOTE: Another change towards our Grey Health initiative. Bulwark and Haste for any Grey Health is not a bad deal.

= Point Focus Ring =
- Increased Spread and Recoil Reduction Bonus from 25% to 30%

= Power Saver =
- Increased Save Chance from 25% to 35%

= Probability Cord =
- Reduced Critical Damage Bonus from 30% to 20%

DEV NOTE: Way. Too. Strong. But seriously... the value of this ring was dominating every other option. It’s fairer now and opens the door to other choices as well.

= Provisioner’s Ring =
- Increased the rate at which stowed weapons auto reload

= Reaping Stone =
- Increased Lifesteal Amount from 3% to 5%

= Reserve Boosting Gem =
- Increased Base Regen from 0.333 to 0.5
- Increased Max Regen from 2 to 2.5 (below 50%)

= Ring of the Damned =
- Changed to grant 0.4% All Damage for each 1% Grey Health
- Added 5% Critical Chance when the wearer has 50% or more Grey Health

DEV NOTE: A nice bump for another Grey Health option. The Damage bonus can go much higher than before, depending on how much Grey Health you can get. The Crit bonus is an extra little something for your effort.

= Ring of Deflection =
- Increased Deflect Chance from 35% to 50%

= Ring of Restocking =
- Increased Duration from 1.5s to 5s

= Ring of Retribution =
- Damage & Reload Mod from 10% to 15%

= Ring of the Vain =
- Reduced iFrame Reduction from 50% to 35%

DEV NOTE: We like the concept of “don’t Evade” builds, but the penalty on Ring of the Vain was quite punishing. It still hurts, but it’s not nearly as bad.

= Sapphire Dreamstone =
- Increased Skill Cooldown Refund from 3% to 4%

= Shaed Stone =
- Increased Skill Damage Bonus from 12% to 15%

= Shiny Hog Lure =
- Increased Range from from 25-30 to 25-50 Mod Power Gained
- Disabled Effect from working with Cube Gun Automatic Bullet Return

= Singed Ring =
- Changed to Additive Damage Bonus
- Increased Bonus from 10% to 12%

DEV NOTE: Previously multiplicative, Singed was changed to Additive to bring it closer to other Damage Ring options.

= Soul Shard =
- Increased Damage Bonus from 4% to 5% per Summon
- Increased Max Damage Bonus from 12% to 15%

= Stockpile Charger =
- Increased Damage Bonus from 13% to 15%

= Stone of Continuance =
- Reduced Skill Duration from 25% to 15%

= Stone of Expanse =
- Reduced All “Other” Damage Penalty from 6% to 5%

= Stream Coupler =
- Increased Healing Amount from 10% to 25% of Max Health
- Increased Duration from 5s to 10s

= Tempest Conduit =
- Reduced Duration from 20s to 15s
- Increased Damage Bonus from 10% to 15%

= Tomb Dweller's Ring =
- Increased duration from 10s to 15s
- Increased Fall Damage Reduction from 25% to 50%

= Vestige of Power =
- Reduced Time to Proc from 7s to 5s

DEV NOTE: Part of the consolidation of “don’t get hit” durations. A similar change that Necklace of Supremacy received.

= Worn Admiral Ring =
- Increased All Damage Bonus from 10% to 15%

= Zania’s Malice =
- Increased Stacks from 3 to 4
- Reduced Bonus per stack from 10% to 5%
- Reduced Duration from 7s to 5s

DEV NOTE: Ek is jammer, Zania!

= Zohee’s Ring =
- Increased Mod Duration from 15% to 20%

[ Relics ]

= General =
Relics have turned out to be a fan-favorite addition to the Remnant franchise. Our goal is to make them all appealing, even if some are very niche. However, much of that can be done through adjusting other items that interact with Relics. In this patch, we’ve made some adjustments to make certain Relics more thematic, and we have our sights on even more Relic adjustments for the future.

= Broken Heart =
- Increased Speed at which 50% Health is granted On Use
- Added Innate –2 Health Regen above 50% Health
- Disabled interaction with other Healing Items (i.e. “Broken Heart”)

DEV NOTE: To complete the “Broken” theme, we disabled interaction with Healing Bonuses. We also enabled a constant degeneration so that if you are above 50% health, you will slowly return to 50%. A very interesting Relic that can be used for a quick heal while still working well with 50% Health builds.

= Lifeless Heart =
- Removed all Healing
- Added 50% Use Speed Bonus

DEV NOTE: Another thematic change. Lifeless Heart no longer grants any innate healing but is much faster. A good choice for Relic Perk and “On Relic Use” builds.

= Paper Heart =
- Heals 100% of Max Health over 0.1s. 
- Grants 10 Stacks of “Paper Heart” for 10s
- Dealing 75 Base Damage of any Damage Type Removes 1 Stack of “Paper Health”
- After 15s, remaining Stacks are converted to Grey Health (10% per Stack)

DEV NOTE: Like anything related to Leywise, Paper Heart is “fake”. To better represent the phony nature of the heart, we cleaned up how the Stacking behavior works. Dealing Base Damage will remove Stacks, and if any of them remain after the timer ends, they are converted into Grey Health... which... may not be a bad thing!

= Salvaged Heart =
- Reduced Use Speed Bonus from 50% to 25%

DEV NOTE: Salvaged was doing quite a bit so we reduced the Use Speed Bonus and gave it to Lifeless Heart to spark more variety. Salvaged is still doing a lot.

= Tormented Heart =
- Fixed a bug causing irregular Damage Scaling
- Increased Use Speed from 20% to 25%
- Reduced Lifesteal Amount from 25% to 20%
- Properly Scales with Lifesteal & Lifesteal Efficacy Bonuses

DEV NOTE: Mostly fixing weird behavior, but also making sure that Tormented Heart benefits from other Lifesteal Bonuses.

[ Relic Fragments ]

= General =
Though we have a more comprehensive Relic Fragment update coming soon, some small adjustments were made for this patch to set a more balanced foundation. This also coincides with our large overhaul of many/most trinkets in the game.

= Armor Effectiveness =
- Reduced Max from 15% to 10%

= Melee Critical Damage =
- Reduced Max from 20% to 15%

= Ranged Critical Chance =
- Reduced Max from 10% to 7.5%

= Ranged Critical Damage =
- Reduced Max from 20% to 15%

= Skill Duration =
- Reduced Max from 15% to 10%

= Weapon Spread =
- Reduced Max from 20% to 15%

[ Concoctions ]

= General =
Like the Relic Fragment changes, the Concoction adjustments were made to provide more interesting choices when weighing available options. Defensive options, such as Meat Shake and Mudtooth’s Tonic, still give excellent survivability for the investment.

= Meat Shake =
- Reduced Damage Reduction Bonus from 8% to 6.5%

= Mudtooth’s Tonic =
- Reduced Flat Health from 25 to 20

= Mudtooth’s Stew =
- Reduced Flat Stamina from 25 to 20

= Root Water =
- Increased Health Regen from 0.75 to 1.0 Health per Second

= Sacred Lakewater =
- Reduced Grey Health Conversion from 50% to 30%
- Increased Grey Health Regeneration from 1 to 2

= Sanguine Vapor =
- Removed Incoming Damage Penalty
- Reduced Lifesteal from 3.5% to 2% Base Damage Dealt (all sources)

= Tranquility Font =
- Reduced All Bonus from 25% to 20%

[ Consumables ]

= General =
Only a small set of changes regarding consumables. The goal is always to provide more choices, and sometimes, certain options outshine everything. A few minor adjustments to bring Brightstone and Pipe Bomb power down, and another Grey Health option buff by way of Mystery Jerky that may give you a few ideas.

= Cost Adjustments =
- Reduced Cost of Ammo Box from 250 to 200
- Reduced Cost of Injectors from 200 to 150

= Brightstone =
- Reduced Base Explosion Damage from 75 to 50

= Mystery Jerky =
- Reduced Duration from 30s to 15s
- Increased Conversion Rate from 1.0 to 6.66 (Spooky!)

= Pipe Bomb =
- Reduced Bleed Damage from 450 Base to 250 Base

[ Misc Fixes ]

- Fixed an issue where Wallace was unable to purchase items from players
- Fixed an issue where players could get stuck inside a Root Nexus
- Fixed an issue where beam weapons would sometimes not play impact sounds
- Fixed an issue where handgun would sometimes look like it’s floating while running
- Fixed an issue where Spectator could become misaligned in Root Madness hallway
- Fixed numerous collision issues in various locations throughout the game
- Fixed an issue where Meridian’s Mortar projectile was using incorrect material
- Fixed an issue where Tormented Heart Visual Effects were not showing up for clients
- Fixed an issue where soft targeting sometimes would not center to player viewpoint
- Fixed an issue where the reviving player would thank the revive
- Fixed an issue where spectating in cinematics or NPC interactions could cause issues
- Fixed an issue where Primogenitor corpses would persist throughout all worlds
- Fixed an issue with “You Shall Pass” Achievement not being awarded to some players

DEV NOTE: Re-Interacting with the Bridge warden while in possession of the Bridge Warden’s Crest should now properly award the Achievement.

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