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Remnant 2 - Crossplay Update

By PWE_Dash
Thu 29 Feb 2024 08:55:00 AM PST

Remnant II Patch 408,516 Notes: 

-- Crossplay --
We're thrilled to announce the addition of Crossplay, a highly anticipated feature in Remnant II! Now, players can unite against the Root, irrespective of their chosen platform. Team up with friends or discover open games across platforms and embark on your journey together.
DEV NOTE: For console players, Crossplay is set to on by default.  This setting will affect your ability to see other games (including friend’s games) within the game if their Crossplay setting is set to "off".   If you can't see a friend’s game in-game, then confirm that you have matching Crossplay settings. The "off" setting will prevent you from joining another game that have Crossplay enabled.
DEV NOTE: Settings on PC that use frame generation currently blocks the Epic Online Services Overlay, which is required for Crossplay functionality of joining friends in game. You can still accept invites using the Epic launcher prior to starting the game and join that way if you wish to use frame generation in game.

-- Aberration Domination Event --

The Root have seized yet another opportunity to unleash a horde of menacing Aberrations across all worlds! From February 29th to March 5th, gear up and face this challenge head-on. Defeat these sinister foes and collect the elusive Corrupted Shards, a rare material with untold potential. Head over to the enigmatic Dwell in Ward 13, where you can trade these Corrupted Shards to craft corrupted versions of some NEW special weapons. Show the Root that even in the darkest of times, our resolve shines brighter than ever!
DEV NOTE: This is our second big aberration event; we figured why not celebrate the addition of Crossplay with another Aberration event! We’ve added even more corrupted weapons to acquire, so group up and take on the Root!

-- Quality of Life --
]-- General --[
- We’ve added support for FSR 3. This option is now accessible in the Video Settings.
- Fixed an issue for players who started with Gunslinger Archetype from the pre-order bonus, but switched to a different machine or account which caused them to be locked out of their character.
- We’ve added support for friend invites for Sony PlayStation 5.

-- Balance --
]-- General --[

DEV NOTE: While we have a larger balance patch planned for DLC2, we wanted to make a few adjustments to certain elements to set the stage for the larger patch. While not comprehensive, these changes should provide room for a bit more experimentation before the larger balance patch.

]-- Archetypes --[
- Reduced Hunter’s Focus ADS requirement from 1s to 0.5s.
DEV NOTE: This means that the player need only AIM for half a second before Hunter’s Focus bonus is applied, instead of the full 1 second before.

- Die Hard now grants 1 Stack of Bulwark while it is unavailable.
- War Stomp now deals Explosive Damage.
DEV NOTE: We wanted to make Die Hard a bit more impactful since it is a Prime Perk. While having an extra life is great, the 10 minute down time is very long. Instead of shortening the cooldown, the Challenge becomes tougher until Die Hard is available again.

- No changes.
DEV NOTE: Medic is already powerful… what did you expect? Calm down!

- Pack Hunter no longer requires the Companion to be “up” to grant the bonus.
- Pack Hunter now also increases Melee Damage and Melee Crit Chance (30%/5% at Max).
- Companion Howl sizes are now affected by Aura size increases.

DEV NOTE: When the Companion went down (after taking too much damage), the Handler lost all damage bonuses. We now only require the Handler to be in range of their Companion. However, you should always try to get your buddy up, cause that’s the right thing to do! We also included Melee damage to their Damage Perk to make them a bit more versatile.

- Increased Quick Draw charges by +1.
- Increased damage by 50%.

- Dominator gains Explosive damage type.
- Dominator no longer grants a damage increase to Ranged/Melee on Sacrifice.
- Dominator now always grants a bonus to Mod/Skill/Explosive damage.
DEV NOTE: We received much feedback from players wishing to play the Summoner as a more Minion-focused Archetype, so we removed the damage benefits to Ranged and Melee, added an Explosive Damage bonus -- which works for Sacrifice and all other explosive options -- and made them always active. This should give more options for Mod, Skill, and Explosive builds, while leaving Ranged and Melee to other Archetypes. There are potentially more Summoner changes in the works.

- Added Melee Speed and Melee Charge Speed to Frenzy Dust.
- Added Skill reset if Thrown Vial does not find the ground after a certain period of time.
- Enabled Flash Caster and Throw Speed to benefit Vial Skills.

- Added Ranged Damage to Metalworker (Damage Perk). Max 25% at Level 10.
- Turrets can now Critical Hit.
DEV NOTE: To make Engineer a bit more viable with the Turret placed, we added a damage boost to the Engineer’s Ranged damage. Note: The Heavy Weapon itself is still considered Skill damage. This is to benefit their primary/secondary weapon when not brandishing or deploying a Heavy Weapon.

- Increased the damage of Chaos Gate from 15% to 50%.
- Chaos Gate now causes increases incoming damage by 15%. Lasts 10s after leaving.
- Power Creep now properly allows Mod Generation while a Mod is active.
DEV NOTE: We wanted to buff Chaos Gate while keeping the original design concept. It now grants a noticeable damage buff but the tradeoff is that the incoming damage penalty cannot be avoided by simply leaving the AOE. Players will need to be more careful after obtaining the buff.

- Stacks of S.H.A.R.K (Prime Perk) now fall off one at a time.
- Reduced the total duration of S.H.A.R.K. to 10s from 15s.
- Perfect Dodge/Evade now instantly grants 5 stacks of S.H.A.R.K.
DEV NOTE: The original S.H.A.R.K. buff lasted 15s total. There were many cases where it would fall off and require you to start building it all over again, thus making the Invader harder to keep active. We changed it so that the buffs fall off individually and lowered the individual buff time to 10s (for a total of 50s total damage increase). We will monitor the durations and make adjustments where necessary.

- Dramatically sped up the dig animation of Gold Digger.
DEV NOTE: It was tricky for many players to get a handful of fountains going during combat, so we basically halved the time it takes for one to appear.

- Erupt now deals Explosive damage.
- Deathwish now respects Kinship Trait again but does not get reduced by Armor (as it once did).
- Deathwish no longer kills the player and will instead leave them at 1 HP.

]-- Gear / Items --[

- Atonement Fold: Disabled Voice Lines for “I’m Bleeding” when worn.
DEV NOTE: While not really a balancing issue, the constant Voice callouts were pretty annoying, so we disabled them while wearing the ring.

- Point Focus Ring: Reduced Spread Reduction from 35% to 25%.
- Focusing Jewel: Reduced Spread Reduction from 35% to 30%.
- Focusing Jewel: Increased Recoil Reduction from 25% to 50%.
- Spread Reduction Fragment: Reduced Max Spread Reduction from 30% to 20%.
- Spread Reduction Fragment: Reduced Min Spread Reduction from 3% to 1%.
- Tranquility Font: Reduced Spread Reduction from 35% to 25%.
DEV NOTE: Spread Reduction was getting out of hand (and it’s still incredibly strong). We haven’t put a cap on it yet, but we may do so in the future. For now, we dialed the numbers back a bit so that if you want to turn shotguns into snipers, you’ll need to invest a bit more into it.

- Feedback Mutator can now generate Mod Power while a Mod is Active.
- Reprocessed Heart can now generate Mod Power while a Mod is Active.

]-- Weapons --[

- Fixed weapon scaling to properly cap at 3x instead of 2x (Level 10).

Crescent Moon:
- Overcharged Shots during Moonlight Barrage no longer shoot 2 Bolts.
DEV NOTE: Total damage potential of this weapon is unchanged. The only difference is that we no longer reward a non-perfect charge. You must hit perfect charge to reach maximum damage.

Twisted Arbalest:
- Primary Fire now refreshes any current Guardian Mark on hit while Mod is active.

- Nanoswarm now applies a very small Corrosive DOT.

Huntress Spear:
- Added a small Corrosive DOT on hit.
- Increased Projectile Speed.
- Increased Charge Speed.

Spectral Blade:
- Removed the ability to scale with AOE/AURA traits.
DEV NOTE: This was never intended. Slipped through the cracks!

-- Bug Fixes --
]-- Progression & Rewards --[
- Fixed an issue where the MP60-R or Chicago Typewriter wouldn’t spawn in some player’s Wards.
- Fixed an issue where some players were not receiving credit for acquiring 50,000 scrap.

]-- Archetypes --[

- Fixed an issue where Ritualist’s Wrath perk was not granting increased critical chance.
- Fixed an issue where players could have more than one Ragged Poppet in their inventory.
- Fixed an issue where Miasma did not function as described.
- Fixed an issue where Eruption did not function as described.

- Fixed an issue where Support Dog skill was not healing for the correct value.

- Fixed an issue where thrown vials failed to enter cooldown if thrown out of bounds in a world.

- Fixed an issue where Face of Danger was not working as described in description.

]-- Gear / Items --[
- Fixed an issue where Sequenced Shot max value was calculating incorrectly.
- Fixed issue where A'taerii Booster was sometimes not providing its buff when the player equips a heavy weapon.
- Fixed an issue where activating Bloodline Mod immediately after applying Bleed would result in infinitely reapplying Bleed with Merciless
- Fixed an issue where unequipping Embrace of Sha'hala would cause all status and buff effects in UI to no longer work.
- Fixed an issue where Blood Jewel did not scale with duration.
- Fixed an issue where Twisted Wounds did not scale with duration.
- Fixed an issue where Energized Neck Coil did not scale with duration.
- Fixed an issue where Detonation Trigger did not work correctly with Eruption.
- Fixed an issue where Compulsion Loop would trigger from Space Crabs Mod explosions.
- Fixed an issue where Fetid Wounds corrosive damage wasn’t affected by weapon’s level.
- Fixed an issue where Red Ring of Death was not working correctly with Fire Tornado.
- Fixed an issue where Kill Switch Mutator’s damage was reduced when attached to shotguns.
- Fixed an issue where Monarch was incorrectly draining ammo reserves while using Bulletstorm.
- Fixed an issue where Corrupted Meridian was not working with Sequenced Shot while wearing Archer Ring.
- Fixed an issue where Corrupted Merdian was dealing weak spot damage and being affected by damage falloff.
DEV NOTE: As Corrupted Meridian fires an explosive projectile, it was never meant to behave in this way.

- Fixed an issue where Endaria’s Endless Loop would not activate if player took damage while already sprinting.
- Fixed an issue where if you fired a second Soulbinder projectile at the same target, the second one would not refresh the timer and it would expire at the same time as the first.
- Fixed an issue where while Bore and Soulbinder were on the same target, Wormhole damage buff could be consumed.
- Fixed an issue where Increased casting speed was not affecting Hunter’s Mark or Bulletstorm.
- Fixed an issue where Feast Master’s Leftovers were not considered unique, and it was possible to acquire multiple.
- Fixed an issue where Hardcore Metal Band did not function as described.
- Fixed an issue where Participation Medal did not function as described, instead of providing 10 health it was providing 10%.
- Fixed an issue where the All-Seeing Eye was able to be sold for 0 scrap.
- Fixed an issue where Chain of Command Mod were homing back towards failed harpoon shot.
- Fixed an issue where Overloaded was dealing more than the intended amount of damage.
- Fixed an issue where Super Nova was unaffected by damage boost from Harmonizer.
- Fixed an issue where Weaponlord buff was not being consumed and applied to Faultline shockwave damage on Stonebreaker.
- Fixed an issue where Stone of Malevolence and Faerin’s Sigil were not functioning as described.
- Fixed an issue where Reboot was working incorrectly with some item combinations. 
- Fixed an issue where Vulcan Turret fires to the right of reticle when held and when not aiming directly at an enemy.
- Fixed an issue where Windfall Blades were only doing damage when hitting protective plating, explosives or weak spots.
- Fixed an issue where fire damage from Black Tar grenade was dealing less damage when the player had more status duration bonuses.
- Fixed an issue where Starkiller’s reload particle effects could accumulate over time.
- Fixed an issue where Anguish’s charged shots had a chance to benefit twice from Bandit mutator.
- Fixed an issue where Overloaded’s AoE explosion fired off every second when it was applied by Ritualist’s Purge Perk.
- Fixed an issue where Overloaded status was dealing reduced damage when spread with the Vile Prime Perk.
- Fixed an issue where Overloaded explosions could deal critical damage.
DEV NOTE: Status effects are not meant to deal critical damage.
- Fixed an issue where the Impact Cannon in Heavy carry mode would play unintended visual effects when performing a melee attack.
- Fixed an issue where Nebula’s Corrosive DOT would not end.
- Fixed an issue where AOE damage was not affecting non-combat environmental critters.

]-- Enemies --[
- Fixed an issue where Root Flyer’s projectiles were tracking the player too much.
- Fixed an issue where the Sunken Witch and Bruin, Blade of the King were not playing some of the voice lines.
- Fixed an issue where Generating Band was not working correctly, and updated UI to reflect proper behavior.
- Fixed an issue where Ring of Spears was able to be triggered while in wounded state.
- Fixed an issue where the Pan Brute was not playing death animation if killed while vaulting.
- Fixed an issue where invincible Root Zombies could spawn in the Legion boss fight.
- Fixed an issue where Nano Phase mod could potentially cause the game to crash.

]-- UI --[
- Fixed an issue where Corrupted Shard text would disappear from tooltip while in Dwell’s shop.
- Fixed an issue where players could experience duplicate question options while interacting with McCabe.
- Fixed an issue where if the Medic Archetype was active and the Tranquil Heart was equipped, it would cause the stats text to flash.
- Fixed an issue where Ritualist’s Affliction displayed a negative value in its description after resetting Trait points with Orb of Undoing.
- Fixed an issue where Invader’s Worm Hole ability’s icon would display incorrect value.
- Fixed an issue where the color on text in Tainted Blade Mutator was incorrect.
- Fixed an issue where the damage numbers for Hot Shot Mod were displaying incorrect values.
- Fixed an issue where the damage numbers for Tainted Blade and Fetid Wounds Mutator were displaying incorrect values.
- Fixed an issue where the stat numbers for Kill Switch Mutator were displaying incorrect values.
- Fixed an issue where sometimes changing secondary archetype would change primary archetype instead.
- Fixed an issue where buffs were displaying incorrectly under health bar.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible if holding down multiple buttons to bypass the second confirmation to delete a character.
- Fixed an issue where changes to status effects from Affliction trait were not updating while in character menu.
- Fixed an issue where Corrupted Merciless stated it was doing 0 bleed damage over 10 seconds in item description.
- Fixed an issue where some mods were not changing the color of damage numbers when equipped on a bow weapon.
- Fixed an issue where some Relic Fragments had inconsistent descriptions when inspected.
- Fixed an issue where UPGRADE was displayed in UI pop-up when downgrading a Mutator.
- Fixed an issue where Chaos Gate active buff description was missing in character screen.
- Fixed an issue where after unequipping a second Archetype, the Archetype menu would no longer open for some players.

]-- Misc Fixes --[
- Fixed various issues with environmental collision throughout the game.
- Fixed an issue where players could destroy tamps in Mother Mind’s arena with Merciless.
- Fixed an issue where Sparkfire and Boltdriver were not triggering controller vibrations.
- Fixed an issue where if Toggle Sprint was set to Off there would be a delay for stamina regeneration.
- Fixed an issue where Ring of the Castaway was missing after traveling to sewer and back.
- Fixed an issue where a player could potentially draw enemy aggro and be killed during Red Prince cinematic.
- Fixed an issue where some players were unable to unequip the Ritualist archetype if it was equipped as a secondary archetype.
- Fixed an issue where some players could not sell items to Whispers unless they first bought something of the same value from him.
- Fixed an issue where Tal’Ratha’s door would not open if the player died to friendly fire while attempting to open it.
- Fixed an issue where the player would not have the correct follow up interaction with the Dran Preacher if they previously spoke to him, received the ring and then changed their armor.

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