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Arc News


By SoFech
Thu 13 May 2021 06:55:00 AM PDT




  • From 5-13 to 5-17 classes will be on sale in the Zen store for 20% off.
  • French & German localization fixes
  • NEW! Event: Summoner's Draw
    • When a creature is summoned, you will not redraw that creature until it dies
      • If you have 5 or more creatures spells in your deck you'll get double gold from Ordeals & Stories
  • Weekend Event: 50% XP Bonus



  • Benalia:
    • Benalia Ordeal: Flight from the Cabal:
      • Civilian had a health buff to help with their survivability across all difficulty settings
  • Tolaria
    • Tolaria Story 1: Like Minds: 
      • Resolved a bug where some enemies were not scaling as intended



  • Resolved several memory leaks throughout the client


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