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Star Trek Online

Weekly News Recap August 21, 2015

By Andy (StrumSlinger)
Sat 22 Aug 2015 01:19:12 PM PDT



A lot has been happening over the course of this week! Make sure you didn't miss anything with our News Recap blog. We feature this week's news as well as what we've been reading. Now is the perfect time to sit back and catch up on the latest news!


Neverwinter Recap

Check out all the news from Neverwinter over this past week as well as what we're reading around the web!


Our Latest News

What We're Reading



Star Trek Online Recap

Check out all the news from Star Trek Online over this past week as well as what we're reading around the web!

Our Latest News


  • Tales of the War #18  - As the war rages on, the Alliance is calling upon every available member to do their part in fighting off the Iconians.
  • Junior Officer Weekend - Starting today we are currently running a special weekend event where you can earn Bonus Commendation XP by completing any Duty Officer assignments!
  • Butterfly Effect New Rewards - Our latest Featured Episode "Butterfly Effect" is now live with our favorite Ferengi, Nog! Each week we’ll be rolling out an additional reward for the episode.


What We're Reading


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