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Star Trek Online

Become a Klingon Warrior of 2255!

Ambassador Kael tarafından | Pzt 22 Şub 2021 09:30:00 PST

When Matriarch J'ula traveled forward in time to 2411, she brought with her a seemingly endless array of Klingon Warriors from her era. Many of these Klingons fought and died, first for J'Ula, then for the Mad Aakar. But many did not. Upon finding themselves in a new century, they chose to see what this new Empire could offer them, defecting to become a part of the Klingon Defense Force. Even when the Klingon Empire was shattered, many loyal soldiers stayed, fighting alongside their fellow Warriors of this century. Now, it is up to you to tell their tale.

We're proud to announce that, beginning with our anniversary update, you will be able to play a Discovery Era Klingon in Star Trek Online. This type of Klingon will be a new race option upon creating a KDF character, and will come with a brand new outfit exclusive to this race. What will this timelost Warrior think of 2411? That is up to you to decide, as you become a new type of Klingon. tlhIngan maH taHjaj!


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