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Star Trek Online

The Na'kuhl Raid the Galaxy!

Od Ambassador Kael | śro, 9 sty 2019, 10:00:00

Computer- Start recording. Captain’s log, supplemental.

Commander Jacob Trask of the transport Beowulf, in charge of convoy 72478, currently en route to the Maxia Zeta Sector; so tired, so tired- but we have to keep moving and keep vigilant. Those damned raiders in their red ships! The stories I heard from Lieutenant Singh, of our well-meaning (but, I fear, under–gunned) Federation escort, are that the raiders just appear out of nowhere, scan the ships and either disappear as fast as they came, or start firing- no quarter given. My first thoughts were that it must be Romulan or Klingon raiders, cloaking in and out, but red ships?

Singh has assured me that Starfleet will be on Red Alert should any of the raiders show their faces. If I had the confidence he had, I wouldn’t be updating this log and my will.

It’s been a few days since we’ve heard of the raiders hitting any convoys, and I feel the odds are getting less and less in our favor, so I’ve stacked the deck as best as I could. I’ve managed to trade 500 industrial replicators and an entire hold of Saurian brandy for a Mark IV field stabilizing warp core for the Beowulf, and enough Mark III hyper impulse engines for the entire convoy.

Qwen wasn’t going to go for it until I offered him 5% of the profits from the convoy. Okay, I offered him 2% but, well… Ferengi are born to negotiate deals that work out in their favor! The only upside to this is that, in order to ensure his cut, Qwen gave us the coordinates to a few new routes that he says “are seldom looked upon.” Let’s hope he’s right, for all our sakes.

Profits be damned- at this point, I’m just trying to keep my ships and crew alive.

Join in as part of a strike force against the Na’kuhl raiders from the future, and help unravel the mystery of why the time-travelling ships are focusing attacks on our transport convoys.

Na’kuhl Red Alert will be available from January 10th at 8am PT to January 14th at 10am PT to all players level 50 and up (Romulan players must have selected a faction). You can find it in the Task Force Operations window!


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