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Developer Blog: Who's Who in Underdark?

Di Xeltey | gio 01 ott 2015 10:01:00 PDT

With the upcoming Neverwinter expansion Underdark, we’re introducing a number of significant characters from the Realms into the game.  These beloved heroes were made popular by R.A Salvatore’s many Forgotten Realms novels. Please enjoy the back-stories of these characters and the set-up of where you’ll be encountering them in Neverwinter!

Regis / Spider

Regis is a halfling adventure who grew up on the streets of Calimport, far to the south of the Sword Coast.  He survived by begging and stealing, and eventually became part of the thieves and assassins guild under its master, Pasha Pook.  Regis eventually grew bored of his life there, and after stealing Pook’s magic ruby pendant, fled all the way to Icewind Dale before Pook’s assassin could catch him.

Regis made a good living for himself in the Ten-Towns, carving trinkets out of the local scrimshaw. He eventually became a council spokesman for Lonelywood, until Wulfgar’s people raided the town and Regis decided to retire. Eventually Regis befriended Bruenor Battlehammer and Drizzt Do’Urden, reluctantly joining them on adventures.

During the events of the Spellplague, Regis found himself in the Silver Marches. His friend Cattie-brie’s mind was sent into an area between two planes of existence and was trapped there. Regis used the magic ruby pendant stolen from Pook to rescue her, but was likewise trapped. After spending months looking for solutions, both Cattie-brie and Regis passed away; their souls taken by the goddess Mielikki.

After a few decades, Mielikki offered the four deceased Companions (Catti-brie, Wulfgar, Bruenor, and Regis) a choice of proceeding to their professed deity’s home plane, or accepting rebirth in Faerûn so they could aid Drizzt in a trial that would take place a couple of decades in the future. They all accepted the rebirth, and so Regis was reborn as the son of an impoverished halfling in the city of Delthuntle in Aglarond.

Regis realized at a young age who he really was and so worked to develop his martial and roguish skills. He eventually left Delthuntle, spending several years adventuring with a hand of halflings known as the Grinning Ponies under the name Spider. It’s during that time he shows up in Neverwinter to relate something suspicious he saw in his travel.

Bruenor Battlehammer / Bonnego Battleaxe

The young dwarf Bruenor Battlehammer, and his people, were driven out of their home of Mithral Hall by the shadow dragon Shimmergloom and his duergar minions. Bruenor’s clan took up residence in Icewind Dale under Kelvin’s Cairn, close to the Ten-Towns. Clan Battlehammer supplied the towns with well-made dwarven weapons and armor. When he came of age, Bruenor took his rightful place as leader of the clan.

Bruenor dreamed of returning to Mithral Hall to reclaim his homeland. Bruenor and his friends Drizzt and Wulfgar set off to do so. On route they met with Regis fleeing from a Calimport assassin, as well as Cattie-brie.  After many adventures and a gathering of supporting forces, Bruenor managed to re-take Mithral Hall for his clan, killing Shimmergloom, driving out the duergar forces, and pushing back a subsequent attack by a drow war party. Taking the fight to the drow, the Companions managed to free the magically imprisoned Gaundalug Battlehammer, Bruenor’s ancestor. Leaving Gaundalug in rulership of Mithral Hall, Bruenor left to pursue his own ambitions in Icewind Dale.

Years later, Gaundalug passed on and Bruenor began his travel to Mithral Hall with a contingent of dwarven battleragers led by Thibbledorf Pwent. On route they encountered a large contingent of orcs from Obould Many-Arrows’ horde attempting to take the area for themselves. Many battles broke out between the dwarves of Mithral Hall and King Obould’s horde.  Eventually, Bruenor signed the Treaty of Garumn’s Gorge, brokering peace between the two factions.  Bruenor was once again king of Mithral Hall.

Bruenor left once again, this time in search of the fabled city of Gauntlgrym in the Underdark.  Together with Drizzt and Thibbledorf, Bruenor spent over fifty years in their quest. Eventually they discovered Gauntlgrym, where the lich Valindra Shadowmantle was attempting awaken the fire primordial Maegra trapped there. Unfortunately, Bruenor was mortally wounded by a pit fiend summoned by Valindra. Before Bruenor and Thibbledorf died, they managed to seal the primordial in a cage of water elementals. When Bruenor died, he found his soul taken by the goddess Mielikki to join with Cattie-brie, Regis, and Wulfgar who had passed on years earlier.

Like Regis, Mielikki gave Bruenor the opportunity to be reborn in order to aid in Drizzt’s upcoming trial. Bruenor was reborn as Reginald Roundshield of Citadel Felbarr. He eventually traveled to Neverwinter where he served as a mercenary in the garrison under the name of Bonnego Battleaxe.

Thibbledorf Pwent

Thibbledorf Pwent is a dwarven battlerager, a berserker in spiked armor. Loyal to Mithral Hall, Pwent fought beside Bruenor Battlehammer in his many battles against the Many-Arrows orc horde.

Pwent also accompanied Bruenor and Drizzt in their decades-long search for the fabled city of Gauntlgrym. Pwent ended up staying in Icewind Dale due to his knees being worn from many years of battleraging. But when Gauntlgrym was eventually found, Pwent came to the aid of his friends. After the lich Valindra Shadowmantle summoned a pit fiend that mortally wounded Bruenor, Pwent helped him seal away the primordial the lich was attempting to unleash.

Shortly after, Pwent’s throat was slit by the vampire Dor’crae, and Drizzt believed him dead…

Drizzt Do'Urden

Drizzt Do’Urden, is a drow ranger. Unlike many of his race, Drizzt has forsaken the evil ways of his people and home in the Underdark to become the legendary hero of the North.

Drizzt was born on the night House Do’Urden destroyed House DeVir.  He was saved from being a sacrifice to the Spider Queen Lolth by his brother Dinin. His sister Vierna and father Zaknafein raised him. However, after refusing to kill a moon elf child, Drizzt caused House Do’Urden to lose Lolth’s favor, resulting in Zaknafein being sacrificed.

Drizzt escaped Menzoberranzan and became a wanderer in the Underdark for many years before being taken in at the svirfneblin city-state of Blingdenstone. Later, he left to live on the surface where he was taught the ways of the ranger by Montolio Debrouchee.

Chased to Icewind Dale by the bounty hunter Roddy McGristle, Drizzt gained the trust of Cattie-brie and Bruenor Battlehammer who chased off Drizzt’s pursuer.  Here, Drizzt also became friends with the halfling Regis and the barbarian Wulfgar.  Together, the Companions would go on many adventures, ranging from aiding Bruenor in reclaiming Mithral Hall, to helping Regis escape his Calimport assassin, to searching for lost Gauntlgrym. 

Eventually, Cattie-brie, Regis, Wulfgar, and Bruenor would pass on, from old age or battle wounds. Drizzt continued his adventures without the Companions.  Decades later, Drizzt would be surprised to encounter them once again after they were reincarnated by his goddess Mielikki to aid him in his upcoming trials.

Now Drizzt seeks to return to the Underdark to battle the demonic hordes rising from there. Bruenor and Regis seek to aid him, but could use your help…

Be sure to check out another chapter in the story of Drizzt and his Companions in the upcoming Neverwinter: Underdark!


Randy “Arkayne” Mosiondz

Senior Content Designer and Loremaster on Neverwinter


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