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Tyranny of Dragons Features

Di DwightMC | dom 17 ago 2014 10:48:00 PDT

The Neverwinter team is excited for Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons and you should be too!  With so much coming to Neverwinter in Module 4, you won’t want to miss out on any of the exciting news and announcements!

To help all of you get prepared for what awaits, we’ll be updating this blog with more information about all the new features players can expect to see as we work towards the August 14th launch date. Consider this your go-to location for the latest news, announcements, and previews of everything related to Module 4 or Season of Dragons!

Check out all the latest news below:

8/14/14 – Tyranny of Dragons is Now Live: This is the moment you’ve been waiting for; Module 4 Tyranny of Dragons is now live! Tyranny of Dragons, the fourth free content update for Neverwinter, is one of the largest expansions to date. (Read More)

8/14/14 – New Items: Tyrannical Lockbox: As you play through the new campaign, be on the lookout for the new Tyrannical Lockbox featuring a brand new Legendary mount and many items to aid you in your quest to defeat the powerful dragons. (Read More)

8/14/14 – Now Available: Scourge Warlock Booster Pack: Unlock the mysterious power of the Fated items with the Scourge Warlock Booster Pack. The Scourge Warlock booster pack is perfect for both new and veteran players who are looking to create a Scourge Warlock! (Read More)

8/14/14 – New Items: Barbarian Shaman and More: With the launch of Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons, we’re excited to bring a host of new features along with brand new Zen Market items to aid you on your adventures. (Read More)

8/14/14 - Tyranny of Dragons Launch Livestream: Check out the recap of our Tyranny of Dragons Launch Livestream! Our amazing Community Managers got up bright and early to showcase everything players can expect to see with the new Module. (Watch it Now)

8/6/14 - Heroic Encounter Preview: We recently sat down with John Hopler, Content Designer for Neverwinter, to discuss the new and exciting Heroic Encounters coming with Tyranny of Dragons. (Read More)

8/5/14 - Tyranny of Dragons Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer: Season of Dragons roars on with the brand new Official Gameplay Walkthrough for Tyranny of Dragons! (Read More)

8/1/14 - The Next Chapter in Season of Dragons: For the next chapter in Season of Dragons, we've decided that we want to give the Neverwinter community more opportunities to earn rewards through collective action! (Read More)

7/29/14 - Tyranny of Dragons Preview: Warlock Dev Q&A: We caught up with Christopher "GentlemanCrush" Meyers, Systems Designer for Neverwinter, to discuss the Scourge Warlock and answer some questions from the community. (Read More)

7/18/14 - The Next Chapter in Season of Dragons: Check out the results from the Dragon Hunting Season challenge! (Read More)

7/15/14 - Tyranny of Dragons Official Gameplay Trailer: As Season of Dragons conintues, we're excited to release the Official Module 4 Trailer. Check out the Scourge Warlock in-action for the first time. (Read More)

7/14/14 –  Dev Blog: Scourge Warlock Design Decisions: Systems Designer Christopher Meyer discusses the design of the Scourge Warlock, the newest class coming with Module 4. (Read More)

7/11/14Dragon Hunting Season: Hunting season is now open and we want you to slay as many dragons as possible! Once you've taken out the dragons, take a screenshot and share it with everyone on the forums. (Read more)

7/02/14 – Cult of the Dragon Foundry Contest: To kick off our Season of Dragons promotion, we’ve decided to hold a Foundry contest focused on the Cult of the Dragon! (Read more)

7/01/14Warlock Available in Module 4:  We’re excited to announce the next class to Neverwinter is the Scourge Warlock. This also marks the beginning of the Season of Dragons promotion! (Read more)

5/19/14Announcing Tyranny of Dragons: The fourth free content expansion will launch on August 14, 2014. (Read more)

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back with us often for future updates and announcements as we get closer to the launch of Module 4. What are you excited for in Tyranny of Dragons? Let us know on the official Neverwinter Forums

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