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The Feast of Lanterns Roars Back!

Di Nitocris | lun 07 feb 2022 07:00:00 PST

Note: Make sure to log in at least once while this event is active to claim a reward from the RCA!


It’s the Year of the Tiger! Envoys from Shou and Kozakura have arrived at the invitation of Lord Neverember and are seeking to share their traditional New Year festivities with the citizens of Neverwinter!

This year, the Reward Claims Agent will be getting into the lunar spirit with a gift that is only claimable during the duration of the event.

The Feast of Lanterns Event Begins Thursday, February 10 at 7:30am PT

The Feast of Lanterns Event Ends Thursday, February 17 at 7:30am PT

Adventurers will have a chance to celebrate the lunar New Year and earn event currencies (Tiger Coins and Lunar Coins) by helping out with the festival. In addition to Lunar Coin Packs containing event currencies, items such as hairstyles, the katana-wielding yojimbo companion, and previous year rewards are back in the Zen Market for a limited time during the festivities. Check them out before they’re gone!

Event Quests

Nightly Fireworks - Help the Kozakuran pyrobolist out by setting of fireworks near the Hall of Justice!

Red Envelopes – Deliver red envelopes to fledgling adventurer NPCs in Protector’s Enclave!

Comfort Dogs - The dog-loving Kozakuran envoy wants your help comforting dogs startled by his fireworks. The first completion of this quest rewards the /pet emote. Tip: Scared pups may be hard to spot so keep your ears open for their whimpers to locate them! 

Event Rewards

Festive Tiger Companion (requires Tiger Coins)

New Year’s Tiger Mount (requires Lunar Coins) - NOTE: We are looking into the Insignia Bonus for this mount. 

Players can also turn in their lunar coins for Shou Ceremonial weapon transmutes, Mochi, Niangao, and Fireworks!


Items in the Zen Market

As part of Lord Neverember’s effort to continue business partnerships across the Far Realms, the following will be available in the Zen Market during the Feast of Lanterns event!

  • Oxhorns Hairstyle
  • Swordsman’s Knot Hairstyle
  • Boar Shoat companion
  • New Year’s Boar mount
  • Ox Stot companion
  • New Year’s Ox Mount
  • Rat Pup companion
  • Yojimbo Companion


Note: Tiger Coins (and all subsequent animal coins in future runs) will expire some time after the event is over.

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