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Neverwinter Xbox Suggested Character Builds

By Akromatik
Tue 31 Mar 2015 10:00:00 AM PDT

The world of Neverwinter is full of savage beasts, ruthless bandits, and lethal player characters.  From environmental challenges to other player vs player combat, being prepared to defend the realms means a lot more than a high thread count tunic and some shiny daggers. We’ve talked with key members of our Quality Assurance team about their preferred builds for select classes, across PvE & PvP.

The PVE Guardian Fighter:

Guardian Fighters are an invaluable front-line tank in PVE. Optimize your presence with the Block ability to absorb damage and ignore crowd control effects. With this in mind, prioritizing encounter powers such as Knight’s Valor – which directs a portion of the damage – helps buff teammates and keeps them alive. Another power to consider is Into the Fray, which gives temporary hit points, as well as boosts your teams’ damage based on your own while increasing action point generation. For Daily Powers try one that will keep you alive in the chaos of battle, such as Fighter’s Recovery (a heal) or Villain’s Menace to be immune to all disabling effects for a short time. Finally, try combining Villain’s Menace with Steel Defense, which makes you immune to damage for a short time after using a daily power to establish your dominance in battle.

The PVP Guardian Fighter:

Guardian Fighters in PVP are a force to be reckoned with as a tanky controller. Picking encounter powers such as Frontline Surge for a wide AoE stun and Bull’s Charge to throw enemies around the battlefield. Daily powers for this build also include heavy crowd control, such as Crescendo for locking down one person, or Terrifying Impact for multiple targets. In PvP (and PvE) it’s important to Use the Class Feature: Mark on high priority targets to lower their resistances. Important stats for a Guardian Fighter include Defense, for higher damage resist; Recovery, for faster cooldown on encounter powers and a boost to action point gain; and Deflect, for a higher deflect chance.

The Raid-Friendly Devoted Cleric:

Save your teammates from peril with the Devoted Cleric. The heart of the group, the Devoted Cleric keeps group members in full health and protected from evil with holy powers, such as Healing Word and Hallowed Ground. My favorites include these as well as Astral Shield and Anointed Army. Astral Shield strengthens the team's defenses, and Anointed Army blesses the team with increased defense, immunity to control effects, and increased power while dealing damage to foes at the same time. Increase these holy powers and others by allotting points on the Feats tree. To optimize my healing with a bit of damage support, I choose the Faithful paragon tree to acquire the Agent of the Divine feat, which stores health and imparts it to the recipient as Gift when health points are low so that healing is always available when it is needed the most.

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