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State of the Game: Week 6

By A310yao | Wed 29 Jul 2020 05:21:24 PM PDT

Upcoming events and date for incoming Relic Subclass update and wipe!

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Good morning Torchlight adventurers!


We just released a mainline patch this week with some of the community’s biggest requests, including the addition of an entirely new end game experience. Check out the patch notes for all the details regarding the Fazeer’s Dun’djinn Challenge update.

Right now the team is focused on fixing bugs and polishing the upcoming Relic Subclass update and while we’ll have a more detailed preview next week. This week we wanted to provide you with a few important upcoming/ongoing events and dates.


  • 4-person Fazeer Dun’djinn Developer stream on Twitch:
    This week will be particularly fun as we attempt to get as far as we can in the Fazeer’s Dun’djinn Challenge! Check out our Friday Funday stream this Friday (and every Friday) at 11pm PT.


  • Mayhem Mondays in Discord every Monday (mostly…)
    Chat with Michael, one of the Torchlight III game designers every Monday at 1pm PT in the Mayhem Monday Discord channels. This upcoming Monday we’ll try to answer all your questions about the upcoming Relic Subclass update.



  • Relic Subclass Update preview will be pushed to PTR for early testing/review.
    Week of July 27th (next week).


  • Relic Subclass Update preview stream on Twitch:
    July 31st! We’ll show off and try out all the Relics on our Friday Funday stream.



  • Relic Subclass Update pushed to Live.
    August 4th. This will also include a full account/character wipe. This could be delayed, but this is our current goal and timeline.



  • Console Details Released:
    August 2020. Release details about console versions / availability of Torchlight III.


We’ll feel like the prettiest Hyvid at the Brall Ball when the Relic Subclass update goes LIVE! Until then, I’ll get back to preparing all of the details for next week's State of the Game and I’ll let you get back to your... Goblin clobbering… addiction  tendencies  hobby.


- Echtra Bean


We are currently scrubbing our Support Center after the last big update, but we will provide another update about known and highly reported issues/feedback in next week’s State of the Game. In the meantime, please send us any logs, debug information, and details to the email address provided below. Logs and debug information are really useful for us in resolving ongoing issues with lag, quest issues, and travel problems and always appreciate getting them in our inbox.

CTRL + D copies your Debug information to your clipboard. Logs can be found in your %localappdata%\Frontiers\Saved\Logs windows folder. Please send logs and debug information to 


You can also post logs and details to any new or existing submissions here:

tl3-frontpage, tl3, tl3-dev, tl-news, tl3-general, tl3-news,

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