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Star Trek Online

Xindi-Terrestrial Lock Box

By LaughingTrendy | Fri 17 Apr 2015 12:00:00 PM PDT

In recent times, the resources of the Xindi-Aquatic and Xindi-Reptilian were made available to the major factions of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant, in an attempt to push back the threats caused by the Elachi, Voth and Undine. Despite this promise of support from a portion of the Xindi Council, others remained hesitant to commit to a war, preferring the isolation and seclusion that the Delphic Expanse offered.

But now, the Heralds of the Iconians have revealed themselves, and all-out war in our galaxy seems inevitable. Not even the depths of the Delphic Expanse appear safe from the Heralds' invasion. Already, their gateways have appeared and threatened the safety of the Xindi species.

In light of the Heralds' onslaught, the remaining races of the Xindi Council have finally been convinced to add their considerable resources to those already offered by their Aquatic and Reptilian relatives. Their latest ships and experimental weaponry are now being offered to those willing to take a stand against the Demons of Air and Darkness.

Finally, the five Xindi species are united. Together with the finest captains of Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force and the Romulan Republic, they will face the galactic threat of the Iconians.

In an effort to address any potential confusion that might come from releasing a second “Xindi Lock Box,” the existing “Xindi Lock Box” is going to be renamed as the “Xindi-Amphibious Lock Box” due to its inclusion of primarily Aquatic and Reptilian species assets. This new Lock Box, which will be arriving with Season 10, will be called the “Xindi-Terrestrial Lock Box” as it includes ideas and assets inspired by the land-based Primates, Arboreals, and Insectoids.

Since the inception of the Xindi-Amphibious Lock Box, we have known that the remaining species of the Xindi were fated to appear in Star Trek Online. With such a wealth of reference material to draw from, we knew back then then that we had too much to squeeze into a single Lock Box, and that separating it into two separate boxes would be necessary even if only for the purpose of allowing some of their amazing ship designs to get their deserved time in the spotlight.

As events are currently unfolding in Star Trek Online, the Xindi Council had been split over whether or not to aid the other major factions’ war efforts against various opponents they were facing. The Aquatic and Reptilian were the first to offer their aid, in an effort to thwart the Undine. Now that it is clear what a larger and more daunting foe the Iconians represent, the remaining members of the Council have finally decided to end their isolationist ways, and lend their aid to the Federation, Klingons and Romulans.

By opening one of the new Xindi-Terrestrial Lock Boxes, players will be able to win the Xindi-Insectoid Olaen Heavy Escort Carrier [T6]. This ship utilizes the iconic visual design of the Insectoid starships seen in Enterprise episodes. But, the Insectoids have adapted their ships over the years, following in the footsteps of their Primate and Aquatic brethren to build larger, more powerful starships. This adaptation of the design now allows this versatile vessel to support a wing of fighters to assist in battle, without losing out on the maneuverability and firepower Insectoid ships are known for.

The Olaen Heavy Escort Carrier comes fitted with two specialist seats (1 Lt Tac/Pilot, 1 LtCmdr Sci/Command), and one hangar of the highly-resilient Xindi-Insectoid Castroi Fighters. In addition to these features, it also possesses the Infectious Bio-Matter Generator universal console, which is capable of degenerating the hull and maneuverability of a foe, then spreading to other nearby foes.

Finishing the Starship Mastery path on the Xindi-Insectoid Olaen Heavy Escort Carrier [T6] will grant captains access to the following Starship Trait:

Council of Thought

  • For each ally within 10km, gain a bonus to Defense and Damage Resistance Rating.
  • Max 10 stacks, but will include Hangar Pets

Meanwhile, as the new ship addition to our Lobi Store, the Xindi-Primate Ateleth Dreadnought Cruiser [T6] will surely be a sought-after prize. While technically classified as a Dreadnought Cruiser, this ship is smaller and more agile than others of its class, without sacrificing its offensive capabilities or support features.

The Ateleth offers two specialist seat options (1 Lt Eng/Intel, 1 LtCmdr Uni/Command), and comes equipped with a hangar bay of the nimble Xindi-Primate Nusati Heavy Fighters. Also found on the ship is the Subspace Kemocite Deployment universal console, which opens a subspace vortex through which numerous high-explosive radiation projectiles are launched at nearby foes.

Finishing the Starship Mastery path on the Xindi-Primate Ateleth Dreadnought Cruiser [T6] will grant captains access to the following Starship Trait:

Superweapon Ingenuity

  • Grants a free Beam Overload I Mode any time another rank of Beam Overload is activated.
  • Can only occur once per 30 sec

Since these new Consoles can be fitted on the existing Xindi Ships from the Xindi-Amphibious Lock Box, both the Infectious Bio-Matter Generator and Subspace Kemocite Deployment consoles have been added to the existing Xindi Ship Console set, which includes the existing Cascade Resonance Catalyst and Xindi Weapon Platform. Additional set bonuses are available, including a 20% Firing Cycle Haste for Hangar Pets if three of these consoles are equipped. Equipping all four will grant a major cooldown reduction to the entire set of consoles, when any of them are activated.

In addition to these Tier 6 starships, we are also offering a chance of receiving a Tier 5 starship – the Malon Battlecruiser. This vessel focuses on survivability and utility, true its categorization as a battlecruiser. It can be upgraded to T5-U with the use of a Ship Upgrade Token.

(Complete descriptions and stats for each of these starships will be posted in a separate Dev Blog)

Appearing for the first time in a Lock Box, and capitalizing on the success of the recent Bridge Officer Training Revamp, we will be offering a selection of new Xindi Training Manuals, which can be used to teach any of your existing Bridge Officers how to use new Engineering, Science and Tactical abilities. All of these abilities come in three separate ranks (I = Ens, II = Lt, III = LtC) and do not require Specialist/Hybrid seats or officers to utilize them.


  • Structural Integrity Collapse
    • Cause a single foe’s hull to buckle, dealing Physical Damage over time while weakening their Physical and Kinetic Damage Resistance.


  • Subspace Vortex
    • Summon a damaging anomaly near your target’s location.
    • Can be trigged a second time to instantly travel to the location of the Subspace Vortex, which causes the vortex to immediately collapse.


  • Kemocite-Laced Weaponry
    • Enhance your weapons to have a chance of dealing AOE Radiation Damage on hit.
    • Foes hit by the Radiation Damage also suffer a brief Damage Resistance penalty.
    • Energy Weapons have a small chance of triggering, while Projectiles always will.

A new set of Genetic Sequencer (Trait Unlocks) can be obtained from this Lock Box, inspired primarily by the Xindi-Insectoid species. Each of the following four (4) Trait Packs will offer thematic new options to captains:

Hive Mind (Ground)

  • 1% Bonus All Damage per Teammate within 20m
  • Bonus is Doubled if Teammate also using “Hive Mind”

Molt (Ground)

  • After taking a moderate amount of damage, automatically trigger a large Heal-Over-Time and Damage Resistance effect.
  • May only trigger once per 30sec.

Eyes of the Swarm (Space)

  • +50 Perception and +2% Accuracy per active Hangar Pet
  • Up to 5 stacks max

Ablative Shell (Space)

  • After taking a moderate amount of damage, automatically trigger a large Heal-Over-Time and Damage Resistance effect.
  • May only trigger once per 30sec.

More prototype Kit Modules have been created by the talented Xindi researchers, allowing new strategic options for use during ground engagements. Opening a Xindi Prototype Module pack will reward you with a Kit Module appropriate to your profession and level.


Scarab Plating (Mechanic Kit Module)

  • Massive Damage Resistance and Shield Regeneration
  • Effect is Ablative: As you take damage, the magnitude of both effects will decrease



Soothing Pheromones (Researcher Kit Module)

  • The targeted Foe will have their outgoing damage and run speed reduced, and will also be Confused.
  • NPCs under this effect will also periodically forget all Threat from all sources.



Trajectory Bending (Strategic Kit Module)

  • For several seconds, all weapon attacks will cause Flanking Damage regardless of the angle from which they are fired.

Some members of the Xindi species have decided that providing weapons, technology and ships just isn’t enough for their personal code of honor, and have instead decided to offer their hands-on assistance as Duty Officers aboard worthy vessels. Each Xindi Strategic Specialist Duty Officer will provide powerful new Active Roster abilities. All are Very-Rare quality and include the special “Resolve” Trait.

The last of the new prizes available from the Xindi-Terrestrial Lock Box comes in the form of Plasmatic Biomatter Weaponry. This specialized form of plasma energy is powered by the same biological power cells of Phased Biomatter, but behaves differently. The energy beam has a chance to lose cohesion when it impacts its target, sending a shower of harmful plasma energy over the surrounding area, applying a burn and slow effect to those caught in it.

Plasmatic Biomatter ground weaponry utilizes Xindi aesthetics, matching the weaponry commonly seen used by their ground soldiers. These weapons will be available with three entirely new secondary firing modes:

  • Biomatter Rapid Needle Pistols have a secondary firing mode that pummels a single target with a withering stream of small bolts.
  • Biomatter Ejection Rifles cover the ground near your targeted foe with caustic biomatter, dealing damage and slowing all enemies in the area
  • Biomatter Blast Rifles’ secondary firing mode generates a massive burst of biomatter at the targeted site, pushing and/or knocking down all nearby foes.

Additional Plasmatic Biomatter weaponry will also be appearing in the Lobi Crystal Store, in the form of a new Council Defense Pact Space Set which consists of the following three pieces of space equipment:

Plasmatic Bio-Matter Auto-Turret

  • In addition to behaving like a standard Turret weapon, this specialized weapon fires an additional shot at one random target within 5km with every shot.
  • This extra shot costs no additional weapon power, and also has a chance to apply the standard Plasmatic Biomatter proc, in addition to any other weapon enhancements the player currently has active.

Plasmatic Bio-Matter Torpedo

  • This energy torpedo launcher fires massive balls of Plasma Energy which can be targeted, but is different in that it deals Plasma Damage to foes on impact, in lieu of Kinetic Damage.
  • Unlike most torpedo launchers, this one is enhanced by abilities and items that improve Plasma Damage.

Console – Universal – Hatchery Master Controller

  • Passively improves Hull Integrity and resistances to all Control effects (Hold, Stun, Repel, etc.)
  • +2 Max Subsystem Power in all Subsystems (does not stack with other Max increases)

Equipping multiple pieces from the above set also grants powerful set bonuses.

Players will also be given the opportunity to adorn themselves in the finest attire of the Xindi-Primate Councilors. Purchasing the Xindi-Primate Council Suit grants a costume unlock similar to those seen by Degra and his cohorts during the Xindi Crisis of the 22nd century. Some fashions just never go out of style.

The Xindi-Terrestrial Lock Box will also include both Full Size R&D Packs, and the Mini-Packs seen in many previous Lock Boxes. These valuable prizes make participating in the R&D system far simpler, by supplying a wide variety of difficult-to-obtain materials, as well as Catalysts to increase your chances of critical success.

The standard array of numeric boosts will also be seen appearing in this box, with no new offerings added. The list of potential boosts is as follows:

  • 25,000 Fleet Credit Bonus Pool
  • 5,000 Fleet Credit Bonus Pool
  • 10,000 CXP Bonus Pool
  • 2,000 CXP Bonus Pool
  • 100 Fleet Mark Bonus Pool
  • 500 Reputation Mark Bonus Pool
  • 100 Reputation Mark Bonus Pool
  • Dilithium Mining Claim Package : VIP Customer
  • Dilithium Mining Claim Package : Preferred Customer
  • Large R&D Experience Bonus Pool
  • Small R&D Experience Bonus Pool

The Xindi-Terrestrial Lock Box, as well as these thematic additions to the Lobi Crystal Store, will become available with the launch of our Season 10 Update on April 21st, 2015, at approximately 10:00am PST.

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