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Star Trek Online

Delta Alliance Reputation

By LaughingTrendy | Fri 12 Sep 2014 12:00:00 PM PDT

The Delta Alliance - After U.S.S. Voyager returned from the Delta Quadrant in 2378, Starfleet launched Project Voyager, a program to analyze the technology and data the ship collected during its seven-year journey and adapt it for use on all Starfleet vessels. Now that the gateway to the Delta Quadrant has been opened and a joint alliance will be exploring the region, the SCE is sharing its research with counterparts from the Klingon Defense Force and the Romulan Republic Militia to help equip all ships taking part in Operation Delta Rising for the challenges they will face in the Delta Quadrant.

At the launch of Delta Rising, all Federation, Klingon and Romulan Captains at or above level 50 will be able to prove their worth by helping the Delta Alliance. Earning progress in the Delta Alliance Reputation will grant these elite captains access to equipment and abilities specifically intended to assist in the effort to explore the Delta Quadrant.



Increasing your standing with the Delta Alliance will require the submission of Delta Marks. These can be earned by completing repeatable queued events from Delta Rising. Each of these missions allow for scaling rewards, increasing the amount of Delta Marks received if you are able to perform above expectations and/or complete bonus objectives.

Ancient Power Cells can also be earned by participating in the higher-difficulty versions of any queued event which rewards Delta Marks. Ancient Power Cells can be found in the wreckage of numerous recent battles that have taken place in the Delta Quadrant. By harnessing the potential of these powerful relics, advanced technologies have been developed that were previously beyond the reach of Alpha Quadrant scientists and engineers. High-end gear projects will require a small amount of Ancient Power Cells in order to claim the best equipment that the Delta Alliance has to offer. They may also be submitted to the Delta Alliance in return for Dilithium Ore.


With your Delta Marks and Ancient Power Cells in hand, you will be able to submit these for both Reputation XP and new, high-quality gear acquisitions. Here are a few examples of the items that can be earned by advancing your standing with the Delta Alliance:

Delta Alliance Assault (Space Set – 4 Pieces)

  • Delta Alliance Deflector Array Mk XII
    • This Deflector is designed to improve the ship’s offensive ability by providing bonuses to Starship Shield and Auxiliary Power as well as added Structural Integrity and Hull Repair.
  • Delta Alliance Hyper-Efficient Engines Mk XII
    • This engine offers a good maximum speed and a bonus to turn rate and Engine Power with improved control resistances.
  • Delta Alliance Unimatrix Shield Array Mk XII
    • These Unimatrix shields offer a high shield capacity and enhanced resistance to Polaron damage.  The shield also benefits from increased resistances to energy damage and to shield drains.
  • Delta Alliance Trajector Warp Core Mk XII
    • Matter/Anti-Matter:  This Trajector Warp Core converts a portion of your ship's engine power to shield power. It also has the ability to use a specialized Trajector Jump during combat and a built in Transwarp Coil to the Delta quadrant.
    • Singularity:  This Trajector Singularity Core grants a bonus to Shield Power based on your Singularity Charge level. It also has the ability to use a specialized Trajector Jump during combat and a built in Transwarp Coil to the Delta quadrant.

Delta Alliance Ordnance (Space Set – 3 Pieces)

  • Console - Universal – Bio-Neural Gel Pack
    • The Bio-Neural Gel Pack console was designed to improve computer system efficiency.  This universal console provides bonuses to all Subsystems, a Shield Systems bonus and a cooldown reduction on Bridge Officer Abilities.
  • Advanced Thoron Infused Polaron Weapons Mk XII
    • Beam Array - This Beam Array is infused with Thoron which can inflict Thoron Radiation upon its target.  Thoron Radiation causes radiation damage over time to enemies, while also inhibiting their offensive capabilities.
    • Dual Heavy Cannon – This Dual Heavy Cannon is infused with Thoron which can inflict Thoron Radiation upon its target.  Thoron Radiation causes radiation damage over time to enemies, while also inhibiting their offensive capabilities.
  • Neutronic Torpedo Launcher Mk XII
    • Neutronic Torpedoes deal considerable damage and have an enormous explosion radius which can inflict Neutronic Radiation upon its victims.  Neutronic Radiation interferes with a ships power transfer rate resulting in reduced damage output.

Delta Alliance Elite (Ground Set – 3 Pieces)

  • Delta Alliance Combat Armor Mk XII
    • This combat ready body armor grants the wearer excellent resistance to physical, kinetic, and energy damage.  It also offers tremendous resistances to root, stun and knockback control effects.  This body armor’s exo-skeleton can greatly amplify the wearer’s physical constitution; allowing the wearer to resist greater damage.
    • Upon earning all three pieces of the Ground Set, you will be automatically granted a Costume Unlock for the purposes of displaying the unique visuals that accompany this armor.
  • Delta Alliance Unimatrix Personal Shield Mk XII
    • This personal shield generator was designed to better handle the threats of the Delta Quadrant.  Utilizing the Unimatrix technology the shield greatly resists any shield drain effects.  Additionally the shield has an incrased capacity allowing it to absorb higher than normal amount of damage.
  • Compression Phaser Rifle Mk XII
    • The Compression Phaser Rifles primary fire mode is able to rapid fire bolts of energy at a target.  While it’s secondary fire mode has a wide beam setting which is very effective at stunning targets.  The Compression Rifle’s primary fire mode can also Expose targets.  When targeting an Exposed enemy, the secondary fire mode automatically changes to a Tactical Orbital Strike causing considerable damage to the target after a short charge-up period.
    • Also available in Disruptor energy.

Each of the above sets also provides powerful bonuses when equipping more than one item on a single officer or starship.



In addition to these elite equipment sets, advancing through the tiers of the Delta Alliance Reputation will unlock access to a large array of Thoron Infused Polaron energy weapons, and Thoron Infused Quantum Torpedoes and Mines. Three unique Kit Modules will also be included in the Reputation. Each is restricted to a single Profession.  As an added bonus also available will be a new set of Intelligence Kit Modules.

1) Tactical – Neutronic Grenade

Attaches the Neutronic large radius blast effect to an existing Photon Grenade, causing Neutronic Radiation to foes caught in the blast.

2) Engineer – Neutronic Mortar

Just like an existing Mortar Fabrication, but with the added large blast radius of the Neutronic explosion causing Neutronic Radiation to foes caught in the blast.

3) Science – Neutronic Radiation

Surrounds the target in a Neutronic Radiation cloud dealing increased damage over time.  In addition other enemies with the radius of the radiation will also suffer damage and the debilitating effects of Neutronic Radiation.

Reputation Traits:

The following passive abilities can be unlocked by advancing your standing with The Delta Alliance:

Tier 1 - Ground:

  • Physical Conditioning
    • Increased Run Speed
  • Armor Penetration
    • Weapons penetrate a percent of the victims armor

Tier 2 – Space:

  • Advanced Engines
    • Increased engine Speed and Turn Rate
  • Enhanced Armor Penetration
    • Ships weapons penetrate a percent enemy ships armor

Tier 3 – Ground:

  • Reactive Healing Accelerator
    • On Crit Triggers a self-heal
  • Rending Shots
    • Each shot fired increased the chance to Crit, once a Crit occurs the increase is reset to normal.

Tier 4 – Space:

  • Reactive Ship Repairs
    • On Crit Triggers a ship self-heal
  • Enhanced Rending Shots
    • Each ship weapon fired increased the chance to Crit, once a Crit occurs the increase is reset to normal.

In addition to these passives, completing your advancement with the Delta Alliance and reaching Tier 5 will allow access to a powerful Active Ability usable in Ground combat:

  • Concussive Tachyon Emission
    • Generates a large Tachyon blast that deals damage and nullifies enemy shields for a short time.

General Notes:

We are very excited to bring you this new reputation system with the upcoming release of Delta Rising, and hope that everyone enjoys all the new content and rewards the Delta Alliance Reputation System will bring to STO. This content is sure to add a rich new layer to our game, as well as stun our players with the design and quality of the Space and Ground gear sets.

Subject to Change!

As a reminder the Delta Alliance Reputation is still under development and is subject to change prior to release. 


Mike McTyre
Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

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