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Star Trek Online

Livestream Friday - Delta Rising Mysteries Revealed

By CaptainSmirk
Fri 12 Sep 2014 05:00:00 PM PDT

Missed the show? Make sure to check out the broadcast here for the recorded version and find out what awaits you on Kobali Prime! Thansk again to all who joined us, and congrats to our prize winners! Join us next time for mroe secrets of Delta Rising revealed!


Join STO Community Managers CaptainSmirk & LaughingTrendy this Friday, September 12th, 2014 at 2:30PM PDT (click here for your local time) for the next STO Livestream, as the crew reveals more of the mysteries that surrond Delta Rising. Will it be another new PvE addition? New species? More amazing artwork and content? Tune in to find out!

SPECIAL GUEST DEV Jeff Miller will be joining us to talk about his work on Kobali Prime, and will help out with advice on how best to defeat the conquer the foes faced in the latest adventure zone to be added to STO with the launch Delta Rising!

We will be bringing you live previews from our Tribble Test Server, so Gold members can join us for the show, but Silver members can watch and win as well.

Breaking News! We will be rewarded 4 lucky players today with Lobi Shuttlecraft! One of each of the following will be raffled during todays show:

  • Timeship Shuttle
  • Tholian Widow Fighter
  • Ferengi Shuttle
  • Voth Heavy Fighter


We will have our crew ready to answer your questions and give out prizes* during the show. This week, we will be giving out our standard ZEN prizes as well as a new Logitech G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headphones** to one lucky winner. Be prepared to recruit your friends for the show as we will have another new viewer participation goal with another chance at special prize that will be unlocked if we meet our broadcast viewer goal determined during the show!

*To be eligible to win, you only need to be logged in to Twitch and chat the keyword that we'll ask players to post (in addition to us saying it verbally, we'll post it in chat so you can copy and paste it) right before each giveaway.

**To be eligible to win the PHYSICAL PRIZE, you must live in the continental United States in order for us to ship these items to you. No worries if you live outside the USA, we will grant you a comparable digital prize consisting of in-game ZEN.

Thanks to all our players for the amazing reception Delta Rising has received with out latest announcements and blogs, and keep those congrats and thank you tweets to our fantastic VO Actors coming. We are looking forward to bringing you more surprises as we get closer to our launch!

We will see you in-game, and can't wait to discuss with our viewers this Friday on Twitch.

Community Manager
Star Trek Online


Link to our Twitch Livestream channel

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