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Star Trek Online

Intelligence Operative Gear

By LaughingTrendy | Thu 04 Sep 2014 12:00:00 PM PDT

Greetings, Operative:

The Delta Quadrant is a dangerous, lawless place, far from the civilizing influence of the Federation. Under these circumstances, Starfleet methods may have to be modified to accomplish our objectives.  Protocols may have to adapt.  The Alliance has only a foothold, so the situation may call for a more “finessed” approach to accomplish our objectives.

While members of the Romulan Republic in the alliance will already be familiar with such tactics, and members of the Klingon Defense Force will be more inclined to simply shoot their way out of such situations, Starfleet Operatives will likely be more familiar with diplomacy than infiltration.  Therefore, Starfleet Intelligence has prepared this briefing to familiarize Starfleet Operatives with a new suite of equipment, designed specifically for those situations that may require a more unconventional approach.

First among these is our grapple gun. This tool shoots a grapple line forward and back, allowing you to reach crevices while remaining undetected.  The tool is unbranded in basic grey to make sure if it is discovered it does not betray its origins.

The grapple gun has three settings: traverse, which lets you cross a more or less horizontal plane; zipline, that uses gravity to propel you in a controlled slide at an angle; and rappel, which allows you to drop down a vertical surface safely.

With our Grapple Gun even officers more accustomed to working behind a desk will soon find themselves quite comfortably hanging from the tiniest handholds over the heads of hostile aliens, deep inside an enemy installation, with only our polyweave alloys between them and certain death.

Happy Hunting!

Jaddua “QuantumMeerkat” Ross
Content Designer
Star Trek Online

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