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Star Trek Online

Odyssey and Bortasqu' Uniforms Coming Soon!

By LaughingTrendy | Mon 07 Jul 2014 12:00:00 PM PDT


Starfleet Memorandum

Stardate 87003.8

Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn
Starfleet Command
TO: All Starship and Station Commanders


This memorandum is to inform you of updates to the Starfleet Uniform Code Subsection 1 effective Stardate 87003.

As the political realities throughout Federation space continue to shift, Starfleet must remain a force for consistency and stability. To that end, the admiralty is enacting a fleet-wide update and standardization of the Starfleet duty uniform. Starfleet has officially and totally adopted the uniform designated “Odyssey”, which has already seen initial deployment by personnel on Earth Spacedock in Sector 001 and in several fleet command starbases across the quadrant.

The Odyssey uniform design provides a solid link to Starfleet’s heritage while establishing a bold direction for its future.

Attached to this message are replicator patterns for the Odyssey uniform. We have authorized all starship and station commanders to begin replication and distribution of this uniform among their crews effective immediately. Please also see the attached uniform specifications on appropriate accessories, coloration and wear.

NOTE: Subsection 2, Paragraph 1 of the Starfleet Uniform Code remains in effect; Starship captains continue to have discretion as to their personal uniform and the uniforms of their bridge crew.

In service,
Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn
Starfleet Command, Earth Spacedock

Greetings Captains!

When we opened the renovated Earth Spacedock and turned the clock over to 2410 with the launch of Season 9, we standardized the uniforms worn by officers on ESD to be the Odyssey “Fleet” uniforms. This was the first step of a much larger effort: to update the look and improve the consistency of Starfleet characters in Star Trek Online. Ever since launch, Starfleet characters in STO have worn a wide variety of outfits in a variety of colors. This showcased the impressive customization of the game but also detracted from the immersion into the Star Trek universe. Starfleet as an organization felt disorganized and the uniforms did not match the futuristic military aesthetic of the more recent Star Trek television shows.

When Season 9 launched and 2410 finally arrived it was the perfect opportunity to implement a change in the uniforms worn by Starfleet personnel. Long-time fans of Star Trek will understand that new milestones in a show or movie are often marked with a change in the uniform the characters wear and it felt appropriate that Star Trek Online honor that tradition. We also felt that we already had the perfect candidate to replace the existing uniforms with a new standard: the Odyssey uniform earned through progression in the fleet system.

A Proud Tradition

Based on the 2409 Starfleet Academy uniform, the Odyssey uniform was designed to be more in line with the styling of the uniforms seen in The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager. It features clean lines and a relatively simple pattern. Gray shoulders hearken back to DS9 and Voyager while the bold stripe across the chest pays homage to the alternate future uniforms seen in TNG’s “All Good Things” and VOY’s “Endgame”. With all this in mind it was the perfect fit to give Starfleet characters in Star Trek Online a fashion update and unify the look of the Federation’s forces.

Odyssey Unlocked

While we have recently completed the task of updating all of the Starfleet characters to use the Odyssey uniform, players can still choose how they wish their captains and bridge officers to be dressed. Given this choice, we knew that some of you would want to match the new Starfleet standard, and to make that easier with Season 9.5 we are making changes to how players access the Odyssey uniform. When season 9.5 launches:

  • The Odyssey uniform will be freely available to all Federation characters.
  • The pieces included are the Odyssey short jacket, pants, shoes and the previously unreleased Odyssey belt.
  • The Odyssey uniform will be the default uniform for all new Federation characters and Bridge Officers.
  • Two new Odyssey uniform sets will be sold by the Federation Fleet tailor at the same stage in Fleet progression as the original Odyssey uniforms. The "Odyssey Tactical" and the "Odyssey Dress" uniform. Each new set will be available at half the price of the original Odyssey unlock.
  • If you have previously purchased the “Odyssey Basics” unlock from your fleet’s tailor, you will find these options are free of charge at your fleet tailor.
  • Romulans allied with Starfleet & the Federation can purchase Bridge-Officer Only versions of any of the above new Costume Unlocks for a lesser price from their fleet stores.
    • These costumes can only be used on Starfleet Bridge Officers.

Here are the two new Odyssey uniform sets. One is dubbed the “Odyssey Tactical” uniform, sporting a more rugged, padded jacket and pants with cargo pockets in the sleeves and thighs, knee-high boots, a new belt and the Odyssey combadge. The second is a dress uniform version of the Odyssey jacket, featuring a longer cut and a flap reminiscent of the uniforms from The Wrath of Khan. This jacket also includes a unique belt and combadge.

Back to the Bortasqu’

While modernizing the uniforms available to Starfleet captains we felt it was also appropriate to do the same for the Klingon Defense Force. We decided not to update Klingon uniforms across the board as the KDF is more decentralized than Starfleet, but we did want to make sure Klingon captains could still sport their flagship uniform if they so choose.

To that end, we have also made changes to the Bortasqu’ uniform unlocks:

  • The Bortasqu’ pieces previously unlocked through the Fleet tailor are now available to all existing and new Klingon characters in a set named “Bortasqu’ Warrior.” This set also includes previously unreleased collar and shoulder pad pieces and a skirt for female captains.
  • The Klingon Fleet Tailor will now sell three bundles of themed Bortasqu’ themed variants. The “Bortasqu’ Ceremonial,” “Bortasqu’ Guardian” and “Bortasqu’ Operative.” Each set contains shoulder pads, bracers, a collar, a belt, and boots. These bundles will each cost roughly one third of the old Bortasqu’ fleet uniform unlock.
  • As with the Odyssey uniforms, players who have already bought the Bortasqu’ uniform will be able to obtain these new unlocks free of charge from their fleet tailor.
  • Romulans allied with the Klingon Defense Force can purchase Bridge-Officer Only versions of any of the above new Costume Unlocks for a lesser price from their fleet stores.
    • These costumes can only be used on Klingon Defense Force Bridge Officers.

In addition to the Odyssey and Bortasqu' uniforms available to the Federation and KDF, Romulans may purchase Bridge-Officer Only versions of the new Costume Unlocks for a lesser price, specific to their ally's faction.

Honoring Service

Finally, Captains who have visited Admiral Quinn on Earth Spacedock might have noticed he’s wearing a long coat version of the Odyssey uniform. While making these other changes we wanted to make this uniform piece available to players as well and felt it would be a good compliment to the existing 200 day Veteran’s costume pieces. 200-day Klingon players will get a Bortasqu’ long coat and sash. Existing 200 day veteran unlocks will remain unaffected.

Odyssey Uniform Specifications

If you’d like to have your crew match the new Starfleet standard, here are some reference images to use while at the tailor.


Enjoy Captains! We’ll see you in-game!

Thomas “TheCrypticCat” Marrone
UI Artist
Star Trek Online

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