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Star Trek Online

Defend First Contact Day!

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 30 Mar 2020 06:00:00 AM PDT

Star Trek Online is pleased to once again invite you to join us for the First Contact Day Celebration starting on PC on April 2nd, 2020 and continuing until April 23rd, 2020.

This Event will also run on console platforms delayed by only one week. Join the celebration there, starting on April 9th, 2020 and running until April 30th, 2020.

Just as we did for the Anniversary Event, the First Contact Day Celebration has migrated over to the Events Tab. The usual activity of competing with four other players to build and launch your very own Phoenix Rocket will contribute toward your Daily Progress in the Event, but alongside it is the opportunity to travel back to April 4th, 2063, and participate in a brand new patrol surrounding the titular event. Participating in either of these two activities each day will earn you progress toward the Grand Prize – a Temporal Vortex Probe (Universal Console).

Keep reading to reveal what activities and prizes await those who join us to celebrate “First Contact Day.”

Visit Historical Bozeman!

The Borg continue their implacable advance, only this time the battlefield is across time, not space. Temporal abnormalities have prompted Daniels to slap together an away team to go back to mid-21st century Earth where The Borg have altered the timeline to ensure that they succeed in their previously-foiled plan to stop First Contact between Earth and Vulcan.

Team up with Seven-of-Nine and discover what The Borg have done to alter the timeline, and then do everything you can to correct it. Just make sure not to do more damage to the timelines than The Borg already have.

Alternatively, if battling robot-zombies isn’t your cup of Earl Grey, you can participate in the good ‘ole Phoenix Rocket Launch competition. We’ve put a fresh coat of paint on this one, and we hope you enjoy the friendly rivalry as you scramble to gather parts and assemble the best rocket under the watchful eye of 20-meter-tall marble Dr. Cochrane himself.

Event Rewards

Completing either of these participating activities once per day, per account, will earn you a First Contact Day Badge Box. Opening this box will grant players the opportunity to choose between 17 never-before-released Comm Badges as account-wide unlocks. Once unlocked, these immediately become accessible from any Tailor for any Federation character on your entire account.

Daily Progress is also earned once per day, per account, for the first completion of either participating activity. Keep earning Progress to earn your way toward the completion of the First Contact Day Event. Upon reaching 14 days of Progress, you will become eligible to claim the Grand Prize! This includes the following items:

  • Console – Universal – Temporal Vortex Probe (Account Unlock)
    • Keep reading for more details on this reward!
  • First Contact Day Bundle – contains all of the following:
    • 1x Captain Specialization Point (cannot reclaim)
    • 25,000 Dilithium Ore (cannot reclaim)
    •  “Launch Toy Rocket” Social Device (Account Unlock)
    • Holo-Emitter – Phoenix Shuttle (Account Unlock)

Console – Universal – Temporal Vortex Probe

Inspired by Borg technology, this probe is capable of opening a dangerously unstable Temporal Vortex that can travel through local space to damage and debilitate enemy vessels in the area. Even though the vortex is too unstable to be used for temporal manipulation or time travel, the energies it emits are powerful enough to damage and slow enemy starships unfortunate enough to be caught in its wake. The drone will travel toward the targeted foe's current location, dragging the anomaly with it while emitting chroniton radiation in a large cone facing away from its trajectory.

In addition, this console provides a passive boost to Exotic Damage and Cooldown Reduction for Temporal Operative Bridge Officer Abilities, as well as a scaling bonus to Turn Speed that scales with Auxiliary Power.

This Console can be equipped in any console slot on any starship.

Launch Toy Rocket

Celebrate the historic launch of the Phoenix year round with this special device! Upon activation, it places a model of the Phoenix in front of you, which quickly launches in the sky.

Holo Emitter - Phoenix Shuttle

A special Holo-emitter for your shuttles and fighters that will make your ship look like the Phoenix. This device has an unlimited duration, unlike those provided by the Ferengi.

Bonus Project!

Earning the Grand Prize from this event for every character on your account is as simple as participating in any of the eligible activities over the course of its run. But remember that completing the 14-day requirement isn’t necessarily the end of the rewards you can earn! Additional Daily Progress also grants you scaling Dilithium Ore bonus rewards, after you have claimed the Grand Prize. You'll receive 8,000 Dilithium Ore for each bonus completion.

Players unable to find the time to complete the Event, or interested in rushing to complete their progress, will have the opportunity to purchase the remainder of their Daily Progress using Zen at any time. The initial pricing for this Event’s buyout will be 2000 Zen, but like all other recent buyouts, the price any player pays will be discounted based on the amount of Daily Progress you have already accrued.


Join us in looking up at the sky, our hands sorta reaching out toward the future.


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