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Star Trek Online

PC Patch Notes for 3/5/20

By Ambassador Kael | Wed 04 Mar 2020 06:02:50 PM PST

Event Campaign – Part II:

  • This Featured Event will be the first of a series of upcoming Events that will make up the second installment of our multi-event system known as an Event Campaign.
  • Event Campaign – Part II updates:
    • Event Campaign II will span a total of FOUR separate Featured Events, spanning the majority of the upcoming year of PC releases.
    • The Grand Prize for Event Campaign II will offer players a choice as to what they receive, between the two following options:
      • Option 1: Z-Store Coupon for 100% Off a single Tier-6 Starship plus 200 Lobi Crystals
      • Option 2: 1,000 Lobi Crystals
        • This choice is only made once per Account, upon claiming the prize.
    • Players may earn 50 Event Campaign Progress for each day they participate in an eligible event.
    • Buying out an eligible event will include up to 700 Event Campaign Progress.
  • For more information, please visit the “Return to the Battle at the Binary Stars!” blog at:



  • Battle at the Binary Stars returns!:
    • Battle at the Binary Stars returns as a Featured Task Force Operation!
    • This event will last for 3 weeks and Captains can earn an all new reward!
    • This event version of the Battle at the Binary Stars Event can be accessed via the new Event UI, accessible within your Mission Journal by pressing on the “Events” Tab.
    • Battle at the Binary Stars returns updates:
      • TFO Rewards include a Choice of All Marks.
        • Instead of only including Discovery Marks.
      • There is no Cooldown – play it as frequently as you like!
      • Temporarily removed from “Random TFO” selection.
      • Normal, Advanced, and Elite versions all offer Event Daily Progress upon first completion, once per day per account.
      • Players must have completed their faction’s Tutorial, and chosen a primary Allegiance (if applicable) before being able to participate in the Event version of this content. Advanced and Elite versions also have level requirements of 50 and 60, respectively.
  • Rewards:
    • All players may complete the Battle at the Binary Stars FTFO in order to earn their Daily Progress once every 20 hours, in addition to TFO’s standard rewards.
    • Earn a total of 14 days’ worth of Daily Progress to become eligible to claim all of these rewards:
      • Universal Kit Module – DOT-7 Drone Fabrication (and Account-Wide Unlock for Reclaim).
      • DOT-7 Non-Combat Drone (and Account-Wide Unlock for Reclaim).
      • 25,000 Dilithium Ore (once only).
      • 3x Featured TFO Reward Boxes (once only).
        • Each gives a choice of 1x Specialization Point or an Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrade.
    • Bonus Rewards:
      • After claiming the Grand Prize, you will unlock the option of earning additional Dilithium Ore each day, beginning at 8,000 Dilithium Ore for the first day’s completion.
      • Earning Bonus Progress each day thereafter will increase this reward by an additional 1,000, and we have increased the cap on how high this value may scale to a value that is unreachable during this Event (thus effectively unlimited!).
      • All Bonus Progress Rewards are rewarded a maximum of once per day, per account, and are immediately and automatically granted to the active character when the requirement is met.
    • Zen Buyout Option:
      • For players interested in instantly completing the Battle at the Binary Stars FTFO event, we will be offering an updated method for buying out.
        • Within the new Event UI, an option will be presented that allows you to purchase the remaining progress that you need, for a scaling amount of Zen.
    • A Second Chance:
      • Progress after the Event has ended will remain in an all new Second Chance interface, allowing the option to buyout rewards long after the Event has expired.
  • DOT-7 Drones:
    • Players that completed this Featured Event will be rewarded with two different methods of summoning their own DOT-7 Drones:
    • Universal Kit Module – DOT-7 Drone Fabrication:
      • This kit module fabricates a DOT-7 Utility Drone that will follow and assist you.
      • It will periodically attempt to cripple the damage resistance, damage output, and/or movement speed of nearby enemies by using Fuse Armor and/or Weapons Malfunction.
    • DOT-7 Non-Combat Drone (Vanity Pet):
      • This automated replica is only equipped with the most basic AI subroutines and should be incapable of causing issues even when exposed to hostile technology.
      • Obtaining these rewards on any character on your account will unlock the ability to reclaim each of them on other characters, via the Reclaim Store within the Events UI.
        • You may only reclaim this item on characters that do not already own one.

For more information, please visit the “Return to the Battle at the Binary Stars!” blog at:


Legacy Progress:

  • Veteran players that have participated in previous Featured TFOs may still be in possession of multiple “Featured TFO Commendation” items, which are no longer used in the new Event System.
  • Players that still have these will be able to turn them in for Daily Progress and Event Campaign Progress.
    • Each upcoming eligible event will have an option to Apply Legacy Progress to the requirements present.
  • For those of you who had past Featured TFO projects still slotted in the old Event Reputation UI, those projects will be auto-completed, granting you the rewards.



  • Added a starship customization officer to Starbase 39-Sierra.
  • Removed duplicate material options on the Legendary Command Exploration Cruiser.
  • Pillars in Facility 4028 have had their gravity re-enabled.
  • Added Filtering and Item Searching to Item Equip and Guild Bank windows.
  • Improved FPS when viewing your Inventory, Bank, or various Stores in many cases
  • Added a mouseover tooltip to the “Trade in Marks” button in the Reputation UI that explains what it does and why it’s disabled (if applicable)



  • Resolved an issue that caused the bonuses on the Alliance Battlecruiser (T6) and Risian Pilot corvette (T6) Admiralty Ships to not be applied.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Admiralty Ship for the Legendary Miracle Worker Assault Cruiser (T6) to have lower Engineering stats than intended.
  • Added "S'torr " to the display name of the Fek'Ihri Warship's Admiralty Ship.



  • Added mini top hat for Cardassian Captains.
  • Added mini top hat for Ridge heads (Klingon) Captains.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing missing parts when applying the Gorn Tunic in the tailor.

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